TNARR Episode Three: Wanted (Part 1)


The door busted down and flash grenades were tossed in. They detonated and everyone inside was blinded. They shot wildly at the doorway, hitting nothing but metal.

"Stop wewe fools!" a man shouted. He was in a business suit and appeared to be a normal business man. However, upon closer inspection, one could see his pockets stuffed with vials of drugs. "That's not gonna get the cops!"

"I'd say the cops are the least of your problems right now." another voice alisema from the shadows.

"Red Revenge!" the business man exclaimed.

"That's right Falmin. Give it up now and I'll make sure wewe go to jail without anything in a cast."

"Shoot! Shoot! Shoot anywhere!" the businessman yelled in reply. His goons, about six in total, began shooting around the room, shattering glass and wooden tables. Their machine guns continued to moto until a dagger landed in the midst of them. A smoke grenade went off and a dark, caped figure landed in the smoke cloud.

The businessman dared not shoot into the wingu of smoke. He wouldn't risk hitting one of his men. When the wingu finally cleared, the figure was gone and all six men were laying on the ground unconscious.

The businessman whimpered in fear an backed up into someone. He turned around and had the gun knocked out of his hand. He looked up at the figure, none other than Red Revenge.

"Where?" Revenge demanded, picking the man up kwa the neck. The man had to weigh at least twice as much as Revenge, but Revenge lifted him with one hand like it was no problem.

"Where what?" the businessman asked.

Revenge raised him a few zaidi inches off the ground and rammed him into the wall. "WHERE ARE THE DRUGS?!" 

"I ain't telling you." the man replied, trying to sound confident, but shaking extremely.

Revenge pulled out a dagger and dug it into the man's neck, drawing blood. "I said, WHERE?!"

Act One:

"Wanted Part I"
February 12, 2015- 000:003:005
Personal Records
New York City, NY, USA

Revenge walked in the door coughing, but still pissed off.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

*If only I had known.*

"I got an answer out of the Dealer." Revenge said, sitting at the dawati and typing on the computer, still coughing.

I sighed and tossed him a cough drop.

*Should have known that was a bad mistake*

"Don't need one." Revenge said. I need to find out what happens when wewe combine-ah ha!"

"Combine what?" I asked, setting down my magazine.

Revenge didn't reply. He took a print out of the sheet and logged out of the computer. He walked out without a word.

"Hey!" I yelled after him. He ignored me and walked into the garage. In no time he was screeching down the road at full speed on his motorbike.

"What's going on?" Sarah asked, yawning.

Ever since her parents had been killed, Sarah had lived at the HQ. Sam had offered her an apartment, but she had refused. Sarah was an extremely beautiful girl. She had an extremely curvy figure and normally dressed in a tank-top and shorts, as she was now. 

*And every time I see her*

"The usual. New break in a mission and I'll be the last to know about it." I replied, picking up my magazine again.

Sarah yawned again and sat down on the kitanda beside me. "Well, ask around at school." she said.

*Oh, did I mention everyone thought Sarah was dead? Sorry.*

"I will." I promised.

*Bad mistake*


I walked into school the inayofuata morning looking around for Sam. He wasn't there. That was strange. He was usually the first one at school so he could talk to me about some mission au criminal. 

It was almost the sekunde period before I saw him, well, he saw me.

I was walking along, quite worried, when someone grabbed my waist from behind. The corridor was fairly empty, and my squeak *sadly, yes* of surprise echoed around.

I turned to see Sam standing behind me.

"There wewe are, I was worried for a-" I squeaked again as Sam squeezed his hand that was on my waist. He pushed me into a ukuta hard and pressed his lips against mine, trying to squeeze his tounge into my mouth.

"What the frickin' hell?" I asked, pushing him away.

"C'mon, babe." he said.

I cut him short with a smack to the face before leaning in and whispering. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked.

"What? Can't a guy enjoy having a girlfriend?" he asked innocently.

I slapped him again. "Not this way." I replied, pushing his hand away from my hip.

"Hmmm. Maybe I need to re-think this relationship." he said, and walked away.

I was tempted to cry, but I didn't. I glared daggers after him, no pun intended, and walked away.


I had just slipped on my pajamas when the dagger went off. I groaned and picked it up before answering. 

"What now?" I asked.

"Better get downtown." Sarah replied. "Bank robbery."

I hung up, curious as to what Sarah had meant, calling me, and pulled on my Nightbird costume.

I landed outside a ring of police cars. I slipped past the barricades and into the alley where a familiar figure was planting daggers along the wall. I was about to walk up to him when the ukuta blew in. 

Red Revenge was the first in, as always, and throwing daggers, in no time, he had the criminals pinned against the wall. All but one. He walked over to the final criminal, who was whimpering in fear mind you, and picked him up.

"Who hired you?" he demanded.

I stayed back, as I had learned was best to do during interrogations.

"No one! I swear! This was all my idea!" the guy cried, raising his hands as Revenge hoisted him two feet off the ground.

"I'm gonna have to teach wewe a lesson about robbing banks." Revenge said.

I leaned off the wall.

Revenge grabbed the guy's arm and twisted it, and twisted it, until I heard the 'snap' across the room.

"Revenge!" I called, trying to run over, but falling flat on my face.

The teenaged vigilante grabbed the guy's other arm and twisted it. I heard another 'snap' as I got up.

