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tastycakes posted on Jul 24, 2018 at 03:13AM
The circus. A place for children to laugh and scream at the animal tricks, and the people dressed in elaborate costumes, their sole aim to entertain.

The circus. A place for the hungry to gorge on sweets and pop, and sit on benches to watch dozens of others do the same, catered to by cheerful clowns and waiters.

The circus. A place for the frightened to cling to their loved ones, and jump in fright at every performer that draws too close for comfort.

The Lazarus Troupe is famed, for its focus on the macabre, and the eerie, almost too-realistic wounds that some of its members sport, weaving their way through food stalls, vendors, funhouses, fair rides, tents, and their famed 'Tomb of Lazarus', which is said to make you truly feel as if you've been reborn.

The truth behind the chipping paint and the groans of the well-used carousel is that death has laced itself through every facet of this place. A handful of the performers have been brought back from the dead by the talented, mysterious doctor that treats everyone on-site, but there's a catch to this new life. The bodies need maintenance as they fall apart, and so, where it can be done, patrons are quietly spirited out of sight of the crowds, where they become nothing more than spare parts.

"It's done for family," they whisper to each other as children cry, and adults scream curses and prayers. "We do this for family."
Role in LT: (performer position, or patron, include if they are among the resurrected)
Pictures are optional

- Of course, anyone is free to join this, and multiple characters are smiled upon, but keeping them balanced between patron and performer would be marvelous. I will personally have four characters, and you may do as many as that, but again, balance would be lovely.

- There will be death, but the intentions are to keep all characters alive, but if you'd like to discuss killing a character for a purpose, ie, furthering relationships or guiding the plot in some way, just bring it up and something can be decided upon.

- Furthering the above point, DISCUSSIONS ARE WONDERFUL! Talk about your character, talk about your thoughts on the story, talk about what you like other people doing!

- BE NICE AND HAVE FUN! If you don't like the direction of something, bring it up! The purpose of a roleplay is to have fun, and enjoy the story, and we can't do that if there's arguing and strife, so try to compromise so everyone continues to have a good time.

- Characters are not invincible, so expect there to be injuries, strain on their mind, emotions, and body. Overall, you will have control over what hurts your character, but keep in mind that this is a circus where people are routinely murdered, and others are actively decaying, and must be operated on to continue to function, and nothing about that is daisies and sunshine.

- This is a dark rp, but that doesn't mean there can't be nice things! Friendships and relationships are allowed and encouraged, but do keep in mind the setting and content of the rp, so sometimes this may only take the form of a crush, or something along those lines.
Cast of Characters:

Rusty - Circus Doctor; controlled by tastycakes
Amonti Teacup - Circus Acrobat; controlled by tastycakes
Tarrant Teacup - Circus Clown; controlled by tastycakes
Emmy Michaels - Patron; controlled by tastycakes
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita tastycakes said…
Name(s): Rusty // Amonti and Tarrant Teacup // Emmy Michaels
Age(s): mid-thirties // twenty-two and twenty-five // twenty
Appearance(s): Rusty wears doctor's scrubs and a face mask, as well as goggles that obscure most of his face, with sections of visible scarring between the two accessories. Long ginger hair. // Amonti wears a thigh-length blue and gray dress with harlequin tights. She has light brown hair in two braids tied in loops, and straight bangs across her forehead. Tarrant has unruly blonde hair, with a classic jester costume in the same colors as Amonti's dress. // comfortable casual, mostly jumpers, skirts, and boots.
Role(s) in LT: Doctor // resurrected acrobat. Clown. // Patron
Personalit(ies): Quiet and good at his job.Concerned primarily with keeping the resurrected performers in peak shape. // Sweet and friendly, anxious about her condition being revealed to the innocent patrons. Bold, flirty, fun-loving and surprisingly popular with those that aren't fond of clowns; he's responsible for checking in on Amonti, and is usually the one who gathers according to her needs. // Enjoys spooky things despite scaring fairly easily, also loves the circus, as she grew up attending, and when she learned LZ had a permanent location in her hometown, she was over the moon.
Background: Amonti and Tarrant joined the circus together as children, after leaving behind their orphanage. // Rusty has been part of the circus as long as anyone can remember, though he isn't old, and doesn't seem to age. // Student working towards a business degree, lives in a dorm with a few friends
Pictures are optional (and so i didn't do them lmao i couldn't find any that worked plus feck it im squeezing four characters into a single intro post uvu)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita -Universe_COLA- said…
Baby Babes

Exact age not known, but she appears to be in the twenties to early thirties

Baby is seen every second of the moment wearing the attire of a masked jester, an array of red and blues and black mismatched clothes that piece together into the creation of her costume. She had never been seen without her attire and never removes her mask. When asked why, the only answer given is a blank stare from her sharp blue eyes that borders on the point of a glare.

Role in LT:

Baby is the type of person that is as talkative as anyone else, though there are moments where she seems to be lost in her own little word, spacing out more frequently and often staring at others longer than she herself even realizes.
And with that, she is sometimes very blunt, speaking what she thinks of something without filter and usually says the first thing that comes to mind. Though, she often wishes that this wasn't the case because she realizes that she can be rude.
Despite this, she is actually very polite to the patrons and her fellow performers.

To be revealed.
She has been apart of the circus for years, though not as near as long as Rusty but close to it. Even with as long as she has been there, not much in known about her accept that she likes to perform.

Pictures are optional:
pǝpᴉʌoɹd ǝɹnʇɔᴉԀ
 [u]Name:[/u] [b]Baby Babes[/b] [u]Age:[/u] [b]Exact age not known, but she appears to be in th
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita DameDarcy said…
Eres Mercury, more commonly known by her stage name - Madame Mercury


Madame Mercury has violet eyes, framed by a frizzy bed of russet-brown hair. She might have been prettier in her younger days, but now wrinkles and dark circles cover her face. She is typically seen in her fortune-teller attire - her ivory blouse, a flowy sangria skirt and tons of tribal jewelry.

Role in LT:

Madame Mercury is a level-headed person, and although she prefers to keep to herself, she is not opposed to having a chat with a patron or a fellow performer. She is quick to absorb information, and has an old-fashioned view of the world. She is good at reading one's emotion, which proves to be handy in her career as a fortune-teller.

Madame Mercury comes from a rural village, located in the subarbs. After her daughter died of smallpox, staying in the same town proved to be too emotionally overwhelming for her and she soon joined the Lazarus Troupe to pursue her interest in mysticism.

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 [b][u]Name:[/u][/b] Eres Mercury, zaidi commonly known kwa her stage name - Madame Mercury [b][u]Ag