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 The Tenth Doctor is in my Textbook
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Look! Down in the bottom right corner! It's him! Not even kidding!
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hujambo babe sittin there
wewe dont see my sitting behind your chair
Im staring a at wewe and wewe butt
and on the back of your leg there is a cut
wewe got it shaving in the kuoga
i watched wewe threw the window for zaidi then a hour
i saw wewe fighting with your mom
about your newest stepdad Tom.
Now wewe saw me just my hat.
Now wewe hit me with a bat.
Ow is all that i can say.
But i still stalk wewe anyway.
I see wewe with your boyfriend.
But does he know it is the end.
I stab his back with a knife.
Now wewe both are screaming for your life.
And just cuz i feel like it and that is true.
I take out i kisu and stab wewe to.
Now that i've stalked her today.
Im coming for wewe so run away.
posted by Princess_seki
    You may fall from the sky, wewe may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall... is in upendo with me.

Do wewe believe in upendo at first sight, au should I walk kwa again?    

Crap. Something is wrong with my cell phone. {Oh Really. What is that?} Its just that...your numbers not in it.    

It's a good thing that I have my maktaba card. Why? Because I am totally checking wewe out!!    

If a fat man puts wewe in a bag at night, don't worry I told Santa I wanted wewe for Christmas.    

If I received a nickel...
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There was a boy called Jake who always got teased at school he got because he was different one siku he he cme back to school it looked like a normal siku but while everyone walked around Jake acted himself like every normal siku but when the kengele rang for clas he got a 44 moto arm he shot lot's of the kids teacher too so wewe let that be a lesson for wewe if wewe had not teased him he would have been fine who knows wewe could have even saved his life.

Afew days past and Jake was dead he had decided to shoot himself in the head many people blammed it all jake when really it was there own fault at take.
posted by SymmaGirl2
Just a couple of song titles. I'll add "in my pants" to the end of each one to keep it interesting! XD Here goes~!
Cool my pants.
Just my pants.
Mr. my pants. my pants.
Let's Boil Hot my pants. my pants. my pants.
I Like my pants.
Go Google my pants.
Ten my pants.
Parallel my pants.
Little drummer, ngoma my pants.
Secret my pants.
Moonlit my pants. my pants. my pants.
Labyrinth my pants.
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I got this off an e-mail from a friend, so this is not mine and I take no claim in it. Please don't do these things in real life, it's just for fun and a good laugh. And if wewe do do these things (number 4 fo example), than I'm sorry but you're really dumb.



6 Ways On How To Deal With papa Attacks:

More than 99% of papa attacks happen in large watermasses- also know as oceans. An easy way to tell if wewe are in an ocean is to taste the water- it will taste like salt.

Make sure that there...
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