bila mpangilio Do wewe hate a letter in the alphebet for absoulute no reason???

Pick one:
No,they all rock!
Yeah...all of them.
Such a stupid question... I can&# 39; t even answer!
Such a stupid question...I can't even answer!
Yes,because "I" is just such a weird letter!
"J" because it's just a curved "I"
Z!Who needs it?
"A" because it's the first letter in the alphebet!
"B" because it just had to come after "A"!
"T" because my name starts with a "T" and I hate it!
"L" because the first time I tried a Lollipop I choked.
"N" because I hate "New Moon"!!!!( I don't)
"O" becuase octopuses are so slimey!Yuck!!!!
"P" because my brother's name starts with "P" and I hate him!
"M" because my mom left my dad!(not true)
&# 34; G&# 34; because I hate green!
"G" because I hate green!
&# 34; Y&# 34; because my Marafiki ilitumwa a embarrinsing vid...
"Y" because my Marafiki ilitumwa a embarrinsing vid on youtube!
&# 34; C&# 34; because I hate cats!
"C" because I hate cats!
 moolah posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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