This is a My Little gppony, pony shabiki fiction. If wewe do not like talking farasi that come in multiple colors, please run away for your life.

Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! Pingas!

The mduara, duara comes in from the right. When it stops, a bolt of lightning appears, followed kwa the name, WindWakerGuy430

The shabiki fiction begins with a school bus stopping at a small intersection in Frenchtown. Frenchtown is ten miles west of Ponyville.

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Windwakerguy430 shabiki Fiction


Ponies: *Getting off the bus*

Starring three news OC's from SeanTheHedgehog

Guy, Harrison, and Tate

Also starring Colgate as Guy's mom
Vinyl Scratch as Camryn
Erik Estrada as the principal
Master Sword, and Rio as the bullies

Harrison: *Walking slower than the other ponies from the bus, and goes to the right, in a driveway*

At the end of the driveway was the back entrance of a clothing store. To the left was a storage shed, kwa a beige wall.

Harrison: *Walks past the shed, and goes up a flight of stairs set up outside inayofuata to the clothing store. He then looks at a door to the right, and knocks*
Guy: *Opens up the door* Harrison?
Harrison: Guy.
Guy: Hey, good to see wewe again, come on in.
Harrison: *Enters the apartment, and closes the door*
Guy: *Sitting at a meza, jedwali with Harrison* Do wewe want anything? A drink? A snack? Chips?
Harrison: Not yet. I just came down to tell wewe some good news.
Guy: Good news, eh? Let me hear it.
Harrison: The principal says we're getting two new students from Hunterdon Central.
Guy: Sounds wonderful. I can't wait to onyesha them around.
Harrison: Sorry buddy, I've been asked to onyesha them around. Why don't wewe enjoy your usual leisurely lunches with Camryn?
Guy: Ha.
Harrison: So what do wewe want to do today?
Guy: I made plans to visit Tate.
Harrison: Aw come on.
Guy: What?
Harrison: You've got better things to do than to play with a 3 mwaka old. *Laughs* I'm just kidding. Go on, and have fun. I'll see wewe Tuesday.
Guy: Got it. *Stands up with Harrison*

They walk out at the same time.

Harrison: *Closes the door*
Guy: *Walks down the stairs with Harrison* Enjoy President's Day.
Harrison: wewe too. *Turns left, and goes through an alley*

At Tate's house, Guy sat down with him, and played legos.

Tate: *Building a train station* Uh, Guy? Where's my mom?
Guy: She went to get groceries. She'll be back. How's everything going at your school?
Tate: Good. How's yours?
Guy: It's great. This week, instead of having just Saturday, and Sunday off, I have tomorrow, and Monday off as well.
Tate: Wow.
Guy: And my friend told me that two students are coming to our school from another place.
Tate: Where are they coming from?
Guy: Hunterdon Central in Ponyville.

Just then, Guy's cellphone vibrated.

Guy: *Looks at the phone*
Tate: What is it Guy?
Guy: *Reading a text* It's from my mom. She wants me nyumbani for chajio, chakula cha jioni soon. *Replies to the text*

Half an saa later

Mom: *Puts her dinner, and Guy's chajio, chakula cha jioni on the table. They are both having meatloaf with a salad* So, how was Tate?
Guy: He's good. How was work?
Mom: It was wonderful. What did wewe do in school today?
Guy: Oh, not much. In Employment Transition, we're looking for a place that will hire us to work.
Mom: Where do wewe want to work?
Guy: I've aliyopewa it a lot of thought. wewe know that autoshop I pass to go to school?
Mom: The one on Route 12?
Guy: That's the one. I've been thinking about going there to be a mechanic.
Mom: How wonderful.
Guy: *Nods* I've been learning a lot from the autotech class I take since I joined Ponytech. I think I have what it takes.
Mom: Then, good luck to you.
Guy: Thanks. Let's eat.

They began to eat their dinner.

Today was the siku that Harrison was inaonyesha the new students around.

Harrison: So, wewe two are from Central.
Rio: That's right.
Master Sword: Hunterdon Central.
Harrison: Well, as I understand, Central is a big school.
Master Sword: Hunterdon Central!!
Rio: Cool it Sword.
Rio: *To Harrison* Anyway, I thought Hunterdon Central was so big, it was like Neigh York City. Half of the school is divided kwa a stream. I always liked to think that was the Hudson River.
Harrison: And the two bridges were the Manehattan, and Brooklyn Bridge.
Rio: Yeah. *Laughs* I can tell we're gonna get along just fine.
Harrison: Yeah, Del Val isn't as big as Central, but we got a lot of friendly ponies here. Also, there's no bullying aloud. Everyone here takes it very seriously.
Rio: Oh, I wouldn't dream of it. *Smiling at Master Sword*

Later at lunch, Master Sword, and Rio sat at a meza, jedwali kwa their selves.

