I ran inside to get Will Solace. He was one of the best healers at the Camp. Will and I had grown up together at camp so we were pretty close. I ran into the infirmary. I scanned the room, looking for Will's shaggy brown hair. I found him, pressing a cool rag on Jake Mason's head. Jake Mason was in the infirmary a lot because he was a son of the moto god Hephaestus, and so he played with fire, a lot. I walked over to the side of Jake's bed.
"Will. Percy, he's here. But the Minotaur-"I said. I only got to there because Will was already at the door with his medical bag.
When we got Percy up on a bed, Will asked me a swali that shocked me.
"Would wewe like to treat Percy on your free time?" I really truly wanted to say no because that's when I got to read and I upendo reading, but I alisema yes.

The inayofuata siku when I was feeding Percy nectar and ambrosia, when he regained consciousness for a few moments. I always ended up scrapping the drool off of his chin with the spoon. I drilled him with questions, but he only mumbled and through his ambrosia, I couldn't her a word he said.
Ever since, the winter solstice, the weather has been strange. It will be extremely cloudy and rainy for 10-15 days at a time. That meant that something of Zeus' had been stolen. And seeing as though it was June, that something is very important.
"What was stolen?" I must've come on aggressive (which I tend to do sometimes) because Percy's eyes grew to about the size of the hilt of my dagger.
"Wha?" Percy grumbled. Wow that made him sound rally smart.
I heard the door to the infirmary open. I didn't want to be caught asking Percy questions, so I stuffed his mouth with the pudding-like ambrosia.
The inayofuata time Percy woke up, I was in archery. But Argus was there. Argus isn't the best person in the world to see when your mother has just been kidnapped kwa Hades the lord of the dead. This is because he has blue eyes all over his body.
The inayofuata siku Percy finally came around for good. Grover had helped us songesha him to the porch of the Big House. He was sitting facing away from the pinochle game that Chiron,and Mr. D were playing. I didn't care much for the game so I just leaned on the banner of the porch. I had always tried to figure what the point of the game was, but I never could. Probably because the ADHD in my brain, found a empty part in brain to explore and change the subject. I was thinking about my new architectural design. One of my dreams in life is to re-design some big city. Preferably New York City.
Percy got up and walked over to the table.
"Mr. Brunner?" Percy alisema with a great look of surprise on his face.
"Yes my child,"Chiron said. He addressed most campers as child.
Grover started to introduce people. Chiron, Mr. D. Grover always forgot about me.
"Percy. This young lady is the one who nursed wewe back to health," Chiron said. I didn't like the title "young lady" but it's better than not being introduced. "Annabeth why don't wewe go get a bunk for Percy in cabin, kibanda eleven."
I got to the stairs and turned. Percy was looking at me weird. I guess sizing me up. I guess that he was thinking that I should be living in Florida because I'm tall, skinny, athletic, and a natural blonde. But I don't have blue eyes, I have grey eyes, like all children of Athena.
"You drool in your sleep," I alisema as a matter of factual.
I turned military style and ran down the kilima towards the cabins.
I stopped as soon as I got to the outside of the Hermes cabin, kibanda to straighten out. I pulled my machungwa, chungwa Camp Half-Blood t-shirt at an attempt to get rid of the wrinkles. it really didn't work. I was about to go in when I realized my hair was up in a messy ponytail as usual. I reached back and grabbed the elastic holding my hair up. I yanked on it. It came out with a pretty larger chunk of my curly blonde hair.
"Ow," I grumbled as I rubbed the back of my head. I shook out my hair. I walked into the cabin, kibanda where I first started out.
My eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, and I saw the same depressing sight I saw on my first siku at Camp Half-Blood. Dozens of kids sitting on their sleeping bags, with only a few possessions to their name. Their Greek parent hadn't claimed them yet. Some had been here for weeks, even months.
"Hey, Luke," I was hoping that my face wasn't as red as it felt ", we have a new half blood."
"OK bring him and his stuff down," Luke alisema as a smile crept across his face. His scar crumpled on his face. I remembered the days when Luke didn't have the scar. Like the faithful siku on Half-Blood hill.
After about a half-hour, I found my self on the porch of cabin, kibanda eleven reading.