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The year is 843 AA (After Ascension), 23rd of June
The year is 400 AC (After Crux), 23rd of Juruy
We've found an inhabited planet, lush with plants
In the sky, appeared a massive black staff
We've named it Broll
We deemed it, "God's Pillar"
Broll has natives, appeared to be around the Medieval Era
God's pillar was an amazing sight, it appeared heavenly
Natives are primitive, and not to be ascended
but, many were afraid. that the End Times were coming
Orbital Bombardment was not necessary either.
at night, the pillar copied the stars, and we would watch in awe
Natives are not nearing pinnacle, but observations are under way
The Pillar had moved away from our kingdom, not far, only over the hill
The year is 843 AA, 24th of June
The year is 400 AC, 24th of Juruy
We are departing Broll
The Pillar is.... fading away?
The pillar... it's stars are flashing red
the pillar! it's falling apart! fragments of the pillar are falling!
The Pillar... is gone... it's fragments fell to the land... may the Gods be merciful.


Vecturias Kingdom
the Boundary Apocalypse
our glorious Interstellar vessel.
we travel the stars, searching for civilizations nearing their pinnacle. and from there, depending apon the history of that world we either uplift them.... I'm sorry, wrong phrase. we Ascend them, or we eradicate them, and let the planet try again.

but on Broll, 5 of our crew had decided to... 'jump ship' and the ship's autopilot in case of an emergency jumped us back home... It's going to take a LOOOOOOOONG time for us to get back to Broll.

as for the 5 'traitors', they took the escape pods, breaching the hull to cause us to run.
for what possible reason, is unknown to us.

Empire of Cit
This is the empire that the glorious God Pillar had deemed to appear above.
our empire spans far and wide, our country glorious, our king magnanimous.
the God Pillar's sudden... 'fit' was worrying, for everyone. the fragments of it splitting off had our empire in awe, and fear. our mages wanted greatly to search for the fragments, perhaps they'd bring us closer to our Gods.

and so, we sent mages and researchers, warriors and even hired folk in search for the fragments of God.


You should already know all the standard rules for Roleplays.
Swearing is fine. and please, if you're a Vecturian, or a Cit, you can't fully understand the language of the other.

communication will be difficult, try using hand symbols, actions ect.
for example, for the Vecturians, when speaking, speak in Greek or Russian.
for Cits, speak in Hebrew or Arabic
((Providing english translations alongside is optional)

[===][Character Sheet][===]


[Race] (Vecturian or Cit) (Cit's can have extra options, such as Beastmen, Fairies, Witches, Demons/Angels, ect.)

[Age] (Vecturian's can be from 23 years old, to around 300) (Cits, since they're Medieval, live to around 40~50, and very rarely, 70~80)

[Biography] (Self explanatory)

[Weapons] (Vecturian's are allowed some future-type tech. Cits are allowed magic and the usual medieval type weapons (Bows, Swords, Crossbows, Maces) and Magics.)

[Extra] (Extra details, like some appearance stuff)



Athena - Banette


Calamitry - Banette
 [b]The mwaka is 843 AA (After Ascension), 23rd of June[/b] [u]The mwaka is 400 AC (After Crux), 23rd o
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BanetteGhosneir said…
[Name] Athena (Αθήνα or Афина)

[Race] Vecturian

[Age] 273


Born originally apon their home planet, Vecturia Athena was a spry young inventor, enjoying the tinker of technology. foreign or otherwise. she is the inventor of the Null Gravity Technology, 252 years ago.

personally, she's like to learn more about the Ascension Drive, the power that drives the Boundary Apocalypse, so she decided to board the vessel as one of the many R&D researchers.

she'd been to many worlds, she was even able to achieve her dream, she learnt of the Ascension Drive... and now knows it's secrets...

perhaps her reason for becoming a traitor is connected to the Ascension Drive...

Athena has a few weapons.
first is her 4 Shields, unbreakable by the standards of Broll, she uses these to defend herself and others, even in space.
next is her Lance, Artor. Athena can throw Artor and it will re-appear back in her hand when she wishes. and even if it breaks, she can call another.

Athena has N.Gravity type Technology, allowing her Zero-Gravity flight. she can lightly hover or even do full-speed flights. it was once said she has never touched the ground.

her N.Gravity tech is what allows her to easily control and maintain her shields. but she doesn't require the
 [[b]Name[/b]] Athena (Αθήνα au Афина) [[b]Race[/b]] Vecturian [[b]Age[/b]] 273 [[b
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BanetteGhosneir said…
[Name] Calamitry

[Race] Cit ; Kurukui

[Age] 24


(I'll do this later)

her sword and shield.

the sword is an extremely dangerous thing to get slashed by, it's appearance alone should tell you that hitting sliced by it is going to do far more than leave a papercut.

(I'll do this later)
 [[b]Name[/b]] Calamitry [[b]Race[/b]] Cit ; Kurukui [[b]Age[/b]] 24 [[b]Biography[/b]] (I