Harrison: *Sitting inayofuata to Guy* There's the new ponies. They're sitting all kwa their selves.
Guy: That's a shame.
Harrison: They seem like really nice ponies too.
Guy: Let's invite them to our table. We have three empty seats. I'm sure they'll come sit with us.
Harrison: But Guy, those special ed ponies inayofuata to us need you. Jason needs the goodbye song, Daniel needs to see skittles on google, and Kevin-
Guy: I'll be right back. This won't take long. *Gets up, and walks to Master Sword, and Rio*
Master Sword: What do wewe think of this place so far?
Rio: Crap. Our very first siku here, and already, we have a delayed opening.
Master Sword: It didn't effect us really. We had to travel here from Ponyville, after our parents decided to move.

Guy arrived, but he wanted to wait for them to finish their conversation.

Rio: Why did yours move?
Master Sword: Business. They got a promotion, and had to songesha here.
Rio: My parents decided we needed a change of scenery. Couldn't we have waited until the school mwaka finished? If not, we could have at least gone to Pennsylvania.
Guy: Excuse me.
Master Sword & Rio: What?
Guy: I was wondering, if wewe two would like to come sit at my table.
Rio: A stallion with a mare's looks.
Master Sword: No thanks. Get out of here.
Guy: *Walks away* That's never happened to me before. What's their problem?
Master Sword: Pennsylvania?!
Rio: Hey, I'd just be right across the river from you, that's all. I'd just have to walk half a mile, depending on where I live.
Master Sword: wewe still didn't get your license?
Rio: No, the instructor failed me, because I hit a curb. I think the test is rigged.

Back at Guy's meza, jedwali

Harrison: They alisema that to you?
Guy: *Nods*
Harrison: What the hell?
Guy: Don't say that Harrison. Not here.
Harrison: They got along with me without any problems. Why did they say that to you?
Guy: *Sighs* I don't know. After lunch, I'll talk to the principal.

After eating his lunch, Guy went to talk to the principal.

Erik: *Waiting for Guy to enter his office*
Guy: *Enters* Hello Principal Estrada.
Erik: Guy, please sit down.
Guy: *Sits down*
Erik: I understand wewe wanted to see me.
Guy: That's right. Something happened in the cafeteria.
Erik: Tell me about it.
Guy: Those two students that transferred here from Hunterdon Central, I offered them a spot at my lunch table, but they weren't polite about it.
Erik: Would wewe like to tell me what they said?
Guy: They told me that I looked like a mare, and told me to go away. I know my face looks feminine, but their maoni was very disrespectful.
Erik: I see. Let me talk to them, and I'll straighten everything out.
Guy: Okay. May I get going to Employment Transition?
Erik: Yes, go right ahead. They're going to teach wewe how to make resumes, right?
Guy: Yeah, and how to act during an interview. I don't want to miss out on that.
Erik: Go for it.
Guy: Thank you. *Gets up, and goes to his inayofuata class*

After talking to Guy, Master Sword, and Rio were called down to the principal's office, but they had to wait kwa the secretary's desk.

Rio: *Playing with his hat* Ugh!
Master Sword: What is taking so long?!
Secretary: Principal Estrada is in a meeting with one of the teachers. wewe must wait.
Erik: Okay, send them in.
Secretary: wewe may go.
Master Sword: *Follows Rio to Erik's office*

They sat in front of Erik in his office.

