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wewe will shit bricks,
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This bila mpangilio picha might contain picha, headshot, and closeup.

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Recently Jones had released a new picha on his Youtube today, Jan 9, 2019. The picha was taken in Seattle Washington with the space needle in the background. With muziki symbols in the text, it is rumored Jones has something in store for 2019.
Back at PSX 2016 Jones announced promotions for The Last Of Us Part ll. At E3 2018 he announced promotions for The Last Of Us Part ll. Currently IGN rumors that The Last Of Us Part ll will release within 2019 however Naughty Dog has yet to hakikisha this. With The Last Of Us and other new muziki releasing this year. It could be a good turn around for Jones as he prepares for a possible new album.
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I owe a lot of thanks to the wonderful people of this website. I've learned a lot from all of wewe and have changed a lot as a person.

I used to not value friendship that much. I was born with autism so I tried to avoid having friends. I was cool with being kwa my own, but a former fanpop member, named Harleenquinzel5 (Lola), became my first true friend on here. Her kindness and supportive nature made me care about friendship.

Since then, I've met several zaidi wonderful people who have become close Marafiki of mine.

Thank wewe my friends. Your messages, comments, props, images, etc. give me tons of sunshine and make me appreciate my life even more.

Thank wewe for giving me the magic of friendship. You're amazing Marafiki that make fanpop a great place!
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Cyberpunk trailer. Watched it like thousands of times
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