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The year is 2420
Human space faring technology is still quite limited. space elevators are only just being realised, whilst spaceships are still limited to not going further than Saturn. no Warp-drives, no fast space sailing (it takes many years just to get to Jupiter). however
12 years ago, 2408, an ancient Alien vessel, titled 'The Boundary Apocalypse' had been discovered on one of Jupiter's moons, Io.

the Boundary Apocalypse was found severely damaged, yet its technology was something unseen before by anyone, and though we would've loved to tear it apart to research it's technology. nothing on Earth was powerful enough to even cause a scratch. even more peculiar, the ship was repairing itself... slowley.

in 2410, the HAOS (Human Association Over Space) begun a multi-billion dollar project to move the Boundary Apocalypse from Io to Earth, and once it had fully repaired itself, for humans to board and discover whatever they could. however due to the ship's massive size. it could not be dropped on any continent without causing large-scale damage, the Boundary Apocalypse was dropped on Antarctica. the shockwave and impact of it's landing caused global tidal waves and earthquakes, however recovery was easy.

fast forward to 2420, 2 weeks ago a milestone had been reached. the ship had finally fully repaired itself. and a team was designated to be put together to board it, and discover whatever they could.

the Minor Roles is over 300 scientists, 300 engineers and 350 soldiers for protection. now we will focus on the main roles. The Commander (Pilot), the Head Researcher, the Head Engineer and the Head of Militarial Action.

the Commander (Pilot) was chosen by the HAOS to take notes about the ship, it's navigational ability and how it flies. essentially they're supposed to report on how it flies.

The Head of Research and the Head Engineer were chosen by the global Government, they are to find out anything about the Boundary Apocalypse's technology and to try and reverse engineer it. if they can get it to function, bonus points.

the Head of Militarial Action was designated by the Military to board the Boundary Apocalypse with the crew, in case the ship had any dangerous alien life forms aboard. also able to

2 weeks later. the roles had been decided. and now we stand in the freezing cold, on a platform. waiting for the all green to begin the mission.

the ship... has a strange feeling to it.

[====][Character Creation][====]

[Role]=[Type Here]

[Name]=[Type Here]

[Age]=[Type Here]

[Biography]=[Type Here]

[Extra]=[Type Here]


[=][Human Crew][=]

Commander/Pilot - [Tolm Almurnack ] - [Banette]
Head of Research - [Unity] - [666demon]
Engineering Lead - [Abigail Collins] - [Dreamwriter]
Head of Military - [Robin Sheppard] - [666demon]
Soldier - [Dandiel Wismen] - [666demon]
Soldier - [Noctom Pyris] - [666demon]
Engineer - [Boom Boom] - [666demon]


????????????? - [????] - [Banette]
надсмотрщик - [RE-класс] - [Banette]
 The mwaka is 2420 Human space faring technology is still quite limited. space elevators are only just
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