Erik: Now, I understand wewe two are new here, but there are some things wewe need to know.
Master Sword: Why are we here?
Erik: wewe were rude to somepony offering wewe to sit with him during lunch.
Rio: The stallion with the mare's face.
Erik: His name is Guy.
Master Sword: Whatever.
Erik: Listen, we do not tolerate bullying here at all.
Rio: Are wewe sure? *Takes out five hundred dollars*
Erik: Where did wewe get that?
Rio: My mom works at the hospital in Ponyville. They pay her twice this amount for three hours of work.
Erik: That's nice, but I don't want it.
Rio: Of course wewe don't. wewe want more.
Erik: No! I don't want any of it!
Master Sword: Everypony has his limit.
Rio: How many zeros do wewe want to see on these bills?
Erik: No! Put it away!
Rio: *Puts the money away*
Erik: I'm going to suspend wewe for that. Don't come back tomorrow, au Thursday, both of you. If wewe ever bully Guy, au another student, you'll make things much worse for yourselves. Now go wait at Study Hall while I call your parents to pick wewe up.
Master Sword: Uh, speaking of pick up, I have my own car, plus a driver's license. Can I drive here?
Erik: Only if wewe improve your behavior.
Master Sword: Okay.
Rio: Come on, let's go. *Leaves with Master Sword*

The cafeteria was where study hall took place when Master Sword, and Rio got there.

Rio: Now this is really crap.
Master Sword: Think of it this way. We have two days off, and then just one zaidi day, and then we have the weekend.
Rio: Well, when wewe put it that way, it's kind of like we're being rewarded for bullying that mare faced stallion. What was his name, Guy?
Master Sword: Forget it, let's call him gay. He's not the reason we got suspended, it's because of wewe trying to bribe Principal Estrada.

Someone shouted their names.

Rio: Looks like our parents are here.
Master Sword: How are your parents going to act?
Rio: They might ground me until my suspension is over. Yours?
Master Sword: I don't think they'll let me drive my car.

Their names were shouted out loud again.

Rio: Alright, let's go. *Stands up with Master Sword, and goes out of study hall*
Guy: *In Principal Estrada's office*
Erik: The two ponies have been suspended. They won't be back until Friday. That should give them enough time to think about what they did, but if they still give wewe any problems, you're always welcome to come tell me.
Guy: Thank you.

Back at home, Guy had hot mbwa for chajio, chakula cha jioni with his mom.

Mom: How was school?
Guy: Good, though there were two ponies that just transferred to the school.
Mom: Where did they come from?
Guy: Hunterdon Central. I guess that's why they decided to be mean to me when I offered a kiti, kiti cha for them at my lunch table.
Mom: Oh. Did wewe tell the principal?
Guy: Yes.
Mom: Good. Let's hope they learn their lesson.

After talking about the two ponies Guy just met, they continued eating their dinner.

Friday. Master Sword, and Rio were sitting together in Study Hall, inayofuata to a big window, where no one could hear them.

Rio: Now, to discuss business.
Master Sword: We've talked to nearly every teacher, and they say Guy is their favorite. Do wewe think they'll accept any bribes?
Rio: If it's high enough. The janitors, I know will be easy to bribe, but the teachers, and that principal will be difficult.
Master Sword: How much do wewe think we'll need?
Rio: For the janitors, two hundred will convince them to be quiet. The teachers, and principals however, will need at least a hundred thousand.
Master Sword: That's a lot. Can we do it?
Rio: Have wewe seen the load of money we got from selling our house in Ponyville?

Meanwhile in Biology, Guy was with Harrison, and Camryn after they finished their work.

Harrison: That was extremely difficult.
Camryn: I didn't have any trouble.
Guy: I sekunde that. *Sarcastic* Harrison is just very stupid.
Harrison: Says the stallion who got insulted for inviting two ponies to sit with him at lunch.
Camryn: What?
Guy: Harr, I was being sarcastic.
Harrison: I know. So was I.

Guy's nickname for Harrison, although it's spelled Harr, its pronounced the same as Hair.

When school ended, Guy was driving his car home.

Rio: *On a bus with Master Sword* hujambo Sword, look.
Master Sword: What is it?
Rio: Look who's behind us.
Master Sword: *Sees Guy in his car behind his bus* That's Guy.
Rio: I thought we were calling him gay.
Master Sword: Right, whatever. Now if we had a parking space in the school parking lot, we could tail him home, and trash the place.
Rio: And him.
Master Sword: That too. Let's start bribing everypony on Monday.

On Sunday, Rio went to visit Master Sword. He was carrying white saddlebags.

Rio: *Knocking on the door*
Master Sword: Come in.
Rio: *Walks into the house*
Master Sword: What are wewe doing with those?
Rio: *Walks to a table* What does it look like I'm doing stupid?
Master Sword: Carrying them.
Rio: Exactly. *Sets it down the table* But now I'm not carrying them anymore. Do wewe know why?
Master Sword: Rio, treat me like an idiot later. wewe alisema wewe had something important.
Rio: That's right, I do. *Opens his left saddlebag, and pulls out a money maker*
Master Sword: *Looks at it* What is that?
Rio: I'll onyesha you. *Puts in a piece of paper*

Four Fifty dollar bills came out from the right.

