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Please Check out This Club!

Okay so this is a club for Alyssa Simmons that my friend made. Alyssa is an aspiring artist from the metro-detroit area and she has an amazing voice! She has an album out called difficult and it is really amazing!
There's a few video of her imba ilitumwa on the shabiki club but there are some better ones on youtube. Please just give it a chance she really does have an amazing voice!

This is the URL: link
au of course wewe could just tafuta alyssa simmons in the fanpop tafuta engine!

Anyway please listen and if wewe like her then shabiki the club, because it only a has a few mashabiki right now!

Oh and if wewe shabiki it I'll heshima you! :)
 RenesmeeMasen posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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