"Come on out Annabeth. I've heard a lot about you"' the Horse man thing said.
I was only slightly creeped out that this person thing knew my name.
"Annabeth. This is Chiron, he is the activities director here at camp", Luke alisema as he pulled me out.
I got a good look at Chiron. He had a white stallion body but instead of a regular horse head, he had a middle-aged man from the torso up. This was really confusing me. A friend I had just met had just been turned into a pine mti and now there was this weird Chiron dude that some how knew me.
"How do wewe know me?" I managed.
"Grover Iris-messaged me but wewe don't know what that is yet. Don't worry about. Luke, can wewe onyesha Annabeth around and get her a spot in cabin, kibanda 11 please", Chiron said.

"Why an I here?" I asked still pretty confused.
"Well, have wewe ever heard of the Greek gods and goddesses that lived a really long time ago?" Luke alisema as he brought me towards a inverted U of cabins. Each a different style.
"I think."
"Well, their still alive. Sometimes, they have kids with mortals au regular people and their kids are called demigods au half bloods," Luke explained ," wewe are most likely one of them. Thalia and I are au were demigods."
Great,confuse the 7 mwaka old cutie.
"And because we don't know who your Greek parent is, you'll be staying in cabin, kibanda 11, the Hermes cabin. With me," Luke said.
I had a sudden interest in the ground. I remember, just the thought of being able to stay with Luke, threw me into a tizzy.
Luke brought me to the only regular looking cabin. It was an old run-down long cabin. I was supposing it was the Hermes cabin. There were 12 bunks, but all spread across the floor, were at least 20 kids all with a shadow across their face. My stomach sank when I realized I would be sleeping on the ground again.
"Hey Travis," Luke said," will wewe sleep on the ground until we find Annabeth here a cabin?"
A kid about my age stepped forward.
"Yeah sure no problem," I'm guessing this kid was Travis," Hi. My name is Travis Stoll. I sleep under Luke. but I guess thats where you'll be sleeping for now."
I guess my eyes lit up, because both Travis and Luke laughed.

Later that week, at sword practice in the arena with Luke and the rest of the Hermes cabin, everyone starred at me.
"What? What did I do?" I asked extremely confused.
"Travis. Go get Chiron," Luke alisema in a tone i had never heard him use before.
Travis ran out of the arena. A few dakika later Travis came in with Chiron.
"What's going on?" I asked hoping maybe Chiron could answer.
"Annabeth. Your mother has claimed you." Chiron mumbled.
I looked up and saw a spinning hologram of a grey owl.
"Annabeth, wewe are a daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy," Chiron said.
Chiron lifted me on to his back and we galloped away out of the arena. Apparently news spreads quickly because the whole Athena cabin, kibanda was in the cabin.
As I entered I was suprised to see so many kids with blonde hair and grey eyes.
"Hi. My name is Katie," a girl said. She almost looked exactly like an older version of me.