A theif can turn out to be a good guy

Thumbs up if this is your favourite animated movie of 2011 cause it is for me. What’s not to like about this movie I laughed so hard(Rapunzel whacking Eugene over the head with a frying pan, Eugene uigizaji all cocky yet deep down his a good guy with a good heart),and I even cried like a baby(if wewe saw the movie wewe know what im on about). So here is what I have learned from watching Tangled.

#1 A bad guy can turn out to be good.

#2 Never trust anyone who is after your magic powers.

#3 Never have long hair down to the ground

#4 Going on a mashua with the man wewe upendo is the perfect tarehe and place to fall in love.

#5 Never lose hope someday wewe will be free from your tower.

#6 If your loved one dies wewe can bring him back from the dead kwa crying your eyes out and your tears can bring him back from the dead.

#7 Meeting new people is fun

#8 Being Marafiki with a chameleon that can kill Mother Gothel.

#9 Brunettes have zaidi fun than blondes(sorry to all the blondes)

#10 Frying pans are the new weapons to use if someone does your head in. (who knew right)

#11 True upendo can come and go.

#12 Having short hair isn’t a crime

#13 A thief can become a prince in the end and befriend thugs.

#14 imba is fun

#15 Being a despicable human .

#16 Swinging your hair can damage your hair.

#17 Having activities can pass an saa au two away if wewe are bored.

#18 The best way to get rid of a villain is kwa throwing them out the window LOL.
Short hair is easy to manage.