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BanetteGhosneir posted on Feb 11, 2018 at 08:15AM
only just 30 years ago, our world was blessed.

our crops were abundant, our cattle meaty and spry, our waters clear, our citizens jolly.
we were well off, and with the Deities in the temples we were never sick.

Deities, extremely powerful beings, able to use Magic. something Humans aren't able to use. we had the Deities to guide us, to protect us, to heal us...

only just 30 years ago, man overthrew the Deities.
the crusade happened. Deities were branded and outcasted, their titles stripped. replaced with 'Witches', they were hunted down and killed. and man made their own miracles.

only just 30 years ago, the Pope came to power, hunting and gathering power and armies, the Pope brought the land together.

our crops are well, our cattle fine, our waters well, our citizens strong.
we are good, and with the Priests in the temples we are only sometimes sick.
the Witch Hunts bring adventurers, hunters and all sorts traveling all over, looking for Witches...

our fathers no longer remind us of the times of the Witches... I wonder if there are any left...


Deities... or now known as 'Witches' are nearly hunted to extinction.
very little of them are around. and they're never together. Witches of age must survive on their own.

this is the story of Witches, fallen from their holy grace. hunted by the humans that used to adore them. will some take revenge? or is forgiveness a virtue?

Witches are pale of skin, and have uniquely strange eyes. some rare humans, such as the pope himself, even have the ability to sense the magical presence of witches... however it is not very powerful, nor has a large range.

Witches now live secluded in the forests, hiding deep within among monsters. many humans have gone on witch hunts into the forests... not many come back out.

[===][Character Sheet][===]

[Name] (This is mostly for Humans, Witches no longer had needs for names.)

[Age] (There are no witches older than 30 anymore.)

[Gender] (There are Male Witches, but they're still called 'Witches')

[Species] (Human, Witch or Monster (Note, Monsters can't use Magic))






Banette - ??? (Ruhe)

Banette - Hyle Juh - Outcast

Banette - Golem 8 - Golem
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BanetteGhosneir said…
[Name] she was once called 'Ruhe' by her Grandmother.

[Age] 23

[Gender] Female

[Species] Witch

Living alone in the Gorhm forest, Ruhe has had next to zero contact with humans.

though her appearance is certainly frightening, she is not one to attack first without cause.
not much is able to be told of a Witch, their lives now consists of solitude and isolation. contact with other witches is scarce, and likely happens little.

Ruhe has had contact with only 3 humans in her lifetime. 2 warriors... 1 priest...
2 bodies...
1 retired veteran...

the Gorhm forest is home to various monsters, though only the Large Golems aren't afraid of Ruhe.
 [[b]Name[/b]] she was once called 'Ruhe' kwa her Grandmother. [[b]Age[/b]] 23 [[b]Gender[/b]]
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BanetteGhosneir said…
[Name] Golem 8

[Age] 80+ years

[Gender] Golem

[Species] Monster

a Golem created by a Deity long ago. the original intention of this Golem was to protect the Humans from Monsters coming out from the Forests, but when Humans turned on the Deities, the Golem retreated into the very forest it was defending against.

now, this Golem protects nothing, only moving around the forest, an endless moss-covered husk of its former self. many humans in the past 30 years have tried to defeat the Golem... none successful.

ignore the woman... she is long gone... the Golem appears mechanical, and made of Metal. but it is comprised entirely of magical stone.

the Golem has 2 large legs, and a massively long tail. Archers will not help. you'd be better off with Catapults.
 [Name] Golem 8 [Age] 80+ years [Gender] Golem [Species] Monster [Biography] a Golem c
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BanetteGhosneir said…
[Name] Hyle Juh

[Age] 27

[Gender] Male

[Species] Human

at first glance, you may think Hyle is a demon... or possibly a Witch, however he is indeed a Human...

the strange charms is because Hyle is VERY superstitious... he believes all these charms will protect him from various monsters and even the Witches themselves... since no one has been able to disprove this, he still continues to believe so.

Hyle's home is outside the walls of the town, his house is quite close to the forests infact...
a very dangerous place to have a home...

his Eyes aren't red, they're green. as for his pale skin, this is because he spends alot of time inside his home, afraid to leave in case of Witches.

there is a story to his fear of Witches... but that's for you to discover.
 [Name] Hyle Juh [Age] 27 [Gender] Male [Species] Human [Biography] at first glance, y