Hello people of the Rick Riordan spot!

Do not worry, I am trying to find an icon. I am doing my best to have one up, but my computer will not co-operate!

And yes, this banner isn`t great. I`m working on it.

Anyways, this spot needs rules so things are nice and nobody gets hurt.

1. Play nice. Common, nobody likes a bully and the fact people can`t see your face au don`t know your name doesn`t make it different. kwa "play nice", I mean no rude comments, no mean maoni to anyone, no racism, the basics. Usually the rule "If your grandma would hit wewe when wewe say that, then don`t say it" applies.

Ex of a rude comment: "God InnocentFanpopuserIamcritisizing, your ikoni sucks, I bet your face sucks too!"

2. If wewe don`t like Rick Riordan au his works, fine. You`re allowed too. But this spot is for the people who actually like his work! Meaning don`t expect not to have an angry au hurt response from somebody after your last post was: "Percy Jackson is so stupid, they`re all dumb and should die". Somebody will react, and that person could be mad.

3. Spam. It`s annoying, please try to avoid spam. We don`t care if your mom makes a killer meatball sandwich, if wewe just saw the new Twilight movie au wewe just bought yourself a marshmallow gun. That kind of stuff wewe post on your profaili au the bila mpangilio club.

4. Share, share, share! This spot is nothing if nobody does anything. wewe have information about a booktour, wewe can either write an makala au use the wonderful ukuta we have. Pictures, fanart, icon? Put it on!

5. This spot is for anything Rick! sinema of his books, news, book releases and so forth. For example, Heroes of Olympus book series: coming out on October 12. If wewe want to put a countdown on the wall, that`s fine. It has to do with Rick unlike your newly purchased marshmallow-gun.

`shall go work on the icon, sayonora!