9/11 was a true tragedy for females. So many woman Lost there lives, and there husbands.. And who was responsible? MEN! Males destroyed the world trade centre cause deep down inside, they all have the mind set of barbarians. As a female, I’m glad our brains have developed to recognize good and evil.

Fuck ghost stories! I am a atheist! I don’t believe in your BS! God isn’t real! Ghosts aren’t real! None of it is real! I wish there was a God for people like this, so they can go to hell for constantly trying to push there agenda on me! I WILL NEVER BELIEVE! EVER! SO STOP!!

Another reporter was killed today. I think the only solution is to create a Muslim holocaust. Put them in construction camps, and exterminate them from this world!

Saw my son’s penis at a scan today. #Impressed #Proud

I upendo jealous aggressive guys. That’s right. Beat me. Push me. Get in my face! Don’t ignore my arguments, argue back. Even if your wrong, win the argument. I’m a strong minded stubborn girl, and if wewe let me walk all over wewe I will. No girl wants a emotionally weak man. She wants a man who can put her in her place!

If being Gay is natural, where are the gay babies!?

I need a man I can worship like a god. I mean this very literary. One who can change my believes, my whatever!

Soooooo, I just read the back of a chokoleti bar, alisema “made with maziwa from apps”.. I thought came from cows!?

Sometimes I upendo him. But sometimes I want to comp off his dick and laugh.

This is PSA to men. When we say something and wewe disagree pretend to agree anyway. Cause when we hear “no your wrong” we get scared. With the amount of rape culture, we take it as a sign that your silencing us. And if wewe continue to do so just cause wewe arrogantly believe woman are wrong, than it’s a slippery slope to Misogyny and abuse.