Rio: Depending on what kind of bills we want, the money comes out of either the left, au right. The left side is for 20 dollar bills, au lower. Everything else comes out of the right.
Master Sword: When it comes to printing out the money, does it vary on how big the paper is?
Rio: That's right. If you're able to, get as much paper as wewe can from the school. Let them pay for the chanzo of our income.
Master Sword: How did wewe get this?
Rio: I built it myself.

Harrison, and Camryn were visiting Guy. They were sitting in front of the TV watching Bonanza.

Camryn & Guy: *Kissing*
Harrison: I thought wewe two were gonna watch the show.
Camryn: We are.
Harrison: How much longer are wewe going to do that?
Guy: I don't know.
Camryn: This isn't what we originally had planned.
Guy: When wewe asked to come visit me at the same time Camryn did, I thought we'd just have fun, but things seem to be going towards the romantic side instead.
Harrison: No kidding.
Guy: Let's turn the TV off. Wanna go to the park?
Harrison: Sure.
Camryn: Yeah.
Harrison: *Turns off the TV*

They spent the rest of the afternoon having fun hanging out at the park.

At the park, Guy, Harrison, and Camryn were enjoying the peace, and quiet. It was cold, so they were wearing jackets.

Harrison: Still thinking about those bullies?
Guy: Not really. How come you're asking me about them?
Harrison: They were pretty nice to me. I think maybe, I could find out why they started picking on you.
Guy: Okay. I'd like to be Marafiki with them.
Camryn: After what they did to you?
Guy: It wasn't serious. They just alisema a couple of things.
Harrison: Hey, maybe they were in a bad mood when wewe went up to them.
Guy: Quite possible.

On Monday, when Harrison was walking down a hallway, he saw Master Sword, and Rio.

Harrison: hujambo wewe two.
Rio: *Happy* Hey, there he is! *Hoofbumps Harrison* What's happening buddy?
Harrison: I'm having a good day. How about wewe two?
Master Sword: I'm fine.
Harrison: Listen, do wewe mind if I ask wewe two a question?
Rio: Shoot.
Harrison: There's a gppony, pony I met named Guy. Do wewe know him?
Rio: Does he look like a mare?
Harrison: If you're talking about his face, yeah.
Master Sword: Does he have an old car?
Harrison: Oldest one in the lot.
Rio: Yeah, we know him.
Master Sword: Don't tell me you're Marafiki with that faggot.
Harrison: Who me? Of course not.

Harrison was lying, but neither of the stallions knew this.

Rio: Good.
Master Sword: That guy looks so ridiculous.
Rio: I bet he does ridiculous things too.
Harrison: Like watching My Little Human?
Master Sword: *Laughing* Yeah, I bet he does watch that show. I knew a gppony, pony who kept watching that, and would not stop talking about it, let alone the American Mares movies.
Harrison: If he had a special somepony, what do wewe think she would look like?
Rio: Like a stallion.
Master Sword: *Laughing* When it comes to his special somepony, what's the difference?!
Harrison: *Laughing* Oh boy. wewe two are so funny, but I have to get going.
Rio: Going?
Master Sword: Where to? Hang out with us in the cafeteria until the first kengele rings.
Harrison: There's a bad punda teacher I wanna talk to, he's really awesome.
Rio: What's his name?
Harrison: Mr. Volpone, the best English teacher ever. Rio: I don't have him.
Master Sword: Neither do I.
Harrison: Are wewe both seniors?
Rio: Yes.
Harrison: Well, looks like you're missing out on a good experience. When wewe get the chance, go to room D119, and talk to him. He's awesome.
Master Sword: Will do.
Harrison: *Leaves*
Master Sword: And now to begin Operation Zero.

Operation Zero is their plan to make a lot of money to bribe the teachers.

When first period began, Master Sword, and Rio began Operation Zero.

Master Sword: *Goes to a desk, and takes ten pieces of paper*
Teacher: What are wewe doing?
Master Sword: wewe don't mind if I take this paper, do you?
Teacher: Of course not, go right ahead.
Master Sword: Thank you.

During study hall, they sat near the windows so no one could hear them.

