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Fan fiction by PeachyKeen1994 posted siku moja 1 iliyopita
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After Gwen won Total Drama Island, the girls managed to celebrate their last night at Camp Wawanakwa. Most of the girls get back at Don for his mistreatment of the contestants, even Courtney, whose elimination in "Basic Straining" was unjust and that Don refused to believe that someone (Harold) tampered with the votes.

It all starts on the cliff of Camp Wawanakwa, which was where the first challenge of the season, where Gwen, Bridgette, Leshawna, Lindsay, Izzy, and Heather jump into the lake. At the juu of the cliff is Don, the host of "Total Drama Island".

Don: Oh my god. I am too scared to jump off the cliff. I can't do it. I am so handsome to die.

Don: (voiceover) In case wewe are wondering why I am here...


Don: (he is shown with bandages all over his hands, a neck brace, and an eyepatch) Last night, I Lost a bet to the girls. Today, I was forced to do everything they told me. I had two options: jump off the cliff au eat Owen's floaties from the communal toilet. And wewe know that. I should've eaten Owen's cake fillings from the toilet.
Opinion by Canada24 posted siku 2 zilizopita
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Poor Rob Dyke... Having to sit though this when people send him fucked up temblr posts, for his videos.. Maybe WindWaker430 should do a similar series though.. He likes getting angry...

Who cares about remembering soldiers, long as it means a siku off school, I'm happy!

I don't care if it's illegal, if a corpse looks hot, I'm fucking it!


I don't care about your shitty opinions! I like having sex with my father, it feels mature! So fuck off haters!

My kid is NEVER gonna watch Skrek! Disagree all wewe want! Beautiful people don't go with ugly people! My daughter would grow up thinking she should change cause some ugly boy likes her! Why didn't Shrek change for Fiena!? Beautiful people are strong, ugly people are not! Why couldn't he change for Fiona!? Because woman have to do everything!
Fan fiction by aldrine2016 posted siku 6 zilizopita
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WARNING: Rated R. This fanfic has a few cursing and one sexual image. Read it at your own risk!!!

It was just a typical siku at Acme Looniversity. Buster Bunny and Plucky bata walked out of the Reverse Psychology class, taught kwa their respective mentors Bugs and Daffy, along with Elmer Fudd.

Plucky, for some reason, had his bill twisted to the juu of his green head, since Bugs, Daffy and Elmer taught the class as alisema before. He and Buster were instructed kwa their mentors to perform the goddamn classic "Wabbit season, bata season" arguement and then Buster would say "Wabbit season" and Plucky would accidentally say "Duck season" and BAM! Nevertheless, he and Buster both got A+'s.

Buster: Wow Plucky, your performance in class was stupendous! If it weren't for you, we would've ended up with a lower grade like a B, a D, au the worst one yet, an F!
Plucky: Yeah, says you, rabbit. [points to his misplaced bill, then twists it back on the front of his face where it belongs]
Article by ToriKelly5 posted siku 8 zilizopita
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1. Which would wewe read right now ?
A. Harry Potter!
B. Matilda
C. Captain Underpants.

2. You're at the mall and see a sale on 2 stores. Which do wewe go to?
A. Bookshop, duh.
B. Clothes store!
C. None, as I would go to McDonalds instead.

3. wewe buy a Fidget Spinner! Which colour do wewe buy?
A. Blue.
B. Pink.
C. dhahabu Batarang.

4. Who is better?
A. R2-D2.
B. BB8,cause he is 100% cute.
C. C3PO.

5. What do wewe watchafter school/work?
A. Eggheads au a game onyesha like that.
B. Simpsons ! Yay!
C. A soap drama au other.

6. Ok, last question: did wewe like this quiz?
A. Yeah, it was cool.
B. YEAH! Can I do another?
C. What am I?!

majibu :
Mostly A: 🤓
wewe like books, games and knowing zaidi then others.
You're fun to hang around but are a tad bossy sometimes so people call wewe a bossybots. wewe are creative and smart but just cool a little and don't take things too seriously.
Opinion by Canada24 posted siku 10 zilizopita
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POST: I don't want my baby boy to he straight, I want it gay.. If it's straight, I'll put it to adoption straight away!
ME: Don't worry little lady. If your the kids first impression of what a woman is, he'll either be gay au a serial killer..

POST: I'm bored.. Somebody fuck be.
ME: I would, but wewe might cough on me, and I might catch your stupid.

POST: How do Christians reproduce, if they think sex is a sin, how do they have babies!?
ME: No, no, your mistaking Christians for temblr feminists., they consider wewe a rapist for "having a penis"

POST: Who trying to get me pregnant? I'll abort it kwa summer.
ME: Good idea, don't want zaidi of your kind running around.

