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Please note that this is merely my perception on this. wewe can have your opinion, I'll have mine.

We all know the modern Disney stars are completely whacked and are SO not role models. But what about the old school Disney?

The Little Mermaid. Ariel clearly states that she's sixteen in the first film. The sekunde movie claims to be ten years later, the perfect age for Melody, her daughter. Is Disney promoting teenage pregnancy? Promoting underage marriage? And the supposed "love" she felt was only worship lust, hardly the basis for a healthy relationship. What message does this send to young girls, who will become teenagers with unrealistic expectations?

Disney princesses: They're two dimensional, non realistic, poorly developed characters who demean women. This is the twenty first century, and women are being aliyopewa zaidi rights than ever before, and yet little girls are being raised to believe that men are superior and will save them. I can tell wewe this is far from the truth. In many cultures today there are still gender inequality issues, where women are aliyopewa few rights.

Little girls are being told to be perfect and stereotyping is at an all time high. Girls are following the crowd because of being raised to conform to the expectations set of them.

Women as a general rule are cast in a lower light. Their primary purposes are to cook and clean and look pretty. Take that Mary Sue of a character, Snow White.

So why do parents think Disney is such a good thing with "positive" role models?
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