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 Alphabet letters karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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karatasi la kupamba ukuta
posted by brianna91997
1. if wewe have mario, play some mario games.

2. Go on fanpop for 1 au 2 hours.

3. post a couple tweets on twitter if wewe have an account.

4. play outside.

5. go bike riding au swimming

6. read a book (i know some people think its boring)

7. draw something on paper au on the computer

8. watch nyan cat on youtube

9. play a zelda game if wewe have any zelda games

10. watch hello kitty video on youtube

11. play your 3ds for 3 hours if wewe have a 3ds

12. post 100 pictures on deviantart if wewe have an account

13. make a account on a website wewe know of

14. post 10000000 pictures on this club (i know wewe cant...
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 Llamas R us
Llamas R us
Guess what? I’m back! I’ve decided that I’m going to write one of these every few days when I get bored. So… have wewe noticed that the quality of cartoon shows has decreased within the last 5 years? I mean, what ever happened to Invader Zim and Courage the Cowardly Dog? Those were good quality shows. Now, the best that they can come up with is Fanboy and Chum Chum. (The most annoying onyesha ever.) wewe know what onyesha really depresses me? Spongebob. That used to be a really good show, but now they have new writers and the onyesha SUCKS. Whenever my brother plays it now, I leave the room.
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posted by halo_monty
Last night I had a dream. It was no normal dream. I was at the upigaji picha studio where my mom works and I was talking to Ian Somerhalder. That was *awesome*. But then Paul Wesley appeared and gave me a weird look then walked away. All of a sudden, Ian Somerhalder was playing baseball in the picha shoot room. I walked out of the room and returned dakika later. Ian had turned into a vampire! A real one, not Damon! I gasped and begged him not to drink my blood, but he smiled and said, "It's okay, I'm a matunda vampire!" He pulled a plum out of his pocket- which was weird because before I left the room, his skinny jeans didn't have pockets- and started sucking the juisi out it. When he was done, Paul Wesley came back with a normal expression and the two leaned against a window, just like the poster in my room. I think I've looking at that poster to much…
posted by jessicamc26
Want some chicken? A man was driving along a freeway when he noticed a chicken running along side his car. He was amazed to see the chicken keeping up with him because he was doing 50 MPH. He accelerated to 60 and the chicken stayed right inayofuata to him. He speeded up to 75 MPH and the chicken passed him up. The man noticed the chicken had three legs. So, he followed to chicken down a road and ended up at a farm. He got out of his car and saw that all the chickens had three legs. He asked the farmer "What's up with these chickens?" The farmer alisema "Well, everybody likes chicken legs. I bred a three legged bird. I'm going to be a millionaire." The man asked him how they tasted. The farmer alisema "Don't know, haven't caught one yet."
posted by shutyourface
why is it people only have arguement about things
that are famouse HMMMM!
i would prefer to say how crap chocklet cake is
but know it has to be stuff that everyone likes i mean it there was only 1 siku au a week that nobody
to take the mick au the biskuti out of anything of stuff like what is better pizza au burgers

what brings me to the conclusion what is the best
pizza au burgers

answer the swali be my shabiki write a maoni and STICK TO THE ADVICE I HAVE GAVE wewe AND PAST IT ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS
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The sun is just dakika from rising and the night is growing lighter. An alter made entirely of blue marble, jade, and amethyst is illuminated. Two tiny babies lie on juu writhing and screaming in discomfort. They are naked, only a few days old and the chill of the stone slowly seeping into their Bones will surely kill them. The larger of the two will not stop screaming while her twin just sobs quietly.
Their frail mother stands a few feet away determined to finish what she came here to do but her eyes are bloodshot and red raw from her constant tears. But she is not alone. Her husband...
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The inayofuata day, Emma, Eve, and Mellissa met outside the school. Suddenly, the three girls got tackled into a bush. "Hey! What was that for?! I broke a nail!" Emma yelled. Eve looked up and realized Ms. Winters had tackled them. "Ms. Winters?!"Eve whisper-exclaimed, attempting to songesha her long black hair out of her face. She had Lost the rubber band holding it up in the bushes. Mellissa looked around the schoolyard and luckily it was empty. "I had to mark wewe absent for the day, but your parents won't know. Sometimes the system gets messed up, anyway." Ms. Winters said. All three girls stared...
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posted by RosaluvzJB

Chapter 2; A New Friend

I get to school and go to nyumbani room. "Class,  I would like to introduce the newest doomed child in this doomed school of doom." Ms. machungu, bitters says. In steps a pretty girl who is tall, slinder, but she does have curvs. She has long, medium brown hair that goes to the middle of her back and beautiful, brown eyes. The new girl gives a scared look at Ms. Bitters' words and says "Hi! I'm Abby."  I raise my hand. "What do wewe want, Dib?" Ms. machungu, bitters asks. "I want to ask Abby a question." I say. "Fine. What is it?" Ms. machungu, bitters replies. "Do wewe notice anything strange about...
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posted by MadMeggi
1. Walk up to an old person and scream "Grandma/Grandpa your alive!

