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posted by Lady10358
Found this on Google
1. If you're lucky enough and find someone with the shirt: FREE HUGS au If wewe find a shati store selling it, hug the shirt/person and if they/someone notices you, say "It says free hugs!"
2. go to the chakula court and go to a fast chakula place and take tons of straws and put as many possible in your mouth and stand on a meza, jedwali imba elmo's world theme.
3. Go to one of those toddler toy/clothing stores and hold up a baby outfit/toy and yell as loud as wewe can "I upendo THIS TOY! I'D PLAY WITH IT siku AND NIGHT!"
4. Go to the bathroom and hide in a stall until wewe see an old lady/guy and if you're a boy yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!" And if you're a girl yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU!!"
5. Go in a body care store like Bath & Body Works and stand kwa all the hand sanatizers and throw them up in the air. (This one made one staff girl go CRAZY)
6. Go in a book store and pick up a baby book, and every 30 sekunde yell "YAY! DUCKY MADE IT!!!"
7. while walking down the hall walk up to some bila mpangilio dude and say: "Hi are wewe Lulu?"
8. Go to any store and walk up to the check-out
8. Go to one of those radio stores with playing radios and change them to opera and when someone comes in, sing along in a really stupid way.
9. Buy a new bathing suit and swim in the kisima, chemchemi
10. Bring a bunch of pants in to the dressing room. Come out later and tell the salesperson none of them are leakproof.
11. Ask if a particular saw cuts through bone.
12. Get on the first step of the stairs, wait, and tell other people the escalator must be broken.
13. Pose as a dummy in a department store.
14. Ask the casheir if they take pesos.
15. Ask the sales person in the pet store if gerbils come in bulk and if they have much white meat on them.
16. go to a computer repair store and ask a employee if they can repair your dog.
17. Buy a bunch of clothes. Return them later, and when the salesperson asks why, say "they didn't look good on my dog"
10. Come in to the drug store looking deppressed. Ask if they have over-the-counter prozac.
18. Stay in the magazine store all siku and read the magazines cover to cover.
19. If wewe are a guy, go in to a womans clothing store, and bring dresses into the dressing room with you. Come out, and in you're most feminie voice say "they just aren't me"
20. Do cartwheels down the main part of the mall.
21. Wear sunglasses, carry a cane, and set up a pot in front of wewe that says "help me, I'm blind" see how much money wewe can get.
22. Test all the matresses and beds.
23. in the department stores. Stir and snore when people walk by.
24. Ask to hold one of the mbwa in the pet store. Let it escape.
25. Go into Pier 1 and ask if they have any big pieces of junk, taka made of straw.
30. Knock over displays.
31. Rock back and forth slowly in front of a security camara.
32. Run around a clothing store and when someone looks at wewe akwardly tell them you're on a plane.
33. Stand around a crowded side of the mall and yell "THE ALIENS ARE COMING THE ALIENS ARE COMING!!!!"
34. Go to a hair salon and claim that the phone wewe bought there didn't work.
35. Go into a phone store, tell them your blender ate your last phone from there.
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