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posted by MsMindlessAztec
1. We dont ALWAYS want sex...only sometimes
2. we dont like it when wewe tell us wat to do
3. never, ever look at other girls with us...otherwise your kicked out
4. futa any pictures of ANY other girls on your phones/computers
5. wewe need to listen to us
6. if wewe going to ignore us at least do a good job at it.
7. dont always say "i upendo you" like 5 times a day, then we think somethings up
8. bringging us to a club and getting us drunk for sex is a bad idea
9. if wewe get in a fight, admit that your wrong...we like that
10. never say that your the "king of MY casle"
11. always tell us if your borrowing money
12. before sex, let us change into something sexy au nothing at all
13. its a bad idea to tell us to hurry up when getting dressed to go somewhere
14. dont tell us what to wear au when to wear it
15. we hate it when wewe bring to your Marafiki house jus to onyesha us off
16. when taking us to dinner, take some where nice
17. again, when taking us to dinner, make sure wewe dress nice. not jus a t-shirt and jeans!!
18. we upendo it when wewe look us in our eyes and tell us we're beautiful 24/7
19. ALWAYS stand kwa us during a carrier no matter how stupid
20. fellas, keep this in mind: ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR ANIVERSIORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21. after marriage dont ask us what happened while in Vegas...then WE wonder what happened with YOU
22. tell us why wewe upendo us
23. we cant always read your gosh damned minds!!
24. if wewe want to take us to a movie, dont chose a scary one......unless we want to
25. ALWAYS let us pick out the movie your watching
and 26. be careful on what wewe by...we watch EVERYTHING.
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And it's not even winter yet.
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posted by BJsRealm
This world definitely need a single global currency.I hope BTC would become a global currency in the near future.So far,BTC is just a cryptocurrency used only on .onion sites yet someday it just might become the new official global/UN electronic currency.
Both tobacco/cigarettes&alcohol are legal drugs,available in any store all over the world.Cannabis is still illegal in most countries.Smoking&breathing tobacco causes a lung cancer&alcoholism leads to liver cancer yet both is legal!Cannabis is the cure!
1. we dont just like bad boys! i dont know who thought that girls only like bad guys we just dont like goody to shoes!
2. we like it if wewe make the first move.
3. we dont admit to liking wewe because we dont want to be rejected.
4. we dont mind if your not fit (buut we upendo it if wewe are.)
5. we melt over funny guys.
6. we upendo it if wewe approach not the oter way around.
7. we find small guys cute (well i do anyways!)
8. we dont like it when guys are full of them selves.
9. we hate it when wewe say "i think you'll find lots of girls like me!" (ANNOYING!)
10. we dont like cheaters, after cheating on...
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posted by deathding
Lives. What do wewe think of them? Have wewe ever found true happiness? Did wewe ever lose something valuable to you? Is there something constantly saying to wewe on your mind, "Please Don't Happen!"
Well, those all make your emotions deep. It's actually pretty obvious, when somebody steals the last cookie from the cookie jar, wewe get mad. Not on a personal level but anger gets induced into you.
Now, you're probably kusoma this and wondering what the hell I'm talking about. Well, my life.
I am not going to complain that it sucks and everything is so boring and nobody has a soul, but there are just...
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Demi Lovato
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Shrek is love, Shrek is life (Original Video)
Shrek is upendo
Shrek is life (original video)
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omg! xD
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