2. Hide in a closet at Ikea and pop out at people saying "I'm back from Narnia!"

3. Throw water balloons at passing cars.

4. Go door to door asking people for ice cubes. Take them home, melt them, and then take them back saying "I don't want them anymore.

5. Give a bila mpangilio stranger a Wet Willy.

6. Get caught masturbating and watching porn.

7. Call Walmart and ask if they sell they're employees.

8. Slap a waitress.

9. When a waiter asks wewe want wewe want to drink, tell them "Wouldn't wewe like to know???!!!???"

10. When wewe hear someone say something depressing, scream out Let's have a party!
purple belt: kaio ken x1

blue belt: kaio ken x2

brown belt: kaio ken x3

red belt: kaio ken x4

red/black belt: false super saiyan

black belt: super saiyan

2nd dagree black belt: super saiyan 2

3rd degree black belt: super saiyan 3

4th degree black belt: super saiyan 4

and so on.......... im false super saiyan
It's all the same
Only the names will change
It seems we're wastin' away

Another place
Where the faces are so cold
I drive all night
Just to get back home

I'm a cowboy
On a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted
Dead au alive
Dead au alive

Sometimes I sleep
Sometimes it's not for days
The people I meet
Always go their separate ways

Sometimes wewe tell the day
By the bottle that wewe drink
And times when you're alone
When all wewe do is think

I'm a cowboy
On a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted
Dead au alive
Dead au alive

Ohh alright

Oh I'm a cowboy
On a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted
Dead or...
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It’s not time to give this one zaidi try, I don’t think so
Last night wewe alisema wewe want a last lie
I can’t let wewe wreck my plans
I’m planning to let wewe go
Oh, only one thing is true, only one thing to do
Time to futa you

Burning up all your pictures
Tearing up all your letters
Ripping up all your sweaters
This is, this is
For the better

Slashing up all your tires
Smashing up all your flowers
Grabbing back all my power
‘Cause one mess says I don’t need you
Delete you
Oh, (Oh) futa you
Whoa oh (Oh)

It’s not time to say how much wewe care, I don’t think so
I don’t want you, I want wewe not there...
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posted by cloudburst
I'm still alive but barely breathing
Just pray to a God that beloved in
Cause I got rime while she got freedom
Cause when a hertbreaks,no it don't breakeven

Her best days will be some of my worst
She finally met a man that's gonna put her first
While I'm wide awake she's no trouble sleeping
cause when a heartbreaks,no it don't breakeven,even,no

What am I suppose to do
When the best part of me is always wewe and
What am I suppose to say
When I'm all choked up and your okay

I'm falling to pieces,yeah
I'm falling to pieces

They say bad things happen for a reason
But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding
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posted by 7things
Shimmy - System Of A Down link

Education, fornication, in wewe are go
Education subjugation, now you're out go
Education fornication, in wewe are go
Don't be late for school again boy
I think me, I want life
I think me, I want a house and a wife
I want to shimmy-shimmy-shimmy
through the break of dawn yeah
Education, fornication, in wewe are go
Education subjugation, now you're out go
Education fornication, in wewe are go
Don't be late for school again girl
I think me, I want life
I think me, I want a house and a wife
I want to shimmy-shimmy-shimmy
through the break of dawn yeah
I think me, I...
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RI 500 Creative suffering
RI 501 Overcoming Peace of Mind
RI 502 wewe and Your Birthmarks
RI 503 Guilt Without Sex
RI 504 The Primal Shrug
RI 505 Ego Gratification Through Violence
RI 506 Moulding your Child's Behavior Through Guilt and Fear
RI 507 Dealing With Post-Realization Depression
RI 508 Whine your Way To Alienation
RI 509 How to Overcome Self-Doubt Through Pretence and Ostentation
RI 510 How to Cope with Jet Lag
RI 511 How to Improve your Horoscope
RI 512 How to Relax and Let your Lawn Grow
RI 513 Classic TV Guide Literature
RI 514 Recalling Bad Jokes
RI 515 Reciting Monty Pithon
RI 516 Repair and Maintenance of your Virginity
Okay, instead of just uandishi about bila mpangilio things that no one really cares about, I’m going to make a orodha of my absolute inayopendelewa words in the entire universe. But first: HAPPY CHRISTMAHANUKWANZA!!!! Most people just say Happy Holidays, but I like to be original. 

1.    Blimo = The mix between a blimp and a limo
2.    Uber = It’s like very, but zaidi epic.
3.    Freaking = it’s like saying ‘fucking’ but wewe don’t get in trouble for saying it.
4.    Epic/Epicness = you’d better know what this means.
5.    Pie...
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posted by sensativEmo
The argument over what's considered to be real muziki goes on and on (and on and on).

Jyoti Mishra

How many times have wewe been in a pub/club/brothel and heard someone start up the same old speech, pointing at some trance act au karakana crew and going, "See that? That's not real music! They can't even play their instruments! wewe just push a few buttons and it's all done for you." The best reply for this I've found is to simply agree. But occasionally I'll suggest if it really is that easy, why don't they go and have their own hit record? After all, they just need to buy the right bit of gear and...
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