Rio: How many pieces of paper did wewe get?
Master Sword: I got over 70.
Rio: Nice. I got 75.
Master Sword: Now we can get to the inayofuata step of Operation Zero.
Rio: The money making.

Song: link

Master Sword: *Putting the paper in the money maker*
Rio: *Hits a button, and one hundred dollar bills come flying out*
Master Sword: *Bribing a science teacher*
Rio: *Giving a math teacher $50,000*
Master Sword: *Giving two janitors a hundred dollars each*
Rio: *Taking paper out of a printer in an empty room*
Master Sword: *Taking paper out of a printer in the library, and putting them into his saddlebags*
Rio: *Puts the paper in his money maker, and watches as zaidi 100 dollar bills fly out*
Master Sword: *Catching the money with a leather bag*

The inayofuata siku

Master Sword: *Gives Principal Estrada $100,000*
Erik: *Impressed*

After bribing the principal, Master Sword was able to do zaidi things, like get a parking space so he could drive to and from school in his white Suburban. He chose a parking space behind Guy's car.

Guy: *Walking out of his car*
Master Sword: *Kicks Guy onto the ground*
Rio: *Kicking Guy in the face several times*
Guy: *His face is covered in blood, and bruises as he talks to Principal Estrada*
Erik: *Shakes his head no*
Guy: *Talking to a teacher*
Teacher: *Shakes her head no*
Guy: *Talking to the janitors*
Janitors: *Shake their heads no*
Guy: *Talking to zaidi teachers*
Teachers: *Walking away from Guy*
Guy: *Hits the ukuta in frustration*
Master Sword & Rio: *Taking zaidi paper out from an empty classroom*

They made zaidi money, and finished bribing all of the teachers.

The song fades away as everything dissolves to Guy walking with Harrison, and Camryn on a bridge going over the Delamare River.

Harrison: Nopony is doing anything?
Guy: I talked to Estrada, the teachers, even the janitors. They're denying everything, and letting those two get away with it.
Harrison: I found out why they're doing it.
Guy: Why?
Harrison: They think you're gay.
Guy: What?
Harrison: They also don't believe that wewe have a special somepony.
Camryn: That's ridiculous. They should have at least seen him with me once.
Harrison: Did wewe talk to your mom about it?
Guy: No. It's a possibility that she won't be able to do anything, if no one at school will do anything.
Camryn: Let's change the subject to something positive.
Guy: Alright. What's on your mind?
Camryn: The farewell February party.
Harrison: Are wewe going?
Guy: Yeah we are. What about you?
Harrison: Of course. I won't have a tarehe with me, but I'll still be there dancing, and maybe that might get me a date.
Guy: zaidi power to wewe then.
Harrison: Thanks.
Guy: Okay, we've reached Pennsylvania. Wanna turn back?
Harrison & Camryn: Sure.

Turning around, Guy, and his two Marafiki started heading back to Frenchtown.

Master Sword was with Rio at his house.

Rio: Okay, we bribed all of the teachers. What should we do next?
Master Sword: They're letting us bully Guy, so let's keep doing it.
Rio: All we've been doing is calling him Gay, and hitting him. There must be something else we should do.
Master Sword: How about we trash his car?
Rio: Nah, we can't do that. We'll be sent to jail, and we won't be able to do anything to him.
Master Sword: I think I got something.
Rio: What?
Master Sword: Cyber bully him.
Rio: Okay. We'll keep posting negative maoni on his Facebook page.
Master Sword: If he has a twitter, I'll spam a lot of hate onto his wall.
Rio: Wonderful. Oh, I thought of something else.
Master Sword: What?
Rio: The farewell February party.
Master Sword: What about it?
Rio: If he does have a special somepony, we can beat the both of them up.
Master Sword: I upendo it. Let's do it!

Song: link

On a road going downhill was a purple Plymouth Cuda. It was being followed kwa a black Chrysler 300.

The two cars were in Gran Turismo 6. Guy was driving the Cuda, and Harrison had the 300. Camryn was playing, but Lost the last race, allowing Guy to take over.

Stop the song.

Camryn: Come on Guy, beat him.
Harrison: wewe better kuvuka, msalaba that finish line before I pass you.
Guy: That won't be a problem. *Turning right, and goes through a tunnel, going up a hill*
Camryn: Sorry Harrison, wewe won't be able to catch him now.
Harrison: I know.
Guy: *Wins*
Harrison: Goddammit. *Checks his phone* I gotta go home.
Camryn: Yeah, me too.
Guy: Okay wewe two. See wewe at school.
Camryn: wewe got it.

