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Narrator: Sugar. Spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls, but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Chemical X!
Professor: *Gets moved backwards kwa an explosion, but smiles when he sees what he created*
Narrator: Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil.
Blossom: *Flies through the sky*
Bubbles: *Flying to the right of Blossom*
Buttercup: *Flying to the left of Blossom*
Villains: *Standing together in a red room*
Powerpuff Girls: *Getting ready to attack*
Villains: *Getting ready to attack*

They ran towards each other, but the villains were not going to win, (obviously.)

Blossom: *Punches Mojo Jojo*
Bubbles: *Punches Fuzzy Lumpkins*
Buttercup: *Kicks Him, making two teeth, and blood fly out of his mouth*

The REAL Powerpuff Girls

Episode 8: Wanna Arm Wrestle?

Buttercup: *In her room with Blossom & Bubbles* I wasn't expecting this to occur so soon.
Blossom: Don't worry.
Bubbles: Just enjoy yourself, and think of Mitch Mitchelson.
Buttercup: Right.
Interviewer: *Arrives with the cameraman in a news van*
Buttercup: Wish me luck. *Walks downstairs*

This interview would take place in the dining room. Buttercup sat down at one end of the table. She was facing the interviewer, and the cameraman.

Interviewer: Welcome to STH news with our last installment of interviews with The Powerpuff Girls.
Buttercup: Hi everyone.
Interviewer: We are going to ask Buttercup about her interests, hobbies, hopes & dreams, and her methods to defeating bad guys. So Buttercup, how do wewe take down the bad guys, and various monsters of Townsville?
Buttercup: Brute force baby!
Interviewer: Who do like to fight the most?
Buttercup: My most inayopendelewa villain to fight with has to be Mojo Jojo. Me & my sisters upendo how he keeps thinking that he'll defeat us, and take over the world.
Interview: But every time he fights you, wewe stop him.
Buttercup: Exactly.
Interviewer: What do wewe think about your sisters?
Buttercup: They're cool. We work well together.
Interviewer: Do wewe have a inayopendelewa super power?
Buttercup: Super strength. I can kick people's butts all the way to England. Heading west that is.
Interviewer: Alright, excellent. We'll take a short break, then continue our interview.
Buttercup: Alright.
Cameraman: And we're off the air.
Interviewer: wewe enjoying your interview so far?
Buttercup: Yep.
Interviewer: Good.
Buttercup: I'll be back upstairs until it's time to go back on air.
Interview: Got it.

Buttercup was playing with some of her hotwheels while talking to her sisters.

Blossom: So, how's the interview?
Buttercup: So far, so good.
Bubbles: Did the cameraman break the camera?
Buttercup: Haha, not yet. I don't even think that'll happen.
Blossom: I hope not.

The cameraman walked in.

Cameraman: Buttercup, we're ready for you.
Buttercup: Okay. *Walks back downstairs*
Interviewer: *Drinking a glass of water*
Cameraman: *Gets behind his camera* And we'll be back on air in 5. 4. 3. 2. *Signals the interviewer*
Interviewer: And now, to begin the inayofuata segment of Buttercup's interview. We'll begin kwa covering her hobbies. What do wewe like to do in your spare time Buttercup?
Buttercup: When I'm not fighting bad guys, au villains, I like to play with hot wheels, au monster trucks. I even have a few army guys with tanks, hummers, and jet fighters.
Interviewer: Sick.
Buttercup: You're right it's sick. All I need now are some helicopters.
Interviewer: Do wewe like to play outside?
Buttercup: Of course. Dodge ball is a fun sport to play, but I also like football, because wewe get to tackle people. Also, I like hanging out with Mitch Mitchelson.
Interviewer: Is he your best friend?
Buttercup: Yeah, but one day, I want to be zaidi than Marafiki with him.
Interviewer: Wait a couple of years, then ask him.
Buttercup: I don't think that'll be necessary. He's already watching this right now as we speak. *Waves at the camera* Hi Mitch. See wewe tomorrow. *Blows a kiss at him*

Mitch was watching at his home.

Mitch: Aw Buttercup. wewe know the way to a guy's heart.
Interviewer: How about your hopes & dreams?
Buttercup: Don't need any. I'm enjoying life as it is.
Interviewer: If wewe say so.
Buttercup: I do.
Interviewer: Well in that case, we're going to take another commercial brake.
Buttercup: Time to go back upstairs. *Walks past the camera*
Cameraman: *Stops filming* We're off air.

Buttercup was back downstairs, ready for the final part of her interview.

Cameraman: *Signalling the interviewer*
Interviewer: Welcome back to Buttercup's interview. We have one zaidi topic to cover. Interests. So Buttercup, what do wewe like most about being a Powerpuff Girl?
Buttercup: I get to use my fists. A lot.
Interviewer: Any villains in particular?
Buttercup: Aw man, where do I start? I mentioned Mojo Jojo, that's a fun one. Him's also a good one, but lately I've been getting into Rocko Socko. He thinks he's so tough. Ooh look at me with my gloves. Pfft.
Interviewer: You're known as the tough one, but what about your sensitive side?
Buttercup: *Crosses her arms* What about it?
Interviewer: Uh, nothing. Do wewe worry about injuries?
Buttercup: Nah, and I'll let wewe in on a little secret. Neither does Bubbles.
Bubbles: *Walking downstairs*
Buttercup: When wewe see her doing the dangerous stuff, it's actually me in a blonde wig.
Bubbles: Hey!
Buttercup: *Staring at Bubbles*
Interviewer: wewe and your sisters have cute names. Was it a special moment when the Professor named wewe three?
Buttercup: Not for me. I just got my name because, "it also begins with B."
Interviewer: And that about covers everything. What will wewe do next?
Buttercup: Wanna arm wrestle?
Interviewer: Oh gee, look at the time. We better get going. *Pulls the cameraman, and his camera away*
Buttercup: *Waving to the camera* Goodbye.

After they left, Bubbles walked towards Buttercup.

Bubbles: Why did wewe have to insult me like that Buttercup?
Buttercup: Oh relax. I'll make it up to wewe with a chokoleti bar.
Bubbles: Hooray!
Narrator: Wait a second. Another interview? Are wewe actually going to fight any bad guys, au is this the path we're taking now? Well, at least the siku has been saved, thanks to, interviews! And also....

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The REAL Powerpuff Girls

Starring Catherine Cavadini as Blossom
Tara Strong as Bubbles
E.G. Daily as Buttercup
Tom Kenny as the Narrator and Mitch Mitchelson
Tom Kane as The Interviewer
Sean Bodine as The Cameraman

The End

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