Richelle Mead How young is too young?

x-menobsessed26 posted on Mar 11, 2011 at 04:29PM
Recently on her blog she posted a story by another author about "How young is too young?" Basically a reasoning of how young is too young to read books that involve sex. Now I pass that on to you and ask you your position on how young is too young. Here's my story:

When I was thirteen I was in our family's den because we only had a two bedroom house and 4 people. The den had two huge bookshelves filled with my mother's books and our books from when we were children. I was taught never to touch her books. At this point I had no idea what sex even was, which is pretty sad for a girl of thirteen. I took one of my mother's books and sat down to read it. It was "All I Need Is You" by: Johanna Linsey. I loved it, but obviously I reached the "s-word" as so many people called it. When my mother found out she wasn't too angry, but she wasn't the brightest light of sunshine either. She let me read her other Johanna Linsey books, and I've recently gotten into Julie Garwood. I think they're great, and my mother didn't have a problem loaning me out her books. She thinks if I can hear about it, I may as well enjoy a good book that may have a few words about it. I agree, but not too young. I think 7th/8th grade is when you should start giving out those books, which can be kinda descriptive if you've ever read them. How young is too young to you?

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