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BanetteGhosneir posted on Jun 20, 2017 at 08:41AM
Year 1250, Feudal Japan.
the entire land is wreathed with war, faction fighting faction for control over Japan, and the 6 legendary blades.

a few years ago, maybe around 100 or 200, a Blacksmith, unheard of before by anyone, an unknown peasant, created 6 blades, so divine that the Gods even envied them, granting the human the inability to age.

now, the Human is named Triple Plus, what they look like, who they are is unknown, but no one cares really, everyone cares more for the blades.

Each blade has a unique effect to it, something that makes it different to other blades.

Ⅰ : the 1st is unbreakable by other blades.

Ⅱ : the 2nd is an invisible blade, its hilt is still visible though, but it's length is unknown to those that haven't used it.

Ⅲ : the 3rd is the sharpest blade ever, almost able to cut anything.

Ⅳ : the 4th is a massive blade, far too heavy to be normally held, someone would need to have trained their body their entire life to use this weapon.

Ⅴ : the 5th blade is one meant for a king, this blade has it's 'original' blade, which splits into many other blades to be used by the king's subjects. this blade can also be used by Bandits to arm themselves, or even a group of friends.

Ⅵ : the 6th blade causes the wielder to be unmoveable, this does not mean un-cuttable, nor un-killable, the wielder simply is unable to be hurt by blunt force, or to be moved by other means than their own will. do also know this does not mean they can push infinitely, your strength is still your own.

the 6th blade is believed to be held by Triple Plus, as for the remaining, well, some are held, some are scattered around the land. the names of the swords are unknown, so many have decided to either call them by their number, or simply just give it a temporary name.


It's 1250 in Feudal Japan, you can be part of one of the 'warlords' trying to gain control over Japan, a rogue samurai, or just a civilian.

the 6 blades are VERY hard to obtain, 2 or 3 people might own one, and since +++ has one, that leaves 1 or 2 remaining to be found.

you can decide the appearance of the sword you own, as for the other blades, whomever finds them first will get to decide it's appearance.

[===][Character Sheet][===]




[Faction] (make up a warlord faction, or be a rogue/civilian)





Legendary Blacksmith - +++ - Banette
Demon of the Ⅳ - Riese

Owner of the Ⅲ - Kagura Mikona - DreamWriter
Crimson Samurai - Shane Sakura

Black Samurai - ??? Hisui-ō - Alienwalrus
Prince of Rats - Kagamo

 mwaka 1250, Feudal Japan. the entire land is wreathed with war, faction fighting faction for control
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BanetteGhosneir said…
[Title] Legendary Blacksmith

[Name] +++ (Triple Plus)

[Age] 180+

[Faction] Civilian - Retired Blacksmith

Long ago, a blacksmith was nearing the end of his age, and he required a son to continue the forge for him, and so he tried with his wife to bare a son, but try as they may, they birthed 4 daughters. the blacksmith had no choice but to train his daughters in the art of smithing, their physical strength at first were no match for what he expected of a son, but after years of training, his eldest daughter surpassed even the blacksmith with the quality of swords. the blacksmith was proud.

on the Blacksmith's final day of living, he lay in his bed, awaiting for the Gods to take him. his daughter had wanted to send the Blacksmith off with a present, a memory. so she forged a blade, so strong, so pure, so unique, not even the God's blades would be able to shatter it. she presented it to her father, the Blacksmith looked apon the beautiful blade with a smile, as he accepted the blade, he passed on.

months later, the daughter in a dream was visited by the Gods, they congratulated her, and were impressed by the craftsmanship of the sword her father had brought with him to heaven. the Gods gave the daughter immunity to age, so that her work may forever be presented to humanity, and the Gods.

when the daughter awoke in the morning, before the sun rose, she fired up the forge, and begun hammering away. the next 68 years she spent hammering away in that forge, creating blade after blade after blade, she called in unique materials from all over the land, crystals invisible to the eye, metal harder than a God's flesh, even stone so heavy, it took years and hundreds of men to deliver.

her final blade, created on the 70th year of her hammering, she requested the Gods assist her with it's creation. this blade was to be blessed by the earth, to be granted unwavering spirit.

as she created the final, sixth blade, she climbed the hill with the 5 blades.
at the top rested the graves of her family. her 3 sisters, her mother, and finally the Blacksmith.

she laid out the blades, presenting them to her family, she laid out each blade on their graves.

the Blacksmith already had the First Blade apon his grave
the Mother was given the Second Blade
the 2nd Eldest sister was given the Third Blade
the 3rd sister was given the Fourth Blade
the youngest sister was given the Fifth Blade

and the daughter decided to keep the Sixth Blade. she named the blades after the graves, and she named the final blade.

