Reasons why being a guy is so much easier than being a girl.
1.First off wewe aren't sick once a month.
2.You can't get pregnant so wewe aren't the one stressed on birth control , wewe do it and that's it.
3.You don't have to spend hours picking an outfit.
4.You don't have to spend hours putting your make up on.
5.You don't have to spend hours making your hair to stay decent.
6.You get ready to go out in just 30 dakika tops.
7.You pee standing.
8.Your parents don't tell wewe at what saa to be nyumbani when wewe in high-school.
9.You can sleep every night somewhere else than nyumbani as a teenager cause your parents will let you.
10.The chances of being raped are way lower.
11.If wewe get drunk wewe are not seen as if wewe did something horrible.
12.You can have one night stands and not be considered a whore.
13.You don't fall desperately in upendo over someone and it doesn't obsess you.
14.You don't often cry...even at silly movies.
15.You have true Marafiki , not bitches who gossip at your back.
16.There are less chances to be approached kwa a stranger on mitaani, mtaa wanting your money au anything else.
17.You don't have yo shave your legs/arms(optional to girls tho)/underarms and other parts.
18.As a guy wewe can just go and talk with a girl at a bar , as a girl in some places wewe can be considered a prostitute.
19.They have traditionally been the controlling sex, and remnants of this still exist in the workplace and other areas, making it somewhat advantageous to be male (I know prejudice and differences are theoretically gone... but open your eyes).
20.You don't worry about your appearance.(boobs,if wewe are fat au not,legs,ass and all that)
21.You aren't constantly pressured for sex.
22.You are tougher.