That night, Guy was in his room.

Guy: *Frowning as he looks at his laptop screen*
Mom: *Enters the room*
Guy: *Looks at mom* Hey.
Mom: Everything okay?
Guy: Yes. Why?
Mom: wewe seem upset.
Guy: Do I?
Mom: Yes. Do wewe wanna talk about it?
Guy: No thank you.
Mom: Okay. *Leaves the room*
Guy: *Puts his headphones on*

Guy went onto youtube, and started listening to the muziki on this video: link

On another tab, he was looking at his facebook, and twitter account. Master Sword, and Rio ilitumwa over twenty terrible things on his accounts.

Guy: *Looking at the comments, and starts typing*

Why are wewe two bothering me? I haven't done anything.

Guy: *Looks at a reply from Rio*

Because wewe suck. Nopony likes you.

Guy: *With his headphones still on, he grabs a pencil with a piece of paper, and starts writing*

As he wrote on the paper, a tear came out of his eye, and fell above where it alisema dear mom.

inayofuata day, Guy was visiting Tate again.

Guy: Tate, how's everything going for wewe buddy?
Tate: Okay. How about you?
Guy: *Looks down at the Legos they're playing with* Not too good.
Tate: Why not?
Guy: I'm having trouble with a couple of bullies. Do wewe know what those are?
Tate: No.
Guy: Good. They're not nice ponies. I hope wewe don't ever meet one. *Moving a Lego gppony, pony towards a bridge, and pushes him off*

The days passed. Master Sword, and Rio kept bullying Guy, on the internet, and in real life. Then, March 1 arrived. They siku of The farewell February party.

Song: link

Guy: *Walks into the school with Camryn*
gppony, pony 77: Hello wewe two. Did wewe arrive in one car, au two?
Guy: Two. *Pays for both parking spaces*
gppony, pony 77: Have fun inside.
Guy: *Walks side kwa side with Camryn into the gym, where the party is taking place*
Harrison: *In front of three mares* hujambo ladies. wewe like basketball? *While looking at them, he grabs a mpira wa kikapu from the bucket inayofuata to him, and throws one into the hoop*
Mare 2: Nothing but net.
Mare 1: Nice.
Harrison: wewe know what else is nice?
Guy: hujambo Harr!
Harrison: Hold that thought. *Walks away* Guy, what's up?
Guy: Oh, not much.
Camryn: We just got here.
Harrison: Well wewe kinda caught me at a bad time. I'm luring these three mares into a trap. A good one.
Guy: A good trap?
Camryn: I didn't know those existed.
Guy: But don't let us stop you. We'll go somewhere else.

Guy, and Camryn decided to go onto the dance floor. As they started dancing, Master Sword, and Rio walked in.

Rio: *Sees Camryn dancing with Guy* Damn. See who he's dancing with?
Master Sword: Now how can we bully him for that? His special somepony has a nice face, a nice plot, a nice everything!
Rio: Let me handle this. wewe just wait here.
Guy & Camryn: *Dancing in the middle of a crowd of ponies, circling them as they cheer*
Rio: *Pulls Camryn away from Guy* How about dancing with a real stallion?
Camryn: I was. Get lost.
Rio: *Slaps Camryn*
Ponies: Whoa.
Guy: *Pulls Rio away from Camryn* That's enough. Camryn, wewe okay?
Camryn: Let's get outta here.
Guy: Okay. *Leaves with Camryn*
Rio: *Returns to Master Sword*
Master Sword: Nice genius, now they're leaving. wewe barely did anything.
Rio: What are wewe saying?
Master Sword: I'm saying wewe blew it. Also, I think the bribes we gave to those teachers are wearing off. We won't have much time to bully Guy without having to bribe them again.
Rio: I have another idea, come with me. *Runs out of the gym*
Master Sword: *Following Rio* I hope this is better than your other plan.

Outside of the school, Guy was talking to Camryn as he stood inayofuata to her car.

Guy: I'm sorry this happened.
Camryn: It's not your fault. I'll see wewe later. *Backs up, then drives away*
Rio: hujambo Gay.
Guy: *Turns around, and looks at Rio with Master Sword* What do wewe want?
Master Sword: This. *Kicks Guy onto the ground*
Rio: *Kicks Guy as well* We were gonna beat up your special somepony too, but she was lucky enough to get away before we had the chance. *Kicks Guy again*

They kept kicking him, but then...

