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posted by kitkat709477
1.everyone around wewe has an attitude problem
2.your adding chokoleti chips to your cheese omelet
3.the dryer has shrunk every last pair of your jeans
4.your husband/boyfriend is suddenly agreeing to everything wewe say
5.your using your cellphone to dial up every bumpersticker that says "hows my driving call 1-800-***-dating"
6.everyone head looks like an invitation to batting practice're convinced theres a god and he's male're counting down the days till menopause're sure everyone is scheming to dive wewe crazy
10.the ibuprofen bottle is empty and wewe just bought it yesterday just want to ngumi, punch someone without a reason
12.if wewe start wondering if pms is excuse to get away with murder
13.if wewe were to busy thinking about ways to kill the last person who got on your nerves to realize I was only supposed to give wewe 10

a little starotype but funny
*i didn't write this,just so wewe know*
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