POST: Having the flu ain'r gonna stop me from being a slut :)
ME: wewe know what also has flu symptoms? HIV. What do wewe get from being a slut? HIV. What do wewe deserve for being a slut? A shovel to the face. What wewe thought I was gonna say HIV? I'm not a monster.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted siku 15 zilizopita
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This is a My Little gppony, pony shabiki Fiction. If wewe do not like multi-colored horses, run away before it's too late.

Theme song: link

Ten miles from Ponyville, kwa the Delamare River is a town called Frenchtown. Hundreds of ponies live there, and together, they must survive.....

The Storm

Starring in alphabetical order

Aurora from Alinah_09
Barry from SeanTheHedgehog
Ditto from Canada24
zumaridi, zamaradi Ivy from Dragonaura15
moto Vi Equestria from Jordy_Dash
Jesse from SeanTheHedgehog
Joe from SeanTheHedgehog
Katana Sun from BlondLionEzel
Lexi from Sonicexeluv
Orion from Alinah_09
Saten Twist from Canada24
Snowflake from Alinah_09

It was 6:30 in the morning. Saten Twist was opening his restaurant for the day.
Fan fiction by aldrine2016 posted siku 16 zilizopita
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It was a peaceful, King Dedede-free morning in Pop Star. Birds chirped. Bunnies hopped around. All of the folks are playing merrily, and then there's... Kirby, who was flying in his Warp nyota for the reason of feeling the breeze through his light, pink skin. Normally, he'd use the Warp nyota as a mode of transportation, but today was the day.

Kirby: [singing] I believe I can fly,
I believe I can touch the sky,
Here in Pop nyota I can fly so high.
On my Warp Star, won't it make me cry...

Unfortunately, Kirby had happened to fly too far, in fact, TOO far that he went off bounds from Pop nyota and flew straight through a city with a tall, A-shaped structure. Even worse, Kirby was too busy feeling the breeze, eyes closed.

Kirby: [singing] Am I flying? Yes I am,
'Cause Frankly, I would not just give a d-

I warned you, Kirby. Before he could finish his verse with god-knows-what, he crashed into the load box of a truck labeled "ACME", and what was seen of him is his silhouette-shaped hole, including the Warp Star, left in the truck. A few sekunde later, the truck, unaware of the pink puffball's impact, speeded off....
Fan fiction by ToriKelly5 posted siku 16 zilizopita
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Note: I own nothing. All credit goes to Dreamworks uhuishaji and Netflix.

Tip = Rachel Crow.

Oh = Mark Whitten

Lucy Tucci = Ana Ortiz.

Die - Ann = Grey Griffin. ( Unknow.)

Kyle = Matt L. Jones.

Sharzod = Ron Funches.

Pom Pom = Kelly Donohue.

Smek = Nolan North

Slushious = Anna Konkle

Backrounds: Ryan Crego, Nika Futterman and Tom Kenny.

Enjoy! Want a cast list? Comment!🍭

I will post Home, the film, cast soon on the Dreamworks club.

The full background boices are coming soon.

Opinion by ToriKelly5 posted siku 17 zilizopita
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Note: This is just my thoughts. Don't take them personality, Frozen fans. I just don't like it that much so take this orodha with a pinch of salt.

Frozen is one of the most much-loved film of all time . I'm sure it heard Let It Go. I used to be a shabiki but now, I don't
Know why it's so famous. This storyline is so easy and simple, the songs are ear worms ( but not so bad) and well, the story was over after the movie, nothing else can happen!

( Now I have nothing against Frozen. It's good and I like Anna so no haters)

The wasted talent and cash ( that they could have used for Frozen 2) and made two useless short films JUST To get zaidi imba Elsa dolls out.

Frozen is sweet but to me, we don't need a sequel. Toy Story does. Wreck it Ralph does. So many films do. But Frozen should be one its own. To me, This film's a money making scam.

Elsa losing control of her powers, again!
Anna getting powers?

Opinion by Canada24 posted siku 21 zilizopita
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Just cause...

I put Rick nukuu from the only 6 comics I have so far

“(being attacked kwa Zombie, before knowing what zombies are) STOP! LEAVE ME ALONE! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?”

“(To Governor) wewe PEOPLE ARE ANIMALS!!"

“Thinking of the good times makes all this seem worse”

Lori: Rick, wewe shaking.
Rick: The past two days.. I been so focused on finding wewe and Carl.. I hadn’t had time… To be scared.

