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posted by patrisha727
1.1 out of every 8 couples married in the U.S. last mwaka met online?

2.New York City has 578 miles of waterfront?

3.In New York, at the juu of a skyscraper, maghorofa it is possible for people to see snow falling while people on the ground see rain?

4.Passports issued kwa the US after January 1, 2007 have always-on radio frequency identification chips?

5.Shopping is the most maarufu domestic trip activity kwa American travelers?

6.There are almost two million women veterans in the US?

7.The average American woman weighs 140 pounds?

8.The average clothing size for women in America is size 14?

9.The longest street...
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posted by EmzLovesCheryl
Hey, this is my piece for my drama exam, without the stage directions. I started uandishi it out on here as a way of learning it, then I thought, why no post it? I may as well, it's going to do no harm. :D
So here it is, its rather depressing though. So if wewe don't need to be depressed right now, then I suggest wewe don't read it. :)

[Give me a break. You’re going to go back to your Marafiki and either forget all about us au tell a story about the hideous freak wewe met tonight. wewe don’t know me, if wewe did, you’d never think we’d be friends. I don’t have Marafiki - except my brother....
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posted by tokidoki123
[Everybody Loves Raymond] 116 - Diamonds #385
Marie: Oh I used to upendo Valentines Day!... then I met your father.
Frank: I used to upendo every day.
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[Everybody Loves Raymond] 121 - Fascinating Debra #409
Debra: There's nothing funny about me to imitate y'know?
Ray: Oh, what are wewe talking about? Here I'll do you. "Ray, get off of me, it's not your birthday"
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[Everybody Loves Raymond] 202 - Father Knows Least #380
Ray: Look, wewe have to do what Mommy says.
Ally: Why?
Ray: 'Cause I do.
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[Everybody Loves Raymond]...
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posted by Joe1996
1. When wewe get pulled over, say "What's wrong, ossifer, there's no blood in my alcohol?"

2. When he asks why wewe were speeding, tell him wewe wanted to race.

3. When he talks to you, pretend wewe are deaf.

4. If he asks if wewe knew how fast wewe were going, say no, my speedometer only goes to......

5. Ask if wewe can see his gun.

6. When he says wewe aren't allowed, tell him I just wanted to see if mine was bigger.

7. Touch him.

8. When he asks why wewe were speeding, tell him wewe had to buy a hat.

9. Ask him where he bought his cool hat.

10. Refer to him kwa his first name.

11. Pretend wewe are gay and ask...
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A week zamani I made an makala of my 20 inayopendelewa animated heroines so I thought I'd make an makala for my 10 least inayopendelewa animated heroines. I'm not going sugar code it, I'm going to be brutally honest because I really hate all these girls. Just so there's no confusion I wanna let wewe know that that number 10 is the one I hate the least and number one is the one I hate the most. Please leave a maoni on what wewe think about this, enjoy.

10.Lady(Lady and The Tramp)

I know she's considered one of the most loved Disney heroines and the most loved of all the animal heroine but I really hate...
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Okay, she's kinda getting zaidi famous kwa the minute. She has her own show, her own song, and she even performed at the Disneyland krisimasi siku Parade. But honestly, in MY opinion, I don't like her one bit.

I'm sorry if wewe like her cuz I kinda don't. Just now I expressed my opinon about her on Tumblr and some 12-year-old went apesh*t on me. So don't hate me guys, but I REALLY don't like her. If wewe ask me, behind her fame is a lot of money. Think about it. Auditions, professional photos, imba lessons, etc... hundreds of dollars. And who paid for it? Certainly not her. Her parents. Tens of...
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posted by alexischaos2004
Hello everyone who happened to click on this, my name is Alexis, and this is Fanpop.

So, wewe may have heard about a website called DeviantART, correct? wewe probably have knowledge on what goes on there. Apparently, there's a lot of shit that goes on over there! So, in today's commentary, I'll be sharing my thoughts on this heap of fanfiction/art.

DeviantART is a large website where people all around the world can share their own works of art. wewe can also post literature and whatnot. This is a way of socializing on the internet, and this site is very popular. When there's the pros, there's always...
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I've been seeing a lot of these makala lately so I kind of wanted to jiunge the party. Off of the juu of my head--and this is liable to change--these are my juu 10 most attractive men and women.
I'm only able to add 20 picha so there will be one big image for most of the guys.



Sonya Scarlet


Alissa White-Gluz


10. Mally

I really just adore Mally's hair. I always did like shorter hair on women. She's so uniquely beautiful. Her eyes, her facial structure, she's just a very beautiful woman. I also upendo her piercings.

9. Minzy

I suppose I...
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Got inspired kwa 324anna's makala :)

10. Emily Ratajkowski
I thought she looked odd when I first saw the clip of Blurred Lines. Looked again and completely changed my mind! She does have exotic features but she doesn't look strange to me anymore, just stunning.

9. Olivia Munn
She's very unique looking, she can pull off pretty much anything. I upendo her freckles and her hazel eyes, it meshes well with her mizeituni, mzeituni skin and her dark hair.

8. J-Lo
It's gotta be a sin to look this good in your 40s. She's famous for her assets but damn, there's so much zaidi to her beauty, this woman is mad beautiful....
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(WARNING: There is quite a bit of profanity in this article, so if that bothers wewe in any way, please contemplate kusoma something else. Thank you.)

Alright before wewe whine like an immature five-year old troll without their maziwa bottle and scream out "FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S IS OVERRATED!", just hear me out. I like the games for their surprisingly deep story, fun game play, memorable animatronics, and dark atmosphere.

Oh but Jared, this is the internet! How DARE wewe have an opinion, you'll get destroyed kwa the hater army!

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Step one: enjoy/love/like the show, book, movie, and/or band.
Good job, that's it, you're a true fan.

One thing that just never fails to annoy me is when someone tells me (or another person honestly) that they aren't a true shabiki of whatever it is they are a shabiki of for having a certain opinion.

One of the most common things I get is 'you're not a true shabiki because wewe like the villains more'. Okay no let's talk about this for a second; the villains are a crucial part of the story. Villains are what essentially gives the show/book/movie its plot. Without villains there is no conflict and without...
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