30 years later, the daughter returned to the graves, all the swords, bar the first, have vanished. taken.
though she was not saddened, moreso pleased. her family's name was now out there, legendary and written throughout time. the Daughter climbed back down the hill, sitting down at her once used forge again.

the daughter picks up the hammer.


She is not currently in her hometown, where the first blade rests. you'll have to find this town if you want the first blade

+++ is living in a cabin and forge, somewhere in the hills of Japan. if you want the Sixth blade, you'll have to find her.

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 [[b]Title[/b]] Legendary Blacksmith [[b]Name[/b]] +++ [i](Triple Plus)[/i] [[b]Age[/b]] 180+
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita xXDreamWriterXx said…
((I'm surprised no one wanted to sign up for this one. This is so cool!))

[Title] Owner of the 3rd Legendary Blade, Ex Bodyguard

[Name] Kagura Mikona

[Age] 22

[Faction] (make up a warlord faction, or be a rogue/civilian) Rogue Samurai, Former bodyguard of the Yamada Fraction

[Biography] she used to live in town ruled by a warlord. Her family served under that warlord for many generation as their bodyguards. Ever since she was small, she was raised up to be the best bodyguard in the world. To defend the warlord and their family. But Kagura wanted more in life than just to stay in one place and protect. She wanted to explore and to see the world for what it truly is! But everyone was against it, even her own parents. The only one who understood her was her younger sister, Yuno.

Yuno also wanted to see the world along with Kagura but ever since she was born, she has been too weak to fight let alone travel far. That's another reason why Kagura wanted to leave. To find better medicine for her sister so she too could see the world.

When Kagura turned 21, she was finally ready to inherit the sword that had been in their family for generations: the 3rd Legendary blade. It is said, that out of all 6 blades, this one was the sharpest. The original name has been lost and now has a new name: Inazuma. Plus the warlord gave her one wish that they would grant. When she instantly told them her wish, there was a pause before the warlord gave her their blessing but on one condition. She had to return after 2 years. Though the time limit was short, she was determined not to waste a single day. Saying her final goodbyes to her friends and family, she set off on her journey to the outside world...

[Extra] She is a heavy drinker who loves to gamble and drink till dawn. She wins more gamble than she loses due to the fact that she picks her battles carefully. If she ever detects foul play, she does not hesitate to dish out justice. Her blade is half the size her and has a blue tint to it so when she swings, her strikes are slightly blue. The color intensify the more she strikes.
 ((I'm surprised no one wanted to sign up for this one. This is so cool!)) [Title] Owner of the 3rd
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BanetteGhosneir said…
((Everyone has their own tastes and interests, some like this idea, some don't. to each their own))

[Title] Demon of the Ⅳ Legendary Blade

[Name] Riese

[Age] 35

[Faction] Rogue Individual


a Demon...

a Horror...

a Plague...

It roams from town to town, the ground rumbles at it's approach
wields the Ⅳ Legendary Blade, weight to challenge a God
for those brave enough to challenge the Demon.
pray, and say farewell to your family. for you will be beaten.
the Demon roams, hide in your homes.
and hope it does not come knocking.


I am Riese...
I was born... human...
but... also not human...
my mother... mortal...
my father... of hell...
I was abandoned...
my voice... cracked...
my body... broken...
my spirit..................
I killed... to survive...
I destroyed... to survive...
and in the end...
a town I found...
graves on a hill...
with swords free for all...
I took my claim...
the largest of them all...

I am Riese...
Demon to the Four...

what you see in the picture is exactly what she looks like.
arms an' all.

 ((Everyone has their own tastes and interests, some like this idea, some don't. to each their own))
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TheAlienWalrus said…
[Title] The Black Samurai, Ex Warlord

[Name] ???

[Age] ???

[Faction] (make up a warlord faction, or be a rogue/civilian) Previously Warlord of the Hisui-ō Faction. Rogue Samurai.

[Biography] The Black Samurai… his name lost to time. Previously a ruthless warlord of the Hisui-ō faction ruling nearly a third of Japan before he got reckless. The Samurai became too confident in his skill in battle and on one evening, because of the Samurai's carelessness his castle was taken by a rival faction. To humiliate the once proud warlord the rival faction sealed the Samurai inside his armor using a mixture of magic and metal and then banished him from the land he once ruled. Now the Samurai wanders from village to village searching for the fabled 'legendary blades' to free him from his armor and restore him to the glory he once held.