Carl (kills Shane): (in tears) It’s not the same as killing the dead ones Daddy.
Rick (hugs him): I never SHOULD be son.. It never should be.

“I understand what your saying Tyreese. I just watched my best friend flip out and try to kill me. I never seen something like that before. I was so shocked I almost didn’t even realize the danger I was in.”

“(shoots zombie Shane) I ain’t burying wewe again, wewe son of a bitch”
Opinion by ToriKelly5 posted siku 29 zilizopita
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1 fan
Note : All my mashabiki are amazing! Dont be upset if wewe aren't here.You mean a lot so wewe all will be in a orodha of my Awsome fans.😍 upendo ya.
Also, Numbers mean nothing.

1. Luthorlex/ SparkleFanBoy/ Mrbiskit/ Windrises.

He is an awesome fanpoper and has a true moyo of gold.
He is my best fanpoper friend and described me as his best friend which is an honour. He deserves fans😎

2. Jessowey.

Ok, this girl is so cool and kind. She is a giving person and is as sweet as sugar. 🍭 Who doesn't upendo her? Her kind maoni and her wonderful posts mean so much, thanks Jessowey.


Ok, she is so funny! A true friend who I upendo talking to.
She can't fanpop much as she has school and I support her though all the mean bullies who hurt her. 🍎🍎🍎
CrazyRuby has a sweet personality which makes wewe upendo her

Here are some other quick names : HarleySkywalker,
Fan fiction by aldrine2016 posted mwezi moja 1 uliopita
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Song tune: link

They're scary, they're spooky,
And ugly, morbid, kooky,
zaidi frightening than Hooky,
They'll scare your jinkies out,
They're horror dispensers,
Their spookies just get denser,
They're Halloweenie monsters,
And they'll make wewe wave and pout,

So here is the graveyard, it's the monsters' world apart,
Their spooky home,
That has some bones,
October's work of art,

The decs are almost ready,
So hurry up from Freddy,
They're Halloweenie monsters,
And they'll do their part,

They're stiffy, they're bony,
A pair of Skele-tonies,
Count Dracula's not lonely,
'Cause he sucks the people's blood,
A werewolf and mummy,
Will send wewe screaming "Mommy!",
And Frankenstein's tummy,
Will crave for human crud,

So lock all your windows, and pull down all your shades,
Opinion by zanhar1 posted mwezi moja 1 uliopita
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1 fan
I did one of these for both Symphonic Metal and Kpop and wanted to orodha of my juu 100 Jrock songs as well. There were so many great ones that the honorable mentions orodha is also pretty big. I tried not to do too many songs from the same band so a lot of songs I like aren't even on here.

1. Dazzle Vision - sekunde
2. Nega - Guilt Trip
3. Dir En Grey - Obscure
4.Blood Stain Child - Freedom
5. Miyavi - Steal The Sun
6. Miyavi - Long Nights
7. The Gazette - Leech
8. Dir En Grey - Different Sense
9. Miyavi - Jibun Kakumei
10. Miyavi - Mama Papa Nozomarenu Baby
11. Borns - Radical Hysteria
12. Blood Stain Child - Merry Go Round
13. Signal - Apocalypse
14. DeCola Hopping - papillon, kipepeo
15. Mejibray - Hakuraku
16. Midori - Sayonara Perfect World
17. Rose Noir - Rococo
18. Dir En Grey - Umbrella
19. Miyavi - No One Knows My Name
20. BiS - Stupig
21. Blood Stain Child - Metro Police
Article by deathding posted mwezi moja 1 uliopita
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(Songs and commentary will be listed after the poem. Enjoy!)

1-Welcome to your life,
2-Burning red and honestly.
3-How pure the darkness,
4-If wewe ignore the terminology.

5-Your toxic stare,
6-Up against the wall.
7-Now that you're gone forever,
8-You're just a know it all.

9-I used to roll the dice,
10-Like as not it's better so.
11-This is my curse,
12-I've many zaidi miles to go.

13-I don't want to live another moment,
14-But can wewe see that I'm in real danger.
15-My legs are dangling off the edge,
16-Her eyes were eyes of a stranger.

17-So much for your promises,
18-The poison maua, ua comes uncurled.
19-Now that I'm gone,
20-Let the banners be unfurled.

Song Index
Opinion by zanhar1 posted mwezi moja 1 uliopita
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Obviously there are zaidi than ten beaches in the world. And I really couldn't just leave it at the ten from my first article. So here are ten zaidi beaches worth checking out.

