Rico:The Penguins Of Madagascar Club
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posted by Jhoman12
Morning Rico Skipper alisema "Hi Sir" Rico alisema I"I Don't Think Marlene Is Okay Can wewe Go See If She Is Fine?" Skipper alisema "Yep" *At Marlene's Place* Marlene Was Sobbing And Didn't See Rico Come In."Rico! I Was Just... Oh Never Mind" Marlene alisema Sadly "what's wrong?" Rico Grunted "I'm Just Crying Because Skipper Won't Let Go On A Mission With Him" Marlene alisema "It's Ok" Rico Grunted She Was Blushing And Rico alisema To Himself *I Think She Is Beautiful And Cute* Rico Grabbed Her And Then Started To Look At Her Mouth "Rico What Are wewe Doing?!" "Shh" Rico alisema THey Started To Lean And KIss As Rico...
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