"I'm the head counselor of the Athena cabin," Katie said. I guessed that she was about 16 years old. I had noticed black string necklaces around all the campers necks with various amounts of beads, each with a different ubunifu on the beads. Katie's had 6 beads on it. Well, I mean I notice weird things.
"Uh," for the first time in a while, I was speechless.
I looked around the room. There were kids of various ages sitting at tables in the middle of the cabin. They all had blonde hair and gray eyes. Just like me. But they were all working on something on blue sheets of paper. All of the bunks were jammed into a corner.
"Sorry for the mess in here Annabeth," Katie alisema as she took my stuff which consisted of a few machungwa, chungwa Camp Half-blood t-shirts that Luke had aliyopewa me, and my tooth brush from the camp store.
She set my stuff down on an empty open bunk. I got situated after a few minutes. I was just sitting there, when a girl came over. She was maybe a mwaka au two older than me.
"Hi. My name is Suzy. What's your name?" she said. She almost sounded to happy.
"Annabeth," I alisema in a very small voice I never really knew I had.
"Oh. Well that's a weird name."
I'm really glad this girl was modest. au not.

Anyway, those were my first few days at Camp Half-Blood.
A few months zamani Grover, the same saytr that had saved me, sent an iris-message to Chiron saying that he had found a new demi-god in a New York City boarding school, Yancy School. Apparently that school specializes with kids that have "mental issues". That's what mortals think ADHD is. They should talk to me and see if I have a "mental disorder". OK back on topic.
Most half bloods have ADHD and dyslexia. They have ADHD because it is their natural battle reflexes to stay alive. they notice every single little detail when their fighting. Dyslexia because their brain is hard-wired for Ancient Greek thanks to their Greek parent.
Anyway, Chiron went down to New York City to take the place as one of the demi-gods teachers. Chiron disguised his half-horse body. into a wheelchair. He wore a knit kanzu, koti and a blanket over his legs. He let his long hair down and let it hang over his shoulders.
"Annabeth. How do I look?" Chiron asked jokingly. We had always had a great relationship because he practically raised me.
"Like any other Latin teacher," I alisema as a smile crept across my face.

A few months later, Chiron rushed into the Big House. He was out of his wheel chair.
"Hades. Found Percy," Chiron huffed. My moyo jumped into my throat. Great the God of the Dead was trying to kill a poor kid that barely knew he was a demi-god. Wow who ever his parent was must've done something to piss Hades off pretty bad.
"Is he coming?" I asked, hoping that he would be the one that this prophecy is about.
"Of course. There's no place on Heaven au earth now that Hades has found him," Chiron huffed still recovering.
I prevented myself from asking Chiron if he is the one. I knew that every time there was a new half blood, I asked Chiron if they were the one. I was aware that it must be getting irritating.
It was almost time for me to head back to my cabin, when there was a loud crash outside the gate.
"What the....." Mr. D said.
There were a few dakika of silent tension waiting. There were occasional grunts and screams from right near Thalia's tree. I couldn't let another half blood become some sort of nature.
"Chiron. I need to get him," I said.
Chiron grabbed my arm.
"No. If he's going to make it, he has to learn to fight his own battles," Chiron alisema in a very stern voice.
Just as I was about to protest, a boy about my age stumbled through the gates carrying at lump on his back. As he got closer, I realized that lump was Grover. That took me kwa surprise because saytr's aren't the lightest things in the world.
As soon as he reached the porch of the Big House he fell. I tried to catch him but his head fell to to the floor faster than I had time to react.
Chiron rushed to his side.
"He's the one. He has to be'" I alisema almost positive. Judging kwa the Minotaur's horn in his hand, he was no prissy.
"Silence Annabeth. He is still conscious," Chiron alisema as he shooed me away.