Theme Song

Kevin: *Plays piano*
David: *Playing bass*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Liz: *Plays guitar*
Mr. Nut: *Sings* Welcome everybody to The Nut House. Thankfully this is not in Laos. Come on everybody into The Nut House. wewe can wear anything except for a blouse. Come on everybody, step into The Nut House.
Everyone: The Nut House!

Episode 5: Deck The Halls

Mr. Nut: *Finishes decorating the krisimasi mti in the arcade*
David: There we go. Now everyone that waits for their chakula can enjoy the arcade with some krisimasi spirit.
Mr. Nut: We still need a nyota though.
Liz: Can I be the star?
David: *Laughs* I don't think Mr. Nut would approve.
Mr. Nut: Why not? If she wants to be on juu of the tree, I say let her. Only towards the end of your shift though, because that way, wewe can let David, and myself manage on our own without any problems.
Liz: Okay.

As the three went back to work, Wayne walked in.

Wayne: Another busy night, huh fellas?
David: Yep.
Liz: Want your usual?
Wayne: Sure. *Sees Kevin, and Liam, and walks towards them. He sits down at their table* wewe two sit here a lot. Why don't wewe start dating?
Kevin: Oh, wewe can do better than that.
Liam: I thought you'd stop pointlessly insulting us after we helped wewe stop Parker from running the library.
Wayne: Trust me, I'm very glad wewe stopped Parker from running that place, but I'm still going to insult you.
Kevin: For what reason?
Wayne: *Thinks* I don't know. *Looks at the krisimasi decorations* I'll be back tomorrow. *Leaves*
Liz: *Arrives with chicken wings, and kitunguu rings* Where's Wayne?
Kevin: He left.
Liam: We didn't order anything yet, so we'll take those off your hands.
Liz: Thanks. *Puts the plate down* I'll be back with the check.
Kevin: Before wewe do that, get us some extra fries, and two root beers.
Liz: On it.
Liam: Good call.

After leaving The Nut House, Wayne was watching The Santa Clause with Miss. Heart.

Wayne: Honey.
Miss. Heart: Yes?
Wayne: Do wewe feel like we're lacking any decorations?
Miss. Heart: Not really. Why?
Wayne: *Looks around the house, seeing no krisimasi decorations* If we had any, we would have set them up kwa now. I did tell wewe I was going to The Nut House tomorrow, right?
Miss. Heart: No.
Wayne: Well now I did. wewe wanna jiunge me?
Miss. Heart: I can't. I have the library.
Wayne: Oh. Right. See wewe when wewe get back then.

inayofuata day.

Mr. Nut: *Walks out of his bedroom, and goes to the balcony. He looks down at the many shapes, and inanimate objects enjoying his restaurant, and arcade. He looks to the right, and sees Wayne standing inayofuata to the krisimasi tree*
Wayne: *Takes three silver balls off of the krisimasi tree* There we are. All we need now is a tree.
Mr. Nut: *Walking down the stairs*
Wayne: *Sees Mr. Nut, and puts the silver balls in his pockets*
Mr. Nut: *Arrives* Well, I see wewe like our krisimasi tree.
Wayne: Yes sir, that's a mighty fine tree.
Mr. Nut: *Examines the tree* Hang on. Didn't we put zaidi silver balls on the tree?
Wayne: wewe mean you're missing some?
Mr. Nut: I'll have to talk to David. Perhaps he forgot to put them on.
Wayne: I hope that's the case.

Kevin, and Liam walked in. They sat down at their usual table.

Kevin: For Liz's sake, I hope Wayne doesn't leave right after he orders again.
Wayne: *Passes Kevin, and Liam, and goes through the door*
Liam: Looks like he's not ordering at all.
Mr. Nut: *Stops inayofuata to them* Hello boys. What can I get wewe tonight?
Kevin: Let's try those chicken wings, and kitunguu wings wtih fries again.
Liam: Okay.
Mr. Nut: Coming up.
Kevin: Hey, before wewe go, how long has Wayne been here?
Mr. Nut: I don't know. Last time I saw him, he was looking at the mti in the arcade.
Kevin: He left without ordering anything.
Mr. Nut: *Puts his hand on his chin as he thinks*
Liam: Are wewe thinking what we're thinking Mr. Nut?
Mr. Nut: Maybe. I'll double check with David first, then we'll talk to Wayne.

