I upendo the newest book. It brought so much to light that was hiding in the dark. I upendo the character of rose and her packaged deal of witty quips. Her and Dimitri are perfect together, and deserve their happy ending, which in a way, they got. I am happy for Lissa, becoming queen. She deserves it. spending most her life hiding, she can finally be honored for being lissa, Queen of the moroi, not lissa, the girl whose whole family died, and just her remaining. i was a bit surprised that Tasha was the one to commit the murder. she was the last person i expected, but when it came down to it, taking Mia hostage, and shooting Rose, made her look even zaidi guilty. I am just a little sad for Adrian. He gave everything to Rose, and in return, she broke his heart. He'll be fine though. i can count on that as my saving grace. i honestly believe, that deep down he knew it would happen. he knew rose was still in upendo with dimitri.he just wanted to forget so he could live in the moment where she was his, and not dimitris. and a swali i would like to add, i was wondering if Abe and Janine are... together. Rose saw some sort of tension that she believed to be sexual, and its not a bad thing. i think it would be great for her mom and dad to relish old times and get back together for good this time. the book also, made me cry, happy tears of course, when dimitri and rose finally came to the stand still to admit their upendo for eachother was not gone, and showed how much they loved eachother through the bedroom sequence. Thier souls combined as one. i loved that.