bila mpangilio Your inayopendelewa toilet?

Pick one:
1. They're watching youuu...
2. Make feeding your samaki more.. uh, convenient...
3. Aim for the dangly thing in the back of its throat O_O
4. Robotic Urinal?
5. Any sluts PERFECT toilet
6. wewe breathe music, so why not, uh, ... pee music?
7. Zooommm...
8. Gotta go on the go?
9.Yeah! Pee on the politician!
10. Just sit in between the nice man's legs, darling.
11. Beware of the cat-consuming toilet!
12. That's right, right into the nice Nun's belly...
13. Direct acupuncture to the butt... easy as that
14. Scream WEE! on the adventurous ride through the mountains while wewe wee!
15. Take a seat, call some Marafiki up, take a pee!
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 KilledbyanAngel posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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