Ok I don't wanna go into a fight OK but I have to be honest,Yes I upendo Frozen too its my 10th fav movie of all time but Tangled beats it in my opinion and here is why.

1. Better story-As wewe know what each charcther is and what they represent and the structure of the story is brilliant and interesting.Frozen's was kinda good but it lacked on the backstory.

2. Alan Menken: Again wewe CANNOT beat this guy his the film composer of the 1990s from Beauty & The Beast and Aladdin,I always loved his work and all his scores fit perfectly in each Disney movie he composed,especially in Tangled.

3. The animation: Both Tangled and Frozen had awesome uhuishaji but I loved the colours in Tangled zaidi as Frozen's was all light blue and they stuck with that all the time after all Frozen is set in a winter wonderland setting.

4. Songs are ALOT better in Tangled than they are in Frozen(except For the first time in forever and I suppose Let It Go which is so theatrical and powerful).

5. The charcthers are better as like I mentioned in No 1 they HAVE a backstory.

6. Mandy Moore: Again(happy bday Moore who was 30 yesterday) I loved her since I was a kid and I thought she did an awesome job in that movie. Her voice fitted perfectly for Rapunzel. Idina Menzel however im sorry but her imba range is NOT for Disney,she should stick to Broadway to be honest.

7. zaidi humor in Tangled than there is in Frozen. All thanks to Zachary Levi and the horse Maximus.

8. True love's kiss is NEVER mentioned in Tangled and im glad cause im so sick and tired of this true love's kiss bullshit all the time its so old and cliched.

9. Lantern scene in Tangled is fucking brilliant I mean THAT is why CGI uhuishaji is brilliant because its so lifelike and amazing to see.

10. Again Tangled is a timeless masterpiece and the best since Beauty & The Beast(which it was trying SO hard to become for today's kids).

ujumla, jumla I do upendo Frozen but its SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking overrated and its getting on my nerves that people are claiming it to be the best film of all time,like seriously what about The Lion King eh au Beauty & The Beast those films are brilliant.

Sorry for the rant and do wewe agree au disagree and why wewe liked Tangled au Frozen??