I finally reached Revenge and yanked him off the guy, shoving him to the ground.

"What the hell is wrong with wewe today?" I asked.

He laughed and I felt something scrape my side. I put my hand on the pain and looked at it. Blood. Revenge pushed me off of him and got up, still laughing like Reaper, before grappling through the roof.

Draxx busted in, guns aimed, scanning the area. He lowered the gun and came over to help me up, which I took.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I don't know." I said. "I don't know."

Act Two:

"Three broken arms, a broken jaw, two broken noses, cracked ribs, and ten concussions, not including the innumerable contusions." Brown said, slamming papers down on Draxx's desk. "You better stop him now, au I'm bringing in someone who can." 

Draxx sighed as Brown walked towards the door and opened it.

"And that includes you, missy." he added, pointing at me, and slammed the door.

Draxx sighed again and picked up the files, shoving them into a drawer in his file cabinet.

"Okay, events over the past forty-eight hours." Draxx said, sitting down again and opening up a notepad.

I sighed and walked out from behind the police chief. "Typical." I began. "We caught a few people robbing a bank, it should all be in your police files, but Revenge thought there was something interesting about them and interrogated them in private. He continued to investigate something. Told me last night that he was going to go over to the Bronx to investigate something. The only criminal who has a hideout there though is the Dealer. He's still locked up in North Penitentiary though."

Draxx sighed and pulled a newspaper out and put it on the table, he pointed to an makala on page three. "Honestly, do wewe read the papers?" he asked. 

I shrugged sheepishly. "Only the headlines. Anyway, he came in like he was sick last night and has been uigizaji funny ever since."

"Funny like what?" Draxx asked, looking up from his notebook.

"Like doing things he would never do." I replied. "Like..."

"Like what?" Draxx asked.

"Watchdog!" I said, completely ignoring Draxx.

"Yeah?" Sarah replied sleepily. 

"Send all the information from Revenge and Dealer's first encounter to my phone-errr-- very important and secret device." I said. Draxx sighed and rolled his eyes, putting his head into his hands. 

Sarah sighed and a moment later, I had the information on my phone. I scrolled through it quickly.

"Antidote?" I asked. 

"Send-What the---?"

My phone burst into sparks and flames. I quickly stomped it out and looked up at Draxx. "Well someone doesn't want us to see that." I said.

"Nightbird? wewe there? I think our computer and communication systems have been compromised. Shutting them down." Watchdog said.

"Understood." I replied. "Thanks anyway." 


"Let me get this straight." I said, sitting up on the couch. "Revenge went...ballistic?"

"Yeah." Sarah said. "He went out and started robbing banks, destroying parks in his fight with Vendicta. Blowing holes in school walls. He finally was stopped. This was when he was still an enemy of the state so to speak, so he didn't need to regain the public's trust."

"But imagine now." I said, leaning back on the kitanda and taking a sip of my soda.

Sarah and I sat in silence for a while. It was several moments before I spoke up.

"So how did wewe stop him?" I asked. "Assuming this is the same thing." 

"I don't remember. Something about--"

Before Sarah could continue, the computer systems beeped.

"I thought you--"

"I did." Sarah said, typing frantically on the computer. "The only person who has override codes is-"

"Sam." I finished.

I set down my drink and hopped on my bike.

"Where are wewe going?" Sarah asked.

"Where else?" I replied. "Grant Industries."

My motorbike screeched to a stop in front of the building. I hopped off before the motorcycle had stopped moving and was in the building.

"What the--?" one of the guards said.

I was already in the CEO's office kwa the time they figured out who I was.

"You need better guards." I said.

"Probably, what do wewe want?" the voice replied.

"To talk." I replied. 

"Well then talk." the voice replied.

"Look me in the face." I said, turning the chair around. The inayofuata few events happened as if they were in slow motion. I turned the chair around to find a dummy pointing a gun at me. The gun fired and I barely moved enough to avoid the graze on my side. I put my hand down there to cover the wound. I grew sick at the sight of my own blood. I turned I time to see Revenge swinging in and landing a firm blow to my chest. I hit the window. The glass shattered. I felt the ground give way and me falling.

Falling thirty-five stories to my death.

Act Three: 

Even with my gun wound, the glass in my back, and the shock of what had happened, not to mention my rapid descent, I somehow managed to pull out my grappling gun and moto it. It hit a secure line and I jerked to a halt. I yelled as something moved into a place it shouldn't.


"Ow!" I exclaimed.

"Honestly. None of the boys au Vendicta ever complained this much." Sarah said.

"Did they ever dislocate their-- ow! --shoulder?" I asked.

"Dont ask about their injuries." Sarah said.

I sighed as she continued to tend to my wounds.

"Any lead on that drug?" I asked.

"No." Sarah replied. "Not yet. There, that should do. Did wewe manage to stop the hacking?" 

"I cut all lines to Grant Industries. That should do." I replied.

"For now." Sarah added.

Sam didn't onyesha up to school the inayofuata day. His mom had no clue where he was. It was almost three in the morning before I got asleep.What felt like right after my head hit the pillow, my alarm clock was ringing which meant one of two things: Someone was playing a trick on me, au some serious shit was going on downtown.

"Yes?" I asked groggily.

"Better get downtown, Revenge is...well, come see for yourself." Draxx replied.