I had to restrain myself form slapping him.

"Wait what?" I could tell I was making this kid confused.

I just rolled my eyes. and kept walking. How could I think he could be the one?

"What?" Percy said.

Oops, i guess I had alisema that out loud.

"What's your problem? All I know is that I killed some ng'ombe guy thin-' Percy started to say. I knew this wasn't going to be pretty.

"Don't talk like that! Do wewe know how many campers would die to have that chance?" I was starting to get annoyed. If theres one thing wewe should know about me is that I hate being wrong, and I especially hate it when people doubt me.

"What to get killed?"

"No," I really had to prevent myself from calling this kid an idiot," To fight a minotaur. Why do wewe think we train?"

We argued for a while, then Percy finally realized that he couldn't win this argument. Percy did gain something form our argument. He learned that monsters never really die. They just get killed, and come back to life some time later. He also learns that he talks in his sleep. While I was nursing him back to health, he mumbled a few words about his math teacher, and how she turned into a fury.

"What did wewe almost call her? A fury? Those are Hades' torturers right?" Percy questioned.

He obviously had never been told to not call them kwa their real names. So as he was talking, I glanced nervously down at the ground, wondering if Hades was going to kumeza me up right then and there.

"You really shouldn't call them kwa name. Even here. We call them the Kindly ones, if wewe have to talk about them at all." I stammered, still expecting to be swallowed up kwa Hades.

"Is there anything we can cay without it thundering?" Percy asked in a very whiny tone.

Percy's maswali were getting irritating. But, I could completely understand him. He was probably a little tired. Being in his place, I would be overwhelmed too.

"Why do I have to stay in cabin, kibanda 11? Why is it so crowed it there? There are plenty of cabins over there," he whined as he pointed towards the Zeus and Hera cabins.

Seeing the Zeus cabin, kibanda empty made me sad, knowing that there could be a girl staying there. But, she's a little busy right now being a pine tree.

"Percy. wewe can't choose who your parents -or parent- are," i alisema as I sighed. I wanted one of the new campers to just understand, and not ask these questions.

Then, Percy explains to me who his mother is. Where she worked. I told him that I was talking about his father, not his mother.

"He's dead. I never knew him."

"Percy, your dad's not dead," I sighed.

"Why wewe know him?" Percy was about ready to explode. This girl who he had just met, was telling him that his father wasn't really dead and that his mother had been lying to him, his whole life.

"No. Of course not."

"Then how do you-" I stopped him mid-sentence to save him breath.

"Because I know you. wewe wouldn't be here -Grover wouldn't have brought wewe here-, if wewe weren't one of us."

"You don't know anything about me."

"No? Let's see. wewe probably moved around a lot, went form school to school, and wewe got kicked out of each. mwaka after year."


I continued on my rant. "Diagnosed with ADD au ADHD. Dyslexia too."

Percy's face got as red as the Ares cabin.

I continued. pretty much describing, all demigod's life situation before coming to Camp Half-Blood.

"You sound like wewe went through the same thing," Percy muttered.