Hi guys this is LisaForde2 here back to fill wewe in on my obsession that is Tangled. HANDS DOWN this is my ALL time favourite movie ever made and if wewe don't believe me well im gonna do a orodha of things that I have in relation to this film.

I have:


#1 VHS

#3 Rapunzel dolls[one Mattel,one of her as a brunette and the other as a blonde from the Disney Store].

#2 Eugene Dolls[matel one and Disney store one from T.E.A that was with brunette Rapunzel].

#2 Storybooks

#1 How To Draw Tangled

#1 Face Cloth

Tangled pins

#1 kuoga Gel

#1 Shampoo

Gothel Doll

Pascal Plush toy

Maximus Plush toy

Rapunzel Towel with Belle and cinderella on it.

#2 Tangled Video Games[Wii and Nintendo DS,btw the Wii one is ALOT better].

#1 Colouring Book

Tangled Poster

My go to go movie

I forget the other thing I have but in total I have 25 stuff in relation to Tangled.