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This ray ray (Mindless Behavior) picha might contain mitaani, mji eneo la tukio, mijini mazingira, jiji eneo, mijini kuweka, and carriageway.

Hey, to my fellow fans! This is a story of a girl was the school reject why, not sure (was to lazy to think of a reason lol!) She didn't really believe in herself until a certain someone came along and turned her life upside down(in a good way) (P.S I'm not uandishi this story saying their mindless behavior, they're just normal (SUPER CUTE!!!) boys that's all) let's meet our characters drum roll please:)!!

1st Samantha- she's really pretty but doesn't think so! She's a nerd, gets the highest grades but sadly she's the girl the even her fellow geeks make fun of:(. But she'll be my nyota character!...
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