Song: link

Guy: OKAY!! *Stands up* Maybe wewe don't like me! I don't mind that, but it's the insults, and beating me up that I do mind! What do wewe want me to do, huh?! wewe want me to kill myself?!!?
Master Sword & Rio: *Staying silent*
Guy: Fine! *Gets into his car, starts it, and drives away*
Harrison: *Arrives, and sees Guy driving away* hujambo Guy? GUY!! *Runs, but stops when he sees Guy turn left*

Stop the song

Harrison: *Walks over to Master Sword, and Rio* Okay, what have wewe done to him?
Rio: You're telling me he's your friend?
Harrison: Yes. If wewe got a problem with that, you're not as cool as I thought wewe were. Guy is a wonderful pony.
Master Sword: He alisema he was going to kill himself.
Harrison: What?
Rio: He's telling the truth. Guy alisema he was going to kill himself.
Harrison: *Runs back to the school*
Master Sword: Come on, let's make sure he really does kill himself. *Runs with Rio into his Suburban, and drives out of the school parking lot*
Harrison: *Enters Erik's office* Principal Estrada, we have a problem!
Erik: What's wrong?
Harrison: Guy's going to kill himself.
Erik: Where did he go?
Harrison: I don't know, I saw him take a left when he got out of the parking lot.
Erik: All right, calm down. The police will get him. *Calling the police on his phone*

Song: link

Guy: *Passing a small airport*
Master Sword: *Driving fast, in an attempt to find Guy*
Erik: That's right. A 1981 Chrysler Newport, in red, with the license plates, F86-ORT.
Dispatch: All units, we have a gppony, pony attempting to commit suicide, victim is driving a red Chrysler, license plates are F86-ORT.
Nikki: *Driving a police car* Officer West responding, driver just passed Sky Manor Airport, now travelling southbound.
Guy: *Looks in his rear view mirror, and sees a white Suburban*
Master Sword: *Spots Guy's car* There he is.
Guy: *Floors it*
Nikki: He's increasing speed, I'm gonna try to get him to stop. *Following Guy*
Master Sword: *Following Guy, and the police pony*
Guy: *Going down a hill, and passes a stop sign*
Nikki: *Following Guy*
Rio: Don't get too close, otherwise we'll get in trouble.
Master Sword: It's fine, I know what I'm doing.
Nikki: *Puts on her police lights, and talks into a loudspeaker on her car* Guy? This is the police. Please pull over. We want to help you.
Guy: Oh great. zaidi trouble. *Going faster*
Master Sword: That gives me an idea. *Getting closer to the police officer*
Rio: What are wewe doing?!
Master Sword: You'll see.
Nikki: Dispatch, he's not stopping. I'm gonna need a roadblock on-
Master Sword: *Pushes Nikki off the road*
Nikki: *Crashes into a tree*
Dispatch: West? West! Are wewe still there?
Nikki: *Grabs the receiver for her radio* Someone pushed me off the road. I couldn't see who it was. I need a tow truck, and another unit.
Dispatch: Ten-4.
Master Sword: Now it's just me, and Guy. *Getting closer to his car*
Rio: *Sees a deer crossing the road between him, and Guy* Watch it!
Master Sword: Ah! *Spins out of control, and turns left onto a different road*
Rio: Stop the car!
Master Sword: *Stops* We Lost him, but we'll find him.

Stop the song, and play this one. (Start it at 7:04): link

It was night time when Guy entered Ponyville, and on Highway 202, he parked his car on a bridge.

Guy: *Walks out of his car. On it's dashboard is the note he wrote, with the tear kwa Dear Mom* Nopony cares for me anymore. *Climbs up onto the bridge, and looks down at the railroad tracks below him* When a train comes, that's when I jump.
Nikki: *Sitting inayofuata to a police gppony, pony driving another car*
Railroad Pony: *Driving a fast freight train*
Guy: *Hears the train's horn*
Master Sword: *Enters Ponyville with Rio*
Guy: *Sees the lights of the train*
Railroad gppony, pony 2: hujambo wait a second, there's a gppony, pony on juu of the bridge.
Railroad Pony: Yeah, I see him I see him.
Guy: *Sweating as he takes a deep breath*
Railroad gppony, pony 2: What the hell is he doing up there?
Nikki: There, I see him.
Police Pony: *Turns on his police lights*
Guy: I know I'll be doing everypony a favor for this. *Jumps off*
Nikki: NO!!!
Railroad gppony, pony 2: Oh shit!
Railroad Pony: *Applies the brakes, but as soon as Guy lands on the tracks, the train hits him*

Stop the song

Railroad Pony: *Stops the train, with the locomotives on a small bridge*
Railroad gppony, pony 2: *Talking on the radio* NS 151, a gppony, pony just jumped off a bridge, and got hit kwa our train. We stopped in Ponyville.
Dispatch: Ten-4, as soon as the situation is clear, get going.
Railroad gppony, pony 2: Copy.

