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posted by demon_wolf
noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.
a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
a feeling of warm personal attachment au deep affection, as for a parent, child, au friend.
sexual passion au desire.
a person toward whom upendo is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
(used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, au the like): Would wewe like to see a movie, love?
a upendo affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour.
sexual intercourse; copulation.
( initial capital letter ) a personification of sexual affection, as Eros au Cupid.
affectionate concern for the...
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posted by TDAPlayer158
One day, the Eds were working on a new scam. Double was getting the tools, Ed was painting the sign, and Eddy was just sitting under a mti with sunglasses on.
"How's it coming boys?" Eddy asked.
"Steady as it goes, Eddy..." Double D replied, "As usual..."
"How 'bout you, lumpy?" Eddy urged. Ed was just recently bit kwa a dog on the hand he writes with, so that makes drawing the sign rather difficult.
"URGH!" Ed wailed as he grasped his hand.
"E-Ed!!" Double D cried.
"What's with you?" Eddy alisema as he stood and removed his glasses.
"Ow my liver, ow my lasagna!" Ed called.
"Ed, lasagna isn't a vital...
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posted by Guste_LT
30 Ways To Annoy your Teachers ^_^
(Making your teachers turn red with anger , guaranteed *thumbs up*)

1. Walk into the classroom like a super spy. (keep your back on the walls as wewe walk, point your finger up like a gun, look around with shifty eyes, hum the mission impossible theme, etc.)

2. After everything your teacher says, ask why.

3. If your teacher is yelling at a classmate, wait for them to finish their tantrum then ask” DOES SOMEBODY NEED A HUG?????” very loudly.

4. If your teacher starts blowing up at...
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posted by I_love_Mikey
A silver object,
It's all it took,
One silver object,
An entire life's crook.

It was just an experiment,
It was nothing more.
Nothing zaidi than an experiment,
That closed every door.
All opportunities are gone,
And wewe cry that hateful song,
The words don't mean anything,
Just take the silver object,
And ignore every other aspect.

You cannot deny,
that making these lines...
It never crossed your mind;
You were so blind.
It solves every problem,
Just lie, and stay solemn.
It's only red sharpie.
Let's throw a party.

After a party, wewe go and lay down.
You think about the mistakes you've made.
You take the pills and...
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posted by 7things
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posted by Fangirl99
Chapter 2:the mysterious sign

Vanessa Colorado of Waysway school was going to her locker to get her stupid homework. She was tried,in pain,and achy. She thought it was just a cold,but it was a lot worse than she knew. “oh,look who the cat dragged in,”said Susan,the meanest chic in school.

“shut up,ok?”Vanessa alisema sternly. “im in a really bad mood.”

“why? Cause wewe realized your having a bad hair day?”katie asked. the 3 laughed.

“hey!leave her alone!”called out kylie,who was walknig to her locker.

“oh,look,im so scared,what are wewe gonna do about it?”taunted susan.

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I'm sorry if I'm wasting zaidi time here. But last "Drama" for now. I made 3 people upset and filled with hate inside me.

(Don't read this if wewe have enough Drama for now. But this is Important, and Scary...)

The 1st One I made upset told me, "Willy wewe suck get outta here." But it was just an online game...

The 2nd One was a Girl. Because I was spamming and it made her lag on a game called Roblox. So same thing... "Leave me Alone Willy."

But the 3rd One I made Upset... It was zaidi important then the last two...

He was Confront with really Inappropriate online Stuff that's been going...
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posted by Precious7732
(Music starts)
wewe and I found upendo in the dark,We made up wildfire from the start
My demons wash it away like prints in the sand
And I wish I could turn back the time just to feel wewe again
'Cause I would burn a thousand miles,To be with you
my wildire... (fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire)
My wildfire...
(Music starts) (wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild)
(oh oh oh ohhhhh,oh oh oh ohhhhh,oh oh oh ohhhhh,oh oh oh ohhhhh)
wewe got me,free falling through the sky
wewe take me,to a different kind of high
My demons wash it away like prints in the sand
And I wish I could turn back the time just to feel wewe again
'Cause I would burn a thousand miles,To be with wewe my wildfire...(fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire,fire)
My wildfire...
(Music starts) (wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild)
(oh oh oh ohhhhh,oh oh oh ohhhhh,oh oh oh ohhhhh,oh oh oh ohhhhh)
(Music starts to end)
posted by misscrazel
I upendo music, so I wrote this to share some songs I wrote. Tell me what wewe think (the truth)

I'm working towards my dreams to become a singer right now. Here are some songs:

Your one last wish,
Remains unsaid,
You’ll cry into the night,
On your death bed,
How will they remember you,
When you’re gone?
Six feet,
You lay,
In a coffin filled with silk,
Wilted flowers strewn about,
How will they remember you,
When you’re not around?
They throw dirt,
Over your grave,
Your unseeing eyes,
Wide open,
All of your,
Hearts desires are gone,
Your mind no longer corrupted,
How will they remember you,...
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posted by misscrazel
I had this dream and it was like smiegel (from LOTR) and the Queen of hearts. Then there was Harry Potter randomly following me. And in my dream the Queen of hearts hated smiegel so I was sad. D: and then my Marafiki were there and upinde wa mvua Dash was there and it was so weird. So then Legolas (he's from LOTR to) walked kwa with some bila mpangilio person. And then there were ten Harry Potters and they all turned evil and chased me. So I ran away and put the Queen of hearts and all the Harry Potters in a mashua and they went away. And then I woke up and I was like what the heck was that.
posted by Directioner470
1. Make race car noises when anyone gets on au off.

2. Blow your nose and offer to onyesha the contents of your kleenex to other passengers.

3. Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering: "Shut up, dammit, all of wewe just shut UP!"