10. Bunes Beach, Lofoten, Norway

I can't not mention Norway on one of these lists. In my opinion, Norway has some of the most alluring scenery in the world. It's beaches are no different. Bunes beach, pwani is completely surrounded kwa stunning cliffs (it can only be reached kwa boat) and is great for both hiking, swimming, and camping all wrapped up in one pretty & scenic package. A trip there in the winter is just as worthwhile too.

9. Kaiteriter, Nelson, New Zealand

Graced with golden sand, Kaiteriter is great for kayaking and has splendid maoni to offer. Based on picha I've seen; it's one of those beaches with water clear enough to see through. The landscape is very colorful and woodsy.

Opinion by Canada24 posted mwezi moja 1 uliopita
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1 fan
Niko is very protective of his family and loved ones, particularly his cousin Roman, whom Niko constantly has to worry about due to his gambling habit. Roman has an indiscrete nature of frequently getting the pair into trouble. He is withdrawn among strangers, but has good manners, and shows a softer side with upendo interests like Kate McReary and Michelle. That said, the horrors of war, both witnessed and perpetrated kwa Niko, have aliyopewa him a great sense of guilt, and an ambivalence about the value of human life — he warns away pursuers and expresses regret over his past violence, but also feels that killing is all that he can do, readily taking on jobs which necessarily involve murder. Niko is prone to violence after being angered and he has an explosive temper when he is betrayed, manipulated, au his loyalty is questioned, but he is also quick to help the defenseless and unfortunate, even those he merely meets in passing; he apparently possesses a sense of idealism which was wounded kwa his wartime experiences. Unfortunately, such a mgawanyiko, baidisha attitude leads to hypocrisy — Niko, for example, appears to genuinely sympathize with the McRearys' grief over the...
Article by zanhar1 posted mwezi moja 1 uliopita
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So for a long while now I've been into travel and wanderlust. For even longer, I have been obsessed with fictional characters. One siku I got to thinking about where my vipendwa might go if they lived in our world/time period.

Regina Mills (Once Upon A Time)

For Regina I had a few thoughts. I think that she'd go somewhere romantic like France au Italy au possibly even Spain. In the end she strikes me as zaidi of an Italy type of woman. I feel like France would be too softly romantic for her if that makes sense. Personally I associate Italy with a zaidi passionately romantic vibe. I can see her really enjoying Venice in particular; a nice sunset gonadal ride with her lover--if she ever gets one. A glass of some expensive wine on a roof in Positano. I think Italy just fits with her elegant personality.

Azula (Avatar The Last Airbender)

Believe it au not I actually had a difficult time thinking of one for her. I considered Norway, Germany, and Korea as well. But I don't know if any of those really fit her. In the end I decided on Romania. It has this dark, mysterious,...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Song: link

Narrator: Sugar. Spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls, but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Chemical X!
Professor: *Gets moved backwards kwa an explosion, but smiles when he sees what he created*
Narrator: Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil.
Blossom: *Flies through the sky*
Bubbles: *Flying to the right of Blossom*
Buttercup: *Flying to the left of Blossom*
Villains: *Standing together in a red room*
Powerpuff Girls: *Getting ready to attack*
Villains: *Getting ready to attack*

They ran towards each other, but the villains were not going to win, (obviously.)

Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Sidney Nebraska. 60 miles east of Cheyenne Wyoming.

Just south of Interstate 80 was an airport. A small passenger plane with two propellers landed on the runway, and headed for the hangar.

Mark: *Watching the plane* He's here. Let's bring the truck to him.
Pilot: *Opens a door, and grabs a crate from one of the seats*
Mark: *Driving a Silverado, he stops inayofuata to the plane*
Pilot: Mr. Ason. You're early.
Mark: I just wanted to help wewe unload the goods myself.
Pilot: Very kind of you. I got three zaidi crates. This one has the important stuff I mentioned over the phone.

A man in a black suit opened the door from the bathroom at the back of the plane. He pulled out a Five-Seven.

Pilot: *Puts the crate in the back of the truck*
Man: *Shoots two bullets through the window of the plane, hitting the pilot in the back*
Mark: Go!
Man: *Shooting four bullets*
Mark: *Dodging the bullets as he runs to the front, and opens the door, climbing in as the driver moves away from the plane*
Opinion by Canada24 posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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This was one of the most maarufu stories from Alpha and Omega from back in the siku I wrote for it.. 2011 & 2012.. So much incest, rape, swearing, and it has a long paragraph explaining Lily's tits.. That's just weird

Another Alpha and Omega.. All about incest, and nothing else

A MLP sex story.. Somehow I seem to keep finding nothing but a sex stories

Alpha and Omega.. Garth just kills everyone for no reason,and than Kate joins him because.. Just because.

