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sanaa ya shabiki
nessie and jake- chapter three
i didn't bother to take a car. i just ran. when i got to jake's house they were in the front yard.
"STOP!" i screamed as i saw my mom lunge at jacob in his werewolf form. why did i care? why did i care so much about him still. maybe because i'm not a horrible person.
i myself really don't know why but i jumped in front of jake. my mom mustn't have seen that it was me because she tore me apart. she punched me over and over until jake attacked her.
that was the last thing i saw.

i woke up the inayofuata siku in my bed. the...
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nessie & jake chapter two

i ran to my car. turned it on. and drove. i drove as best as i could through my endless tears. after a couple of minutes, my dad was there.
he drove me the rest of the way home.
"sorry nessie."
"he always alisema he hated leah. he always alisema leah was bitter, and heartless."
"nessie maybe this was best."
"what are wewe talking about! im nothing without jake!"
"nessie just think about it. since wewe were born wewe were tied down to jacob."
"i don't want to talk about it anymore dad!" I pratically screamed it at my dad, which ended the conversation.
we got nyumbani a second...
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