Mr. Nut sat down at Kevin, and Liam's table.

Mr. Nut: David put them all out. It was Wayne.
Kevin: We need to stop him in the act.
Liam: We're not here everyday, but you, David, and Liz can take turns at watching out for him.
Mr. Nut: We will do that.

Wayne returned to his house.

Wayne: *Puts the silver balls on a shelf above the fireplace* Once we get a tree, we'll have these three become the first decorations to go on it.
Miss. Heart: Where did wewe get them?
Wayne: I found them. What else do wewe want to ask me?
Miss. Heart: Oh nothing. I'll be waiting for wewe in bed. Don't disappoint me.
Wayne: I'll be there soon. I just need to plan what else we need.

inayofuata morning.

Mr. Nut: Wayne could come back any minute. We will take turns watching the decorations in this arcade, and make sure that he doesn't take anymore. I will take the first shift.
David: Okay.
Liz: Let's get ready for work then.

Mr. Nut waited, and waited. He sat in a chair for one hour, and Wayne didn't arrive. He even spent the sekunde saa of his shift playing Tetris on a gameboy.

David: *Steps in front of Mr. Nut* hujambo boss.
Mr. Nut: *Stops the game* Yes?
David: Liz suggested that I take over for you.
Mr. Nut: Oh, thank wewe David. *Stands up, and walks away*
David: *Sits down in the chair*

But David got bored after 30 minutes, and was playing Fast & Furious Super Cars.

Wayne: *Walks in, and looks at the dozens of shapes, and inanimate objects sitting at tables, eating* It should be busy here today. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. *Walks to the arcade*
Liz: *Walks out of the kitchen, and puts a plate of pancakes down on a table* Enjoy your pancakes. *Spots Wayne*
Wayne: *Sees David playing F&F Super Cars* zaidi decorations are mine. *Sees a krisimasi banner*
Liz: *Sees David* Come on David, turn around. He's right there! *Walks closer to the arcade*
Wayne: *Puts his hands on the banner* This will be a merry krisimasi after all.
David: *Sees a reflection on the screen of his game, and turns around* Wayne!!
Wayne: *Takes the banner, and runs*
Liz: *Trips him*
Mr. Nut: *Comes out of his room, and looks down at Wayne* Well done David, and Liz.
Wayne: What do wewe want?!
David: We want all of the decorations wewe took from us.
Wayne: Those three silver balls? What for?!
Liz: If wewe wanted them, wewe should have asked us.
Mr. Nut: *Stops inayofuata to Liz* If wewe don't give us those decorations back, I will call the police.
Wayne: Fine wewe can have your stupid decorations back.
Mr. Nut: Thank you. Now put that banner back up.
Wayne: Okay.

Ending Theme: link

End Credits

Mr. Nut: *Turns on the closed sign* Closing time.
Parker: Just one zaidi minute!
Mr. Nut: No Parker, it's time to go.
Kevin: *Helps Parker to the door* Come on Parker.
Parker: No!!!!
David: *Shakes his head no*
Mr. Nut: See wewe later fellas.
Kevin: *Jumps, and his name appears below him*
David: *Confused, he also jumps, but his name does not appear* Huh, weird. *His name falls on the ground inayofuata to him* Oh cool. *Grabs his name, but it goes up very quickly, taking him along the way*
Liam: *Looks up at David* Where's he going? *His name appears from the bottom, and gets under Liam's feet, also taking him up to the sky* Whoa. Cool!!
Liz: *Looking up at Liam* Have fun not being able to breath. *Gets hit in the head kwa her name*
Wayne: *Looks at Liz, and laughs, but he gets hit from the front kwa his name*
Miss. Heart: Uh oh. *Also gets hit kwa her name*
Parker: Everyone's either gone, au beaten up kwa floating names. I can go in. *Sees his name on the door* When did that get there?.. Maybe I can wait until tomorrow to come back. *Leaves*
Mr. Nut: *Goes upstairs to his room, and gets into his bed. He turns off the lights*

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