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What are some facts about yourself?

orodha a couple, au a lot.
Here are mine.

I support gays, and I'm straight.

I'm a tomboy, but not to the point where I wear guy's clothing and cut my hair short.

I upendo skateboarding.

I think Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) is frigging HOT. :)

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep, letting all the crap that happened during the siku out.

My mom and dad are divorced.

Little, tiny things can make me smile au laugh.

The smallest things amuse me.

I listen to my ipod nearly all the time. I'm constantly told to take my headphones out.


 ImAdorkable posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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cookiehead101 said:
im obsessed with music
im a belieber
im a big mj fan
im confusing
im funny
im stupid at times
im caring
im supportive
im lazy
im tired (ALL THE TIME)
i play the acoustic guitar, gitaa
n i was the mad hatter in my skool play (alice in wonderland)
i have a lot of Marafiki

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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
sunflowerchild said:
Ok,here's some stuff about me:

I'm straight.

I've often been told I'm pretty/beautiful but you'll never hear me say that.

I'm quite shy in real life but I won't hesitate to hit wewe if wewe disrespect my dad, are nasty to my friends, au annoy me too much.

If you're my friend, I stand up for wewe and defend you, no matter what.

I upendo Vampire Academy and Harry Potter.

I believe that in the case of true love, age does not matter.

I upendo uandishi stories, but they never seem to get anywhere.

I am extremely sarcastic.

I blush a lot, even when there seems to be no reason to.

When I say I upendo someone, I mean it. He has my moyo completely.
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
Schnusch said:
I met my true upendo on fanpop and we are still together, actually already engaged and he lives with me now for two years.

I am German.

I am obsessed with dresses, names & astrology.

I write stories.

I upendo animals, especially dogs.

My inayopendelewa color is turquoise.

My dream jobs are: travel agent, actress & writer

farasi are the most elegant wanyama to me.

I am blonde but sometimes make my hair red, depending on my mood.

The Harry Potter vitabu are my inayopendelewa books.

I'm mostly into Metal muziki but I like some select songs from other genres too & am Taylor mwepesi, teleka obsessed.

My lucky numbers are 13, 22, 7, 25, 8 & 9

I'm a Leo in a relationship with a Scorpio.

My ascendant is Virgo and my moon is in Libra.

I have contact lenses but sometimes I wear my glasses.

Unfortunately I didn't get rid of my braces yet for five years cause my dentists made a mistake.

I am really pale but even when I go to the sun I don't get much zaidi tanned.

My eyes are blue but I've got a green spot in my right eye.

I am really small and my feet are as well.

I/We want to have 4 children - 2 of my own, 2 adopted.

My inayopendelewa TV onyesha is Merlin.

My inayopendelewa movie is Walk The Line.

I can speak German, English, Latin & a bit of Portuguese & French.

I'm a Vegetarian.

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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
Shenel_jasper said:
I upendo babies,i upendo chocolates,i am a piscean,i hav 3 blackspots in a line under my left arm,i am ophidiophobic(fear of snakes),i hav a soft corner for the under achievers,i hav joined eyebrows,i upendo fanpopping,i upendo shopping,i was the headgirl of my school,i find Chris Angel mindfreak hot,i dont know how to cook,i have leather pants which i will never wear.....do u want me to go on.....
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
I have snakes as pet XD
deathroman13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Shenel_jasper posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
Duncan-superfan said:
I wear glasses.
I'm bisexual.
I upendo anime and manga.
I fucking adore my cousin<3
I luuuurrrvee yaoi.. to death.. Yeah C8 <333
I'm a brunette.
I'm in upendo with a host.. *insertgoofyassgrin*
I.. upendo to read.. all the time.
I very much enjoy fanpop and YouTube.
I'm adorable. :3<3 Family, friends, strangers, etc have told me so. =w=
I'm a total introvert. ^//^;
I can't stand people most of the time.
I have anger issues.. D: </3
I'm a bit of a computer addict.
I upendo to laugh. Almost anything can make me laugh.
I can't think of anything else to type.. >w>'
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
princessana006 said:
i upendo guns and roses <3

i am pregnant and in two months i will have the most beautiful baby ever

i am in in upendo with A ♥

i am adopted.i am not sure where i come from

i upendo uandishi

i upendo pancakes

i upendo beatles

i play guitar, gitaa


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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
Twilight_Dream said:
I'm a Christian

I have this weird obsession with sock monkey's and things that look like sock monkey's. Like clothes, jewelry, etc.

I am an advanced beginner at violin.

