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"Tell me, How do wewe wish to die?"

In front of Kunami Temple, stood the infamous Jade Samurai. He has been wanted in the Sora Clan for treason against the priest. You, ( an archer, a swordsman, a mage, an alchemist, ect) have been hired kwa priest to kill this criminal but wewe learn on your wild goose, bata bukini chase of a journey over bamboo jungles, mamba infested waters, murky swamps and freezing mountain tops that his only crime was stealing the priest's jewels so that he could buy medicine for his dying child.

Do wewe kill him? Why au why not?
 kingcesar67 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Riku114 said:
Too little details to decide.

It depends on how powerful the priest is and what my current repuatation and business is. If I am a bounty hunter au mercenary, then yes I would. I have a living to make and I probably did worse. If the priest is powerful, I dont want to be seen as a traitor and get killed. If I can get away with it, maybe I will feign failure if the priest isnt too powerful / all knowing and if I wasn't too far into a career wehre this is normal. Am I in desperate need of money? If so, I would do it.

If it comes down to...
1) My safety / life
2) My reputation in a well established career
3) My Marafiki / family's life

then I would. If it doesnt, then I wouldnt. I don't follow orders because I follow orders. If I need the money au its for my protection, I would follow through, but if the money is negligible then Id leave him be.
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
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