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If today wewe found out your favorite, fictional character, tv nyota etc. was about to come to your are and meet wewe what would wewe say/ do with him/her?

Along with what wewe would do tell me who they are. ok mine... actually i have alot but i will tell wewe one..... i would take everyone i hated and i would lock them in the tomb with catherine (the vd charater if some of wewe dont know)so she could eat them lol yah ik its like stupid but i think it would be funny like (this is completely jk i dont want anyone to die but just thinking about it would make me laugh)i would take them and she would be liike who the **** is this? lol and i would say ur companion for a while. can i eat him/her? (catherine would say) im a min hold on let me get the timer o see how long it will take... ok GO! GO! GO! i woud say lolol it really wouldnt happen that way probably bbut its a nice thought.... if anyone thinks this is stupid what i am saying i am just saying it 4 laughs.... actually i wouldnt want her to be alive it would freak me out everytime i went to kitanda lol.
 2dolphn97 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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