I upendo collecting nail polish.

I don't leave my house unless my hair is straightened.

I almost always have my iPod with me.

I am mostly caucasian but one quarter Spanish from my father who was half. People are always surprised to hear this
because I am very pale and don't really have any Spanish features.

I upendo to get caught up in books.

I'm a huge shabiki of Korean pop music.

I am usually depressed most of the time.

I have one full blood sibling and three half siblings.

I am sometimes mistaken for being part Asian.

I have been to Broadway to see show's 4 times.

Sometimes people think I come off as stuck up. But I am really just a very shy person.

I tend to find Asian men zaidi attractive.

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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
snusnu13 said:
Here are some of mine:

I'm Eurasian (European X Asian hybrid. I actually have people from 12 different countries in my family tree)
I am a lesbian
I have clinical depression
I'm an atheist
I'm a tomboy
I upendo uandishi stories
I upendo animals....and are dedicated to fighting for their rights
My favourite breed of dog is the American Pit ng'ombe Terrier
I am a wannabe vegetarian (my mum won't let me be one, however I avoid meat as much as possible)
I'm born on October 12, the same siku as the Bali Bombings.
I hate chokoleti cake, but upendo chocolate
My favourite colour is turquoise
I upendo Harry Potter, my favourite character is Dumbledore
My lucky numbers are 13, 16 and 37
My favourite singer is P!nk
My favourite movie is either Chicken Run au Minority Report
I want to live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada when I am an adult
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
I've also been wearing glasses since I was 5 1/2
snusnu13 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
StarGirl1721 said:
i am Kind

i upendo Helping

i upendo uandishi

i upendo adventures

i upendo playing

I like reading, hope that soon enough i upendo it

I hate bullies

I am not a tomboy gay au anything i am just a normal girl XD

I like being with my Marafiki

i like watching cartoons, not the baby kinda ones

i upendo eating

i protect the ones i love

i am forgiving

i am funny

i upendo playing games

i like having sleep overs with my cousins

Ya and i don't know what else to say

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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
BlueberryA said:
I’m a melancholic person and pessimist

I’m half-Ukrainian, half-Russian, and I’m ashamed of this

I’m shy and quiet but prefer energetic rock-music

My parents get divorced and I have no siblings

I adore the Scandinavian countries <3

I saw UFO three years zamani despite I don’t believe in it :D

My favourite colours are white and purple

I feel lonely

I’m entering the chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha in August

My fave animal is cat and my fave flowers are tulips and lilac

I share my birthday with Johnny Depp

I wish I could fly

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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
deathroman13 said:
I'm left-handed
I'm pagan
I upendo talking about movies
I laugh a lot
I play piano
I write backwards
I upendo learning about other cultures
I dislike haters
I upendo helping other people
I'm mad XD
I upendo kusoma fanfiction
I am an european
I am a scorpio
I upendo being in the nature
I upendo metal
I know the Runes alphabet

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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
Alba93 said:
*Im very shy
*I upendo Eminem
*im very very optimist
*im Muslim and i believe in God
*my dream job is acting
*im straight A in school
*i feel uncomfortable on my body (i have started
to upendo it :) )
*i have 6 best friends,we call our group "The Flaming Pnik Flamingos"
*i get very easy nervous <even tinny little things can get me angry :( >
*the name of my crush starts with A,just like mine
*all of my best Marafiki (and some of my family members) know who my crush is,accept him (he doesn't even know that i excists :(
*i use a lot facebook
*my favourite colors are pink and Purple
*i am very very very sensitive person ( and i hate that)
*if i dont become actress,in the future,i would like to work as an FBI agent in BAU :)
*im 100% albanian
*i hate haters
*i support gays
*My favourite place is America (i upendo their culture,music and everything has to do with them)
*a have 2 siblings ( and i upendo them very much <3
*i upendo to learn different languages (right now i can speak Albanian,english and Spanish)
*i upendo to learn about different cultures
*i believe that aliens excists :P

there are so many other things about me,but i guess these informations are enough :)

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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
i am a tomboy My inayopendelewa color is blue My fav sport is swimming My fav chakula is pizza(but i never really have it) I upendo sonic
SuperSonicGirl posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
and i upendo skateboarding i want to become an actress i watch american idol i watch so wewe think wewe can dance I upendo skateboarding ( even though i suck) i have brown hair and green eyes i have to sibling a brother and a sis ... I have a dog named pepper (she is a mix between a scottish terrier and something else i think it is a cairn terrier) she is adaorable i want a husky
SuperSonicGirl posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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