4. Whistle the first seven notes of "It's a Small World" incessantly.

5. Sell Girl Scout cookies.

6. On a long ride, sway side to side at the natural frequency of the elevator.

7. Shave.

8. Crack open your briefcase, mkoba au purse, and while peering inside ask: "Got enough air in there?"

9. Offer name tags to everyone getting on the elevator. Wear yours upside-down....
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These are not super scientific facts, these are just some bila mpangilio things that occurred to me wewe my disagree.

1. Ugly Betty isn't ugly.

2. Severs Snapes voice is super amazing.

3. I'm always hungry.

4. Nobody knows exactly what Nicki Manaj's real name is.

5. Irish people don't know what pickle is...

6. Everyone has a tv

7. mtoto wa mbwa in Converse are cute.

8.NOBODY can do a French Platt.

9. I like taco's.

10. In upendo with belle's Aussie acsent, in once upon a time.

11. I want a cupcake....

12. Everyone knows Harry Potter.

13. Everyone either drinks chai au coffee

14. It's my dream to drink coffee in central perk....
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posted by TotalDramaFan60
Today we're gonna talk about the "NUMBER ONE MOVIE OF THE YEAR!", Frozehhhnnn!
So it starts out, there's a gurl named Elsa. And a gurl named Anna, but wewe pronounce it like Ahhh-nna. I dunno.
Anyway, so Elsa becomes evil and kills everybody. The end!
No, I'm just playing. Every inch of wewe is perfect from the bottom to the top.
Yeh, mah momma she told meh dont worry about yo size...
Elsa REALLY gets ice powers and THEN she kills everybody. Sorry.
Elsa REALLY, REALLY gets ice powers and only kills Ahh-nna. Yeah.
1. We say things that aren't true to impress you

2. When we find out what wewe like a guy to be like, we'll act like it when we're around you, always

3. We research periods and moodswings to know zaidi about it

4. We're just as shy as wewe are about relationships

5. We sometimes suck our stomachs in so we look skinnier

6. We always kuoga before a date

7. We wear different clothes different days to see what wewe like best

8. We gel our hair way too much

9. Most of us try to lean au look cool when you're around, and we pretend we can't see you

10. When you're gone, we binge out on chokoleti bars and soda...
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We all know what rednecks in 'Murica do best, partying, drinking and being stupid as fuck, but this might surprise you.

Sources close to the death investigation say it's likely Shain died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

"Buckwild" nyota Shain Gandee was found dead in a vehicle in West Virginia this morning ... 31 hours after the 21-year-old MTV reality nyota had been reported missing, this according to law enforcement.

According to officials, Gandee, his 48-year-old uncle David Gandee, and a third unidentified body were discovered dead in the vehicle in Sissonville, West Virginia. There was no sign...
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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
 Artist's illustration of the Jersey Devil, based on eyewitness reports.
Artist's illustration of the Jersey Devil, based on eyewitness reports.
The Jersey Devil is alisema to be a made-up creature, kwa scientists and sketics everywhere. And it is just made up...isn't it?
Perhaps not. Most reports, unlike many that turned out be fake, follow the same lines: claiming the Devil is a kangaroo-like creature with cloven hooves, bat wings, the head of a goat, and a forked tail. It is alisema to be fast, and it's attack call sounds like that of a tortured horse; bloodcurdling and horrible.
There are many sightings involving this mysterious cryptid. One example is the sighting claim of Joseph Bonaparte, who claimed to have seen the Jersey Devil while...
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Accused pet torturer and killer, Jeffrey Nally Jr., appeared in Hancock County Court on Monday., January 20th . Nally’s court appearances have been delayed numerous times over the past year; most recently because he requested a psychiatric evaluation.

That tactic backfired, as the evaluation found him competent to stand trial on 29 counts of felony animal cruelty, one count of domestic battery and one count of kidnapping. If he is convicted, each count of animal cruelty could bring a 1-5 mwaka sentence.

According to Hancock County Prosecutor James Davis, Nally was offered a plea deal that would...
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posted by darktheheghog
one siku three girls were walking around the sekunde hand duka the girl with the black hair was name Tina the girl with the very dark brown hair name was Jenni and the girl with the red hair was name Peter they are the bestest Marafiki they always help each other out and they would always have each others back then Tina went to one part of the aisle in the sekunde hand duka and saw a cute looking Teddy kubeba she picked the Teddy kubeba up from the self and ran over to Peter and Jenni "hey girls look at what i found" Tina alisema as she held up the teddy kubeba "awwww Tina it looks so cute" Jenni alisema while...
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posted by WildTiger
GIrls only (or gay guys..) yea both So wewe have to read this now....haha for girls eyes only here all girls! hujambo girls! IF YOU'RE A BOY, LEAVE THIS CUZ IT RUINS EVERYTHING GIRL TALK: Did wewe know kissing is healthy. It's good to cry. Chicken supu actually makes wewe feel better. 94% of boys would upendo it if wewe sent them flowers. Lying is actually unhealthy. Only apply mascara to your juu lashes. It's actually true, boys DO insult wewe when they like you! 89% of guys want wewe to make the 1st move. Ya but 99.99% of girls want guys to make the first move. chokoleti will make wewe feel better! Most...
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1. wewe look up pictures of the person all the time.

2. wewe can't stop thinking of the person.

3. wewe dream about marrying the person.

4. wewe drool everytime wewe watch them sing.

5. wewe have a giggle fit everytime they take their shati off.

6. wewe have a million pictures of the person.

7. wewe want to meet the person zaidi then anything.

8. wewe know their songs kwa heart.

9. wewe dream of kissing them.

10. wewe want to kill anybody who makes fun of that person.

11. wewe watch video with that person in it all the time.

12. wewe have them as your icon.

13. wewe would die for them.