Guy's mom was at nyumbani when she got a call.

Mom: *Grabs her cell phone* Hello?.... What?!?!

She came to Ponyville as fast as she could in her Cadillac. kwa that time, five police cars, and an ambulance, magari ya wagonjwa were there. The right lane on the highway was closed off, for safety reasons.

Harrison, Camryn, and Erik were also there. They took Harrison's 300.

Harrison: Ms. Macintyre!
Mom: What happened to my son?!
Nikki: I'm sorry ma'am, but he jumped off the bridge, and got struck kwa a train.
Mom: No!!
Master Sword: *Passing kwa the scene* Well, looks like we succeeded.
Rio: *Nods with a smile on his face*
Master Sword: *Drives away*
Hospital Pony: When will the helicopter be here?
Hospital gppony, pony 2: Give me about 30 seconds. I'm almost there.
Erik: I'm responsible for this.
Camryn: Why?
Erik: Master Sword, and Rio, they bribed me, as well as the other teachers. I'm willing to accept any punishment wewe have for me.
Police gppony, pony 36: Alright, let's go talk about that somewhere else. *Takes Erik with him*
Mom: Who's Master Sword, and Rio?
Harrison: The two ponies that were bullying Guy.
Mom: Why didn't he tell me anything?
Harrison: He was worried wewe wouldn't do anything, just like the teachers, and principal. Look. *Opens the door on Guy's car, and pulls out the note from the dashboard*
Mom: I would have gotten the police involved if he told me. *Reading the note* Oh Guy! *Crying* Why would wewe do this?

The helicopter arrived, and two ponies were being lowered to find Guy's body.

Nikki: Ma'am, if wewe want, when they take Guy to the hospital, wewe can say your last words to him.
Mom: That would be great.

Song (Start at 4:25): link

Hospital gppony, pony 2: *Flying above the bridge, lowering Guy on a bed*
Harrison: *Looking at Guy with the rest of the ponies*
Hospital Ponies: *Putting Guy on a stretcher, and moves the stretcher onto the ambulance, while getting in*
Hospital gppony, pony 2: *Takes off in the helicopter*
Camryn: *Crying, as she hugs Guy's mom.*
Mom: *Holds Camryn as they stand in front of her Cadillac
Harrison: *Looks down at the ground, then at the ambulance, magari ya wagonjwa as it takes off*

Everyone pauses in place as the ending credits begin.

Cast of characters, and their creators

*Ponies from the onyesha playing as a different character

Guy - SeanTheHedgehog
Harrison - SeanTheHedgehog
Tate - SeanTheHedgehog
*Colgate - Guy's mom
Master Sword - Windwakerguy430
Rio - SeanTheHedgehog
*Vinyl Scratch - Camryn
Erik Estrada - SeanTheHedgehog

With special cameo appearance kwa Nikki West from Jade_23

Background characters

Police Ponies
Railroad Ponies
Hospital Ponies

muziki used

Push It To The - Scarface soundtrack
Blood In The Gutter - Spongebob soundtrack
It's A Long Road Instrumental Version - Herve Attia
wewe And I - Motion
upendo Story version 1 and 2 - Andy Williams
The Landing - Airplane soundtrack
It's A Long Road - Dan kilima

Special thanks to

Windwakerguy430 & Jade_23 for their characters
Cadillac for the car used kwa Colgate for this shabiki fiction
Chrysler for the cars used kwa Guy, and Harrison for this shabiki fiction
Neigh Jersey State Troopers for the lease of their police cars, and officers for this shabiki fiction
Norfoal Southern Railway for the train at the ending
Someonebutnoone for being a shabiki of several parts of this story
Sony & Polyphony for the Gran Turismo 6 scene

This shabiki fiction is fictitious. Any portrayal of real events au real ponies, living au dead is purely coincidental.

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