bila mpangilio What time is it?

Pick one:
Time to get a watch!
Time to get a watch!
Half pass a monkey&# 39; s punda and a quater to it&# 39; s...
Half pass a monkey's punda and a quater to it's balls!!!
20: 35
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Added by r-pattz
Summer time
Added by katiecain
time to DIE!!!!! HEHEHE!!!!
Added by frylock243
My Chemical Romance time!
Added by MIKEYWAY445
A time which is now?
A time which is now?
Go look wewe moron!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!
Go look wewe moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added by PrettyCure55
Its....... past your nappy time.
Its.......past your nappy time.
Added by zanesaaomgfan
Time to SHAKE IT!
Added by britishPeeps
4: 05 and... summertime!
4:05 and... summertime!
Added by bubbles4u22
karanga siagi jelly TIME!!
Added by rockzsanders
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 TwilightSagaLdy posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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