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CAUTION:there will most likely be consequences!!

1. Follow them around the house while giggling loudly.
2. Moo whenever they say your name.
3. Pretend to have amnesia.
4. Say everything backwards.
5. Run into walls.
6. Say that wearing clothes is against your religion.
7. Go into their room at 4 in the morning and say "Good Morning Sunshine!"
8. Snort loudly when wewe laugh.
9. Say all of the words in a film.
10. Pluck someone's hair out and yell "DNA!!!"
11. Go around the house saying: "Beep, beep!" Then hit your head with a book.
12. Have a lively conversation with a pen.
13. Have 20 imaginary Marafiki that wewe talk to all at the same time.
14. Try and climb the wall.
15. In public yell: "No, mom I will not kiss wewe in public!"
16. Draw a mustache your face.
17. Switch the light switch on and off for a while. Then say "Oh...I get it!"
18. Eat your hair.
19. Hold their hand and whisper to them "I see dead people."
20. When wewe kuoga au bath yell "I'm drowning!!!!"
21. At everything they say yell "NO!!"
22. Pretend to be a phone.
23. Try to swim in the floor and pretend that Jaws is chasing you.
24. Tap on their door all night.
25. Tell them an unreasonable story that happened at school that day. Like: "The gym teacher shaved our heads."
26. Find everything they say absolutely HILARIOUS!
27. Try to eat a bevarage with a fork.
28. Take a bowl of mchele crispies, suddeenly act offended and throw the bowl on the ground and kick it, and when they ask wewe to pick it up, say "No, I want to watch them suffer"
29. Pile all the pens in the house on one side of the room, and put one pencil in the other. Laugh hysterically at the pencil.
30. Try to catch your shadow, and act dissapointed and yell loudly when wewe can't get it.
31. Make a sandwich, and leave it on the floor. When your parents pick it up, scream "OH MY GOSH! WHERE'S MY SANDWICH???!!"
32. Try to burrow in between the cushions of the kitanda
33. Hide under a chair. When your mom au dad comes in, yell "boo!" and then start drooling and talking in gibberish while slowly crawling toward them and then poke them and say "oodley! oodley! bljljdfnnnnseeeeddsepf!'
34. poke your dog au cat and then yell "i can't make it say MOO!"
35. Tell your mom she looks like George Wahington and then roll on the floor, laughing hysterically.
36. Call your dad 'fwank' and your mom 'shaba-laba-ding-dong'
posted by canal
I would have seen it all backwards but i have to tell wewe about my first love.Eli my friend Tyler said.Dude don't wewe get people thinks we're idiots i said.I know but we'e buds right alisema Tyler.Yeah I alisema pushing my black hair to the side of my face.Eli!! yelled a voice.I turned my head to see a little girl running towreds me.Eli the girl yelled again.She ran into me And it was my sister she was crying.Whats wrong Niomi i said. A boy made fun of me he alisema i was an idiot Niomi alisema still crying.It's ok people call us idiots we just look past it i said.Niomi wiped her eyes and stopped crying...
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posted by karpach_14
On the first siku of Christmas,
My drive through gave to me:
A Big bacon Classic with cheese.

On the sekunde siku of Christmas,
My drive through gave to me:
Two Happy Meals,
and a Big bacon Classic with cheese.

On the third siku of Christmas,
My drive through gave to me:
Three Biggie Fries,
Two Happy Meals,
And a Big bacon Classic with cheese.

On the fourth siku of Christmas,
My drive through gave to me:
Four Egg McMuffins,
Three Biggie Fries,
Two Happy Meals,
And a Big bacon Classic with cheese.

On the fifth siku of Christmas,
My drive through gave to me:
Five kitunguu rings,
Four Egg McMuffins,
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posted by spongefan612
This is a long dream I had. I know I say, "Then" a lot, but can wewe cut me some slack? fanpop isn't school.

