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J-slice posted on Nov 29, 2017 at 03:26AM
Remember your emo / goth phase back in high school? Well now you get to go back to those good 'ol cringey days.

In St. Darkheart High, anyone is permitted to attend. Yes, even you Sophie. Our school prides itself in its diversity, hosting a variety of vamp-students, robo-students, ninja-students and many others. Literally anything is allowed. Enroll a slice of salami if you want to.
For you, this is the beginning of a new year, new friends, new enemies, but don't be afraid. Be yourself, embrace the darkness and the hold it has on you.
Oh, yeah this is a boarding school, so that's fun.

And remember:
- HAVE FUN. (or don't, I don't care)
- Don't control other characters (apart from teachers, they're all normies)
- You can kill yourself, but don't kill other people (apart from Sophie)

Timetable: Math, English, (recess), Phys Ed, Science, (lunch), Health, Elective (eg. Media, art, music, voodoo, skydiving, etc.)






Species / Whatever you are:



Appearance: (Pic)


Students enrolled:

Jesse Christianson - (AlienWalrus)
Devlin Christianson - (AlienWalrus)
Sparky - (J slice)
Crow Garetson - (Albino Scone)
 Remember your emo / goth phase back in high school? Well now wewe get to go back to those good 'ol cri
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TheAlienWalrus said…
[Name] Jesse Christianson
[Name] Devlin Christianson

[Age] 16
[Age] 16 (older by 82 seconds)

[Gender] Male
[Gender] Male

[Status] The Geek
[Status] The Bad Boy

[Species / Whatever you are] Literally Christ in his second coming
[Species / Whatever you are] Literally the Antichrist

[Backstory] Don’t you hate it when you've been sitting around in heaven or hell or wherever waiting for the perfect moment to send out your master weapon and just when you do, so does your nemesis. Well that’s is exactly what happened for the Christianson brothers, both God all mighty and Satan planned to release their sons into the world on the same day and to make matters even more complicated they both chose the same woman to give birth to their sons making Christ and the Antichrist brothers. Although the two started out as archenemies they are now best friends as they move to St. Darkheart High.

- Is terrible with spicy food
- Is fantastic with spicy food
(( I will continue adding to this as I think of stuff ))

[Appearance] Left
[Appearance] Right
 [b][Name][/b] Jesse Christianson [u][Name][/u] Devlin Christianson [b][Age][/b] 16 [u][Age]
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita J-slice said…
Name: Sparky

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Status: Loner

Species / whatever you are: Very realistic robo

Backstory: Shortly after she was made she was dumped in a wheelie bin somewhere in the wrong side of town for not complying to orders. After climbing out of the needle-filled and rat infested bin, she was taken in by the mafia who fed her well with various spicy meatballs and taught her how to fend for herself.

Extra: Carries around a gun for self-defence, still enjoys spicy meatballs.


 [b]Name:[/b] Sparky [b]Age:[/b] 15 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Status:[/b] Loner [b]Specie
TheAlienWalrus commented…
How spicy a meatball are we talking here? zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
J-slice commented…
Pretty spicy m8 zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Albino_Scone said…
Name: Crow Garetson

Age: unknown

Gender: Male

Status: Hot shot who just wants to be alone

Species / Whatever you are: Unknown

Backstory: This is a complicated heard only in the most ancient of texts. Crow isn't aware of how he came to being, he used to be a normal boy back in the early 1600's, with the average life at that time. He was young, adventurous, scoping out the woods were he stumbled upon a grave of some sorts? It was hard to tell, decked out in old age scripture, sealed off, no one found it because there was some type of field keeping out intruders....all except for crow. One touch was all it took. One touch and his life was gone.
Zoom in to 300 years later and he awoke, in that same place only with a streak in his hair and a power so strong and so unknown to him. He doesn't know who he is, he doesn't remember what happened but all he knows is he has a new friend. A little whisper in his head that teaches him, talks to him, mostly they're great but sometimes judgment of theirs gets a little...wild. Over the course of millenias Crow aqcuired multiple aliases going from place to place to continue to grow and become stronger, learning and taking in more about himself and his surroundings.

-The voice in his head is a cheeky little cunt.
-he's got two moods, sassy or flirty (he's this way as he learns from the other males around him)
- (will add more when it comes to mind)

Appearance: (Pic)
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 Name: jogoo Garetson Age: unknown Gender: Male Status: Hot shot who just wants to be alone