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Ok my stuff got Lost for the sekunde time but I'm listening to muziki and I'm good.

Leah pov: I can't believe it I'm here kissing Jacob.
I had to stop it since I got to heated. Before I got up I alisema "I gotta go"

And I left with.out him saying a word.

I step in my car and dialed
Kyle's number.

It ringed 2times and then she picked up.

*phone convo*
Me : Hey, Kyle I wanted to know if I can come over.

Kyle : yeah just let me get my self together first.

Me.: Together? What are wewe doing?

Kyle : this is grown folks business. *hang ups*

*phone convo end*

I laughed as I was driving to her house.

Niyah pov : I was in my room with Bree. We been hanging out together. And I missed my girls.

Me: Bree

Bree: yeah , what

Me : let's go to my friend house.

Bree : ok

I called Leah. And it ringed 3 times.
Then she picked up.

*phone convo*

Leah: HELLO! " she alisema with attitude

Me : hey-

Leah:.who is this.

Me: well, maybe wewe should look at your caller ID.

I heard her songesha the phone from her ear. And look at the ID number.

Leah: OMG NIYAH! Girl how wewe doing?

Me: I'm fine, but I wasn't gone that long. But anyway can I come over to your house.

Leah: um well I'm going to Kyle house u can come over.

Me: ok

*phone convo end*

Me: come on

I alisema to bree and we ran super speed



Sorry for any mistake I was in a rush

I will put the vampire and mtu-bweha powers and their eye color.

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Brianna POV
I can not believe what just happened to me...i feel betrayed and i feel soo STUPID! I wish i never dated him.....i hate him. So as im walking i see keke coming down the mitaani, mtaa all dressed up.Then she see's me and runs up to me.Keke:hey gi.....whats wrong?? Me:nothing.... Keke:now wewe know that i know wewe lien right?? Me:ughhhh...it was him! Keke:who randy?? Me:yess. Keke:what did he do now?! Me:when i went to his house i caught him and gabrielle having sex. Keke:what the fuck!! Me:i know thats just like my reaction.Keke:what did wewe do to him?? Me:nothing.... Keke:are wewe crazy i...
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I deserve a whooping lol i havent written jn over a week....im sowwy :-(.. Antyway on with chappy 8!!

Still Nikol's POV::.

{After school}

The boys seemed cool so I guess I can consider them as my friends. Imma see if they would like to come over :)...HEY! I know thinkin "Bitch is wewe crazy..or are wewe desperate? wewe just met them today! (0_o)".....Maybe I am crazy...and a little desperate buuutt that's besides the point, my parents did want me to make Marafiki so hey. I'll ask 'em.

Me: hujambo guys?

Boys: Yerp?

Me: Would y'all like to come over to my house?

Boys: *raise eyebrows with smirks*...
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