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I dont feel very good....(not phsycally)

So much confusion in my mind, don't understand why i can't find.. All the majibu that i tafuta for, i'm too confused to understand anymore.. Need him here kwa my side, my hearts aching the pain's hard to hide.. I've tried my best to let go and songesha on, but it seems my feelings are too strong.
This mwaka is my last mwaka at the school I was going on for 6 years...
my entire life is there and leaving that school is like leaving a huge chunk of myself...
I didnt want to songesha but it seems that my parents didnt like it there...
Im really sad that I wont see my Marafiki in uniform anymore,and I can't ask for they're copy-books anymore :-S no zaidi funs in the classes and the giggles...
but at least I could meet them once a week at the mall...
but there is this guy...ahh I dont even know why I ilitumwa this!
He's in year11...myeahh..(his name is Christi) and Im only year8...
He doesnt even like me...and the thing is that we've only talked once...which lasted 45minutes(in the bus).
I know I have no hope and to be sincere Im afraid to confess it to him..not only because our big gap in age but Im sure he would think that Im only a 14 mwaka old kid :S...
I simply upendo the way he smiles...the way he acts and his personality in general...
I really need help from wewe guys.
Im not asking wewe should I ask him out au not because I ....I wouldnt do that myself...
but... should I quit from ...loving him and carry on?...
au should I continue to upendo him from the back even if I know its my last two weeks...in school...
I just need some advice,because in this moment...I dont feel very"good"

 R33n33sm3 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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BabyBlud said:
Hmm, well for a start i'm sorry your parents decided to songesha away from your area. It's always difficult to songesha away from things you've always known. Your school and Marafiki and such etc.
First off - about your moving, don't take it too hard. People songesha all the time and i'm sure you're Marafiki and such will understand. You're not going forever and like wewe alisema wewe will always be able to meet up with them at the mall every week. wewe can call them kwa phone, send them e-mails, talk to them via the internet au if you're zaidi old fashioned like i am, even write them a letter :)
As for all the fun things wewe used to do at school with your friends, the new school you'll go to will probably have people wewe like there too, so you'll make Marafiki easily enough i'm sure. You'll not miss out on any giggles, au miss out on copying each others work etc as your new Marafiki will be able to do all that with wewe :)

As for your boyfriend trouble - the problem wewe have is not only lack of confidence about this boy, but also a low esteem for yourself. wewe say wewe have no hell of a chance getting the guy. How do wewe know? wewe haven't even tried yet. That's not to say wewe should though, i'm not telling wewe what to do. If it were me i'd be asking for his e-mail au phone number. When he asks why just tell him that wewe enjoyed your chat on the bus and would like to be friends, but seeing as your moving you'd like to stay in touch via phone and e-mail.
If he agrees and wewe stay in touch he may find your a very great girl with a lovely personality and then things may happen all kwa themselves. Girls of 14 shouldn't rush things anyway honey, wewe have your whole life ahead of you. Oh and wewe say he doesn't like you? How do wewe know? Have wewe asked him? If he didn't like wewe why would he spend a whole 45 dakika talking to wewe on the bus?

Anyway wewe can't just force yourself to quit liking someone just because you're moving away. wewe never know there may be a boy at this new school you're going to wewe may like better.

To be honest it's not the end of the world. Things will get better in the long run. wewe just have to be patient and keep your head high :)
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
thanks alot for the things wewe alisema it is a good adivce:) I think I''ll follow it:D
R33n33sm3 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Monrose said:
You'll get over it. Ever heard of a rebound-guy? Works every time!
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
I dont think I can...
R33n33sm3 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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