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wewe will shit bricks,
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(Songs and commentary will be listed after the poem. Enjoy!)

1-Welcome to your life,
2-Burning red and honestly.
3-How pure the darkness,
4-If wewe ignore the terminology.

5-Your toxic stare,
6-Up against the wall.
7-Now that you're gone forever,
8-You're just a know it all.

9-I used to roll the dice,
10-Like as not it's better so.
11-This is my curse,
12-I've many zaidi miles to go.

13-I don't want to live another moment,
14-But can wewe see that I'm in real danger.
15-My legs are dangling off the edge,
16-Her eyes were eyes of a stranger.

17-So much for your promises,
18-The poison maua, ua comes uncurled.
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Theme Song

Kevin: *Plays piano*
David: *Playing bass*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Liz: *Plays guitar*
Mr. Nut: *Sings* Welcome everybody to The Nut House. Thankfully this is not in Laos. Come on everybody into The Nut House. wewe can wear anything except for a blouse. Come on everybody, step into The Nut House.
Everyone: The Nut House!

Episode 5: Deck The Halls

Mr. Nut: *Finishes decorating the krisimasi mti in the arcade*
David: There we go. Now everyone that waits for their chakula can enjoy the arcade with some krisimasi spirit.
Mr. Nut: We still need a nyota though.
Liz: Can I be the star?
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posted by Atsukokagari
Hi to anybody who reads this. I'm Atsuko Kagari, but my Marafiki call me Akko.

In life sometimes things get difficult. Things don't work out as well as they should and stressful things get in the way of happiness. Because of that it's easy to simply give up. However giving up is the worst thing to do.

Giving up might as well be a curse word, because giving up is a truly bad thing to do. If wewe want to succeed in life giving up is the worst thing to do. No matter how bad things get there are always chances to make life better. If wewe give up on your dreams wewe are also giving up on your chances...
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Sleeping Beauty
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posted by Windrises
There are several high quality singers of both genders. My inayopendelewa female singer is Helen Edgeworth (Helen von Drama).

You're likely wondering who Helen Edgeworth is. She's a singer who has a account on YouTube. She sings songs from Studio Ghibli films. Since Studio Ghibli is my inayopendelewa animated films studio I'm a big shabiki of Helen Edgeworth.

Helen Edgeworth does American versions of Japanese Studio Ghibli songs. She often writes her own versions of Studio Ghibli songs. Her lyrics are well written and good. Her version of The Wind Rises song is AMAZING. However the best thing about Helen Edegeworth is her voice. She has a eloquent and lovely sounding voice that wewe need to hear.

Helen Edgeworth currently has around 110 mashabiki so please help her get zaidi fans. She's 1 of my inayopendelewa singers. Every Studio Ghibli shabiki should check out her songs.
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Lots of people dislike their lives. I often think life is okay. I tend to forget how good life is. Lots of people have been mad and sad recently so I hope this cheers wewe up.

People often get mad at silly things. It's understandable to be mad, but some people get mad too often. People often get mad about money, politics, and other things. People tend to react to these things with anger and harsh behavior which is not how bad things in life should be solved. Screaming curse words at some people that you're mad at will not make life better.

If your life is bad au good depends on what quality...
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