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If wewe have a gppony, pony Vs gppony, pony account can wewe paste your code onto here?

You've probably heard of it. Its where wewe battle ponies (inspired my MLP: FiM) and their ads are everywhere like fanpop and Youtube. If wewe have an account I'd like it very much if you'd paste your friend code because I want zaidi people to battle. I have three Marafiki (one of them is a lvl 20 alicorn I keep beating him LOL) and I want moar gppony, pony friends! If you'd like to add me wewe can check out my code here: 161733-E1B8

I'm a lvl 8 my gppony, pony name is Magic marshmallow Thunder

If wewe haven't seen the website it's simple but fun. Here's the website link:
 spongefan612 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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