Lol sorry just a story I wrote

Darkness rose out of the ground covering everthing in a two foot radious."Hello" I yelled with the darkness beckoning me. As I stood to my feet as saw him dark blue eyes and dark hair the fell in front of his eyes. I ran towards him but he vanished as I touched him. "No" I whispered to myself. I heard a voice that was unfurmilure. "Come to me" the soft voice said. As a sudden fog disappeared I saw him again. I walked over and put my hand on his arm. "Your real" I muttered.
He gave me a duh look and walked away. I reached my hand out slightly then dropped it back to my side. "Look," he alisema turning to face me " I don't know wewe but yet I feel like I'm supposed to"
The darkness fell to the ground and we were in the forest. I looked at the ground almost in tears. He tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up at him with my eyes wide with fear. He just smiled but it was a beautiful smile. "Let's go on a walked he alisema grabbing my wrist. I just smiled and nodded.
As we walked for almost and saa we found an old house it was a breathtaking sight. "Hey this isn't far from my house its only like maybe a 5 dakika walk" he said. I just reposed I didn't know his name." What's your name" I asked. He looked at me confused." wewe don't know?" He liked. "Not that I know of" I alisema tapping my chin. "Oh right I forgot, " he alisema with a sigh "its Jonathan." "My name's -" he cut me off "its Aliya"
My jaw dropped in awe. "How did wewe know?" "Lucky guess, " he smiled "now let's go." I followed him as he took off running towards the house. "It'd be awesome if I could fix this house up" I thought aloud. I turned around expecting to see Jonathan but I didn't. "Where are you"I called out. "Upstairs" a voice alisema in return. I smiled and ran upstairs and saw Jonathan on a small childlike kitanda with a small picture in his hand. I saw him grinning and I sat beside him. The picture was of a small girl with bleach blond hair and bright hazel eyes with a boy had his black hair covering one of his eyes but the other eyes was dark blue. He put the picture in my lap and alisema "think about those two people." As he walked away a static shock went through My arms until they reached my head.
I collapsed on the floor holding my hands over my ears.
"Aliya" Jonathan yelled falling to the floor beside me. The room soon turned cold. Quickly my hands turned blue-ish and I shivered. Jonathan's eyes widened then he pulled off his shati and pulled me up to him and wrapped his arms around me. A heavy fog blew in and I tripped on Jonathan's shoe and he fell back his arms still wrapped around me and I fell on him. "I'm so sorry Jonathan" I alisema trying to get of but his grip on me tightened. "There's no reason to be.
My eyes grew heavy so I layed Mt head on his chest and fell asleep. I woke up and found myself in a kitanda but this was not my room. At first I just thought Jonathan put me in one of the beds in the worn out house but I was in tiny shorts and a white button up shati on. I gasped and tried to run out the door but it opened it first. A woman with red hair walker in and picked up my clothes that were on the floor. "Hello dear" the woman said. "Hi there, so wewe know where I am" I asked. She handed me the picture with the girl and boy I put in my back pocket. "You're in my house" the woman said. "Mom!" A females voice yelled. A girl my age ran in. "What is it" the woman alisema with a worried look on her face. "Jonathan just collapsed" the girl alisema with fear in her voice. The woman dropped my clothes and we ran to the living room.
And sure enough there was Jonathan on the floor with his hands covering his ears. What sounded like a high pitched scream tang in my ears. "No, nit right now!" I yelled I covered my ears and fell to my knees. When it finally stopped I grabbed Jonathan's leg and was shocked. "Son of a-" I was cut off beacause Jonathan's eyes opened.