MLP.. Big Mac rapes the CMC's.. And than rapes AJ.. And... That's it.
Opinion by zanhar1 posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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2 fans
Ten doesn't quite cut it for me; so here are five zaidi places that would be lovely to visit.


Greece is another country I discovered kwa searching up its beaches. Greece is nyumbani to a pink sand beach, pwani and I have always wanted to go to one of those. I was also very intrigued kwa the beauty of Navagio beach.With it's alluring cliff and white sand.

If wewe don't fancy a trip to the beach, Meteora seems like a fascinating place to try instead. It's basically a landscape straight out of ndoto novels--with monasteries resting upon natural (and humongous) rock pillars.

Perhaps wewe are afraid of heights, so passing that might be a good idea. In which case, Delphi would be a better choice. Delphi is a cluster of ruins and an old Greek theater. Something I'd imagine wewe would do if wewe want to experience a taste of ancient Greece. Edessa also seems like a beautiful place, it is nyumbani to many cascading waterfalls. From what I gathered (in my research of the place) it is sometimes called the 'Town of Water'. That's intriguing for me personally because I adore...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Theme Song

Kevin: *Plays piano*
David: *Playing bass*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Liz: *Plays guitar*
Mr. Nut: *Sings* Welcome everybody to The Nut House. Thankfully this is not in Laos. Come on everybody into The Nut House. wewe can wear anything except for a blouse. Come on everybody, step into The Nut House.
Everyone: The Nut House!

Episode 5: Deck The Halls

Mr. Nut: *Finishes decorating the krisimasi mti in the arcade*
David: There we go. Now everyone that waits for their chakula can enjoy the arcade with some krisimasi spirit.
Mr. Nut: We still need a nyota though.
Liz: Can I be the star?
David: *Laughs* I don't think Mr. Nut would approve.
Mr. Nut: Why not? If she wants to be on juu of the tree, I say let her. Only towards the end of your shift though, because that way, wewe can let David, and myself manage on our own without any problems.
Liz: Okay.

As the three went back to work, Wayne walked in.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Welcome to the block, where a group of ponies that are Marafiki live on the same block in Ponyville. And now for your hosts, Master Sword, and Tom Foolery.

Audience: *Cheering*
Master Sword & Tom: *Standing in front of a house*
Master Sword: hujambo everypony.
Audience: *Clapping*
Tom: Remember in the awali episode how wewe alisema we might get killed kwa assassins working for Warner Brothers?
Audience: *Laughing*
Master Sword: Yes.
Tom: Well that happened to me.
Master Sword: Okay. How are wewe still alive?
Tom: Now wait a minute. Did I say that I died? No! wewe have to listen man.
Audience: *Laughing*
Master Sword: *Confused* Weird, but whatever. Today's crossover parody is The Derpy Files.
Tom: Featuring Derpy taking Jim Rockford's role in the T.V show, The Rockford Files. Be prepared for some strange maswali if wewe get caught, au arrested.
Audience: *Laughing*

Somewhere at Derpy's trailer home, a phone starts to ring, and it goes to voicemail.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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A ship was seen flying into Geonosis. Once it landed, a man on a speeder bike drove out.

Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A nyota Wars shabiki Fiction

The Bounty Hunter


Sean Bodine as Logan
Amanda Licciardi as Meghan
Joshua Nilsen as Major Delgado
Craig Sheffer as Jeremy Perrash
Rob Paulsen as Alain Melvoin
Bruce Penhall as Serran Konhella
Larry Storch as Cignal Kine
Tabby Rutowski as Ess R' Tee

Logan: *Riding the speeder bike up a hill, making a big trail of dust*

Based off of the 1969 film, Two Mules For Sister Sara

The following takes place 44 years before The Phantom Menace. Back then, Naboo was the planet to fear. Cignal Kine, ruler of the planet for ten years, has been ruthless, and took control of many other planets. All he needed now was Geonosis. One man, a bounty hunter, was called to this desert planet to help the Geonosians fight off the army from Naboo,...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted miezi 2 iliyopita
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Song: link

Narrator: Sugar. Spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls, but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. Chemical X!
Professor: *Gets moved backwards kwa an explosion, but smiles when he sees what he created*
Narrator: Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra super powers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil.
Blossom: *Flies through the sky*
Bubbles: *Flying to the right of Blossom*
Buttercup: *Flying to the left of Blossom*
Villains: *Standing together in a red room*
Powerpuff Girls: *Getting ready to attack*
Villains: *Getting ready to attack*

They ran towards each other, but the villains were not going to win, (obviously.)