These makala are gonna be the thoughts on life and stuff, and this is part one.
I did this because I was bored, and because I wanna get my thoughts out.

I hate school. That's what I think of when someone says the work 'school'.
I see the point of it and all (education so we don't remain stupid), but teachers practically torture us.
I mean, we go to school 7 hours, 5 days a week, and when we finally get to the weekend, au a holiday, they give us 57364 assignments. Well geez, school! Give us a break!!
The teachers are really stupid at times.
How many times have wewe had conversations like this with a teacher? :

Teacher: WHY DID wewe DO IT? ANSWER ME!!
You: Well I-

Grr. au when the teacher has to pick someone to read in front of the class, she looks around and sees you. Even though wewe look ill, are clearly struggling to breathe, she picks you.
Don't wewe ever wanna stand up on the dawati and be like 'SHUT UP! JUST LEAVE ME @!&? ALONE!!' ?
Well I know I do.
I have this teacher. She gives wewe detentions for everything. Most of our lovely conversations go like this:
Me: But I didn't-
Me: But-
Her: Answering back! DOUBLE detention!
Me: Miss!
Her: What's that? Triple detention!
Me: Forget it...

Right...OK. So if I keep on arguing with her for the rest of the year, will she give me a thousanduple detention?
I hate uniform.
I hate it so much!
Some schools don't have uniform. In the USA most of them don't. But I live in posh London, where wewe do have uniform.
If teachers see wewe with your juu button of your stupid shati undone they go 'WHY IS IT UNDONE?!!'. Geez, maybe I couldn't breathe!! Their freakin' scream is enough to undo the sekunde one down.
Ahhh... the good old lunches. My school actually has good lunches. Pizza, chips, chicken, pasta. Everything wewe could ever want to eat. Maybe that's why nearly everyone is obese at my school. The sekunde problem is, it's tasteless. Man, if wewe took a bite of their pasta, tambi without knowing it was pasta, wewe would think it was cardboard.
What about the students? I have never known anyone at ANY school who was actually kinda decent.
My friend:
"OMG what IS THAT SPOT doing on your FACE!"
"Hey wewe know wewe have a rash-"
I could go on and on...

And the show-offs?
*moving finger click in circles around my face* *annoying kissing teeth* "I'm better than you!"
And the way they mfuko wa fedha, mfuko their lips and waddle around all siku in their fancy prada and gucci and god knows what.
And their blackberry phones? I'm not even gonna get started on that.
Sorry if I offended anyone... I just had to get my thoughts out :)