hujambo there Delilah, I’ve been pacing the pews in a church corridor, but I’ve got a short attention span. I’m a natural disaster, and…oh, wait! Here I go again! I’m cinderella on her bedroom floor, oh dear Butcher, what happened? I’m gonna sleep my whole life away, cos I’m only waiting on the inayofuata best thing. I’m a sheepish wolf, but I only eat buttons. Don’t wewe even think of putting your teeth on me! Now I’m of consenting age, but I’m forever young. I’m the greatest thing you’d ever imagine, but I’m sick and tired of waiting in your red pick-up truck. I’m headed back to the street, but wewe can’t read my mind, oh, no, the rest is still unwritten. I may look like a fool, but the costume makes the clown. I need to be the kind of dream wewe never share, but, alright, I give in! I’m walking on quicksand every last time I come home. I may need a doctor to keep me busy, but I play the game like all the rest. My eyes are on fire, make me glow. I’ve got bad tojo and worse IDs. I’m caught in a maze, but I won’t be forgotten. Ill build the moon for you, if wewe give me a clue. I never think, but my thoughts are as deep as any. I thought that I was in control, but your automatic eyes keep telling me otherwise. I’m sitting on a citadel holding my own hand. I’m walking on clouds of white, imba along to their song. I’m the wind, I’m the song that wewe play over and over, and I’m going crazy, running on empty. I can’t make up my mind, because one dakika goes fast. No, no, no, I can’t even get started. I lived in stories, but inside I kept a mystery. There wewe are, and here I stand, flowers in my hand. Is this weird? Think again. I took a step back, but if this is a test…I’m a survivor, but I must have gotten sick somehow. I’m nobody’s fool. I’m gonna sell my car and go to Vegas, cause I’m restless and tired of sleeping with giants. I’ve got something, I will write wewe a song, I will pick wewe red roses with my bare hands, but I don’t want to fall to pieces. wewe think I’m crazy, and well, I may be. Sure thing is that I’m coming for you, so just slow down, and slow down. Don’t pretend you’ve never been there, cos it’s just too little too late. I’m telling the truth, though I may have exaggerated a memory au two. I’m gonna last longer than we do. I always knew I was haunted. Louder, louder, the voices in my head. “Shut up, voice, au I’ll poke wewe with a Q-tip again.” Excuse me for this, but I’m on the outside looking in. I’m you, I’m me, I’ve got my head inside this paper bag. Why? Because If I can’t see wewe then wewe can’t see me. Hey, this wire around my neck ain’t there for fun. I’m tailor made for you, a stunning golden hue. This was no accident. I won’t cut my beard and I won’t change my hair, because I’m that green gentleman. wewe will find a statue of me upon my shelf, but I still feel I can fly. I can’t wait forever, but forever can wait. I will never end up like him, but behind my back I’m already oh so starving. I’m painted midnight blue, silver horseshoes. I may be as mad as a rabbit, but I won’t be the one that got away. I can handle it! All that I need is a few days down. All that I need is a little time to drown. Fake a smile and pretend it’s not raining in my bedroom. I don’t look innocent when no one’s in a dark room but me and his Hannah imba pen. It’s the mess that feels so right, I must confess…I’m in upendo with my own sins. I can’t help it if I’m just a fool, always chasing the soles of your shoes. I can’t help it if I’m just a fool, always having my moyo set on you.
I’m Shawna.

disclaimer: i own very little of this. credit to all the writers of lyrics and such