[Extra] The Magic on the armor allows him to continue living without eating, drinking, sleeping or breathing.

(( I didn't know how prominent magic is in this world, please let me know if I need to change anything :D ))
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 [b][Title][/b] The Black Samurai, Ex Warlord [b][Name][/b] ??? [b][Age][/b] ??? [b][Fact
BanetteGhosneir commented…
Magic is in this world, along with Demons and the Gods. but do note, anyone affected by, au using Magic will be branded as a Heretic, and most likely hunted au shunned. just like Demons. (the only reason that +++ isn't branded a Heretic is because her swords were made fully kwa natural materials and smithing techniques. nothing magical) zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
TheAlienWalrus commented…
okay that works :) zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita xXDreamWriterXx said…
[Title] The Crimson Samurai

[Name] Shane Sakura

[Age] 26

[Faction] Rogue Samurai/ Former Samurai of the Nobuwaki faction

[Biography] He was once a well known Samurai who fought for the Nobuwaki faction. There wasn't a single person who could stand up against him. But after an incident that led to distrust, betrayal and the cost of his right eye, he fled and went into hiding. Now in order to clear his name and get justice, he seeks out one the Legendary swords. With just one of them, he will right the wrongs that were done to him.

[Extra] He is very stubborn and doesn't know how to give up once he puts his mind to it. After losing his eye, his senses were heighten and he took advantage of that by training more. Now, despite being blinded on the right side, he can still hold his own in battle.
 [Title] The Crimson Samurai [Name] Shane Sakura [Age] 26 [Faction] Rogue Samurai/ Former Sam
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TheAlienWalrus said…
[Title] The Prince of Rats

[Name] Kagamo

[Age] ???

[Faction] Rogue Individual

Found in Rat den… my flesh… eaten.
My bones… broken.
Saved by… farmers.
I was… dying.
I was… hungry.

A̍ͮ̀t̄e͆̎ͧ̃ͩͬ̔ ̓̚҉T̃͋ͤh̢́̓ͫ̓ê͆̈́̓̋͡mͨ̃ͭ­̏ͣ̿­̛̎.­̷̈́.­́͜.­̅ͨ̅­̌̋ ̄̉̇͒̾͊
Ä̡́̈ͭͪ͊t͊͋̓ͮe̅̊ͪͥͬ̚ ̡͐̇̋̋̑̔̚T͋̓̄͊̒́ḩ͐ͦͮ̓͛̔­e͗̔­͊͂͐­̶m͒­̎̆.­ͯͨ͡­.̓́­̃̍̽­. ̈́̍͌͏
͋́A̽̚t҉e͢ ͧ̆̍̓ͮ̕T̈́̔̃h̢͒̓ͨ̉͊ͮ͌ěͬṁ̨.̴͌.̆̽͆̅.̽ͪ̇̑ͪ
̶ͬ̑Àͩ̈̂ͤte͒͆ ̽̔̊͞Ţͦͤ̅̽h̄̐͐ͣͪͥ̈e̾͝ḿ́­̿̆̄­.̊̾­̆ͪ͘­.͌̏­͆ͧͤ­̨̀.­ͨ̇̽­̨͆̅ ͤ
ͫͬͪ͆͑͐̚҉A͊̏͐̀t͑͌e̓ ̑̓̀T̓ͥh̋ͨ̀͋̈́ͯ̃e̍ͪ́҉m͑͌..̾̿̊͏.̍ ͒̅ͩͥ̎̓̄
And... I... Healed...
And I'm still...


[Extra] Kamago's natural demon ability is that he can heal from any injury given enough flesh to consume, he can still die, it's just mighty hard to kill him. He is almost always accompanied by a swarm of 80 to 100 rats.
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 [b][Title][/b] The Prince of Rats [b][Name][/b] Kagamo [b][Age][/b] ??? [b][Faction][/b]
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita J-slice said…
[Title] Warlord of the earth

[Name] Tanaka Gākin

[Age] 42

[Faction] Warlord of the Gākin Clan

[Biography] He used to be a common farmer, struggling to make his pay in the war-torn country, but he knew deep inside that he was not meant to be just a farmer. Using his dextrous skills of chopping, his natural agility and his ‘average Joe’ looks, he quickly made his way up the ranks, becoming the head warlord of the Gākin Clan.

[Extra] He is still extremely talented at farming

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 [b][Title][/b] Warlord of the earth [b][Name][/b] Tanaka Gākin [b][Age][/b] 42 [b][Faction]