My dream started out with being at my friend Gavin's house. It looked bigger than before. There was some party. I went to another room and someone was charging the laptop I just got and the same laptop I'm typing this dream on. I got it but unfortunately the person charging it said, "The internet isn't working right now." And I thought, "FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU." I went through a door and then my sister was there. She was wearing a bikini for no reason. She alisema hi and walked past me. After,...
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Perfect life?? Think again
Ok so lets start off like this. I’m evelina McCartney, and I’m 17. My brother Jesse is 23 and he’s famous. But people rarely know who I am. And sometimes I like it. Because I get to be treated like a normal person, not a celebrity……….. I came downstairs because my parents told me that Jesse is coming from his tour and im so happy because I haven’t seen him for so long which seems like a life time.
“mom can I go and get Jesse with Erin” I asked my mom. Erin was our limo driver. But of course she alisema no. they never let me. My brother wasn’t dating...
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                One: Pike
I scrambled out my bedroom window. I slid down the gutter and scampered down the street. 
    Soon I arrived at a small brick house. Hurrying over to a bedroom window I  tapped on it lightly. Moments later a girl's face peered up. Her brown eyes sparkled in the moonlight. 
    I smiled and beckoned. After awhile she stepped outside onto the cement porch. 
"I missed you, Penelope." I said 
"I missed wewe to, Pike." She said 
    Penelope-Rose walked over and kissed me. 
"I found somewhere," I said, "somewhere we could be alone."
"Take me there." alisema Penelope-Rose. ...
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posted by the-signless
Do wewe ever wonder what's going on inside other people's heads?
I do.
A lot.
I wonder what people think of me. Every sekunde of my life.
But for some reason, I'm pretty sure it's just a passive acknowledgment of my existence.

They must think to themselves "Really, what does a straight A honors student with a 4.14 Grade Point average and the President of a school club have to hide?"
You'd be surprised.

Life as I had known it before ended in 5th grade. Before the day, December 17th, I had been at peace with my carefully organized world. Of course, I wasn't really sure why it had to be as organized...
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posted by flippy_fan210
He kills and kills but doesn't know why
it doesn't matter how hard he tries.
if wewe say Vietnam he'll stab wewe with a fork
if wewe say tiger you're head won't work.
He can use fire, pencils and car gas
heck, he'll just use whatever he has.
You can't stop him no matter what
if wewe call for help he'll stab wewe in the butt.
Never run because wewe know he'll catch you
he might torture au just plain kill you.
Run for cover, zaidi like run for death
he'll fill your eyes with crystal meth.
It doesn't matter if wewe run au cry
either way you'll just plain die.
Almost anything can set him off
you better pray to god that...
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A new series that's suppose to air soon. I upendo that 'Bangkok' scene, thingy :D
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Editor’s Note: This is a contribution kwa Jennifer Pastiloff

“Love yourself—accept yourself—forgive yourself—and be good to yourself, because without wewe the rest of us are without a chanzo of many wonderful things.” ~Leo F. Buscaglia

You mean I am a chanzo of many wonderful things?

Yes. Actually wewe are. Own up to it.

Leo has it right.

1. upendo yourself.

Despite all the things that wewe think may be terribly wrong with you, upendo yourself. upendo yourself.

Tattoo it on your brain.

I can think of so many reasons why wewe should upendo yourself, but here’s just one: It is incredibly dull and...
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The inayofuata siku was normal; everyone went to the underground place and got what everyone called "Monster Updates". The inayofuata siku was the Halloween Bash, and everyone buzzed with excitement.

Right before first period Emma went up to Mellissa and Eve wearing a witch hat. "Hey! Aren't wewe guys excited?!" Emma exclaimed. "Yeah!" Eve and Mellissa said. "Mel, are wewe going with anyone?" Eve asked. "Leo, but just as friends. I'm not ready for guys yet." Mellissa motioned to her brother, who was goofing around with his Marafiki in the hall. Eve and Emma nodded in understanding.

At lunch they sorted everything...
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Ooh, yeah
You, wewe got a nasty reputation
We're in a sticky situation, it's down to me and you
So tell me, is it true, they say there ain't nobody better
Well now that we're together
Show me what wewe can do

You're under the gun
Out on the run
Gonna set the night on fire
Out on the run
Under the gun
Playin' to win

Raise your hands
When wewe want to let it go
Raise your hands
And wewe want to let a feeling show
Raise your hands
New York to Chicago
Raise your hands
From New Jersey to Tokyo
Raise your hands

I, I've been out on the front line
Where you'll go down if